Every beauty salon owner knows that the treatments they give are only as good as the equipment they have. Investing in the right kit for your salon is essential for maintaining high standards and achieving business growth.  


We’ve listed the top 10 beauty tools for your salon to try this year to leave your clients feeling fabulous. 


Ultimate Posh Nailz Professional Kit

Get everything you need to give beautiful manicures for only £199.00 with the Ultimate Posh Nailz Professional Kit


Perfect for those members of staff who are just starting, this kit contains all of the necessary equipment and supplies to give safe and high-quality treatments. 


Each pack contains: 


  • Liquid
  • 5x Acrylic Powder
  • Spray Clean
  • Soak Off
  • Cleanse
  • 6x Bond
  • Cuticle Oil
  • Barbicide
  • Acrylic Brush
  • Large Dapper Dish
  • Posh Base 
  • Gel Polish – Pillar Box
  • Dry Surface Top Coat
  • 10x Files
  • 10x Buffers
  • 500x Lint Free Wipes
  • Posh Dusting Brush
  • Gems 


All Posh Look equipment is durable so professionals can use them every day without the need to replace them regularly. Investing in a full kit saves you time and money as you don’t need to search for multiple stockists to supply your equipment. 


White Labelling Stock

As a beauty salon owner, you’ll be used to promoting products to your clients after their treatment. But have you considered what it would be like to sell and take all the profits from your own line of products instead? Now you can do exactly that with Posh Look’s White Labelling Service. 


First off, choose your product package. We have Bronze, Silver and Gold packages starting from £574 depending on your desired order quantity. 


Then, choose your digital package. Our expert team will help you get your online shop up and running with a professional website and marketing advice.


Now it’s time to add your brand straight onto the products. Leave the branding process to Posh Look HQ and just like that you’ll have your own range of polishes, tans…whatever you want to sell. 


Finally, your products are ready to be sold to your customers. Sit back and watch your products fly off the shelves in your salon and online as Posh Look source, deliver and label your branded products. We’re here to help you make a success of your very own range of beauty tools!

Acrylic Powder


Acrylic nails are all the rage, so make sure you have a set of high-quality acrylic powders in your beauty tools kit.


A good acrylic powder should apply with ease and create a smooth consistency when mixed with monomer. Acrylic nails are known for being long-lasting, so you need to make sure that your manicures are durable and won’t lift from the nail bed. 


At Posh Look, we offer intensely vibrant coloured acrylic powders that are perfect for nail art and blending into other colours. Our high grade, no clump formula means that you get a smooth application even when applying in thin layers.

  • Sale!

    Summer Colours – Acrylic Powder Set – 9 x Colours

    £40.50 £32.40
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  • Wink Pink Coloured Acrylic

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  • Neon Yellow Coloured Acrylic

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  • Pastel Blue Coloured Acrylic

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Gel Polish 


Creating a professional manicure has never been easier with Posh Nailz premium gel polishes. 


We have TEN ranges of long-lasting vibrant colours which guarantee you a glamorous finish for up to 4 weeks. Our ranges include:


– Autumn 

– Festive 

– Glam 

– Summer

– Pastel 

– Neon

– Nude

– Posh 

– Rouge 

– Traditional 


Available to buy separately for £7.95 or get the full collections for £65 each.


Specially formulated for colour mixing, you can create unique shades to match your client’s style.

  • Gel Polish – Full Glam Range

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  • Gel Polish – Full Summer Range

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  • Full Nude Range | Posh Nailz Gel P

    Gel Polish – Full Nude Range

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  • Rouge Range | Posh Nailz

    Gel Polish – Full Rouge Range

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E File


Filing your client’s nails can be one of the most time-consuming parts of any manicure. Our Cordless Mobile Electric File takes all the labour out of filing, so you can get on with painting and embellishing the nails. 


An E-File does the same job as a manual file but in less time and with more accuracy. You can add different sized drill bits for different jobs i.e. shaping the nail or cleaning under the nail. E-Files are also beneficial to nail techs’ health as they prevent syndromes such as carpal tunnel which are caused by repetitive labour of the hands. 


The cordless feature means you’re not held back by plug sockets and can file your client’s nails anywhere. If you’ve never handled an E-File before, learn how to use this piece of kit safely and efficiently with our training course.

  • E – File – Safety Bit Course

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  • E – File – Large Bit Course (efile bit)

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  • Cordless Mobile Electric File (E-File)

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A UV or LED lamp sets the nails and leaves them with a glossy finish. A lamp is an investment, so choosing the right one is essential. Posh Look offer three types of UV/LED Lamps that give you different levels of convenience, finish and client comfort:


  • Standard LED lamp – this has to be plugged into a mains socket so you’ll always need to be near a power outlet when giving treatments. If you’re a mobile technician, this can make your set up quite hard depending on the house you’re in. 
  • Deluxe LED lamp – the deluxe lamp has a timer display so you can easily see how long the nails have been under the light. This also has to be plugged into a mains socket. 
  • Cordless UV LED lamp – with the cordless lamp you can work anywhere without the restrictions of a cord holding you back. The UV LED combination allows you to set any polish, making it suitable for all treatments. It can be fully charged in 2 hours and lasts for 2 hours, with different time settings that you can change with the touch of a button. The cordless feature also allows you to easily set pedicures on the floor.


An LED Lamp will protect the client’s hands from harmful UV rays as the curing time is faster and they emit less cancer-causing radiation. This is a big plus for client’s who are health conscious or have sensitive skin.

  • Posh Nailz Cordless UV LED Lamp | Posh Nailz

    Posh Nailz Cordless UV LED Lamp

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  • Deluxe LED Nail Lamp

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  • LED Nail Lamp

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Nail Art Accessories

Who doesn’t love glamming up their manicure? Make sure you’re not caught short if your client asks for nail art or embellishments – have plenty of nail accessories in your beauty tools kit. 


From glitters to chrome powders, nail art brushes to 3D accessories, at Posh Look we have a range of products to help you spice up those manicures. It’s a good idea to start practising popular nail art designs so you can bump up your rates and impress people with your skills.

  • Metallic / Chrome Pigment Powder #1

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  • Double ended dotting tool

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  • African Violet Glitter

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Lash Tools

hygiene in beauty therapy

Posh Lash has everything you need to create wispy lash extensions or natural-looking lash lifts. 


Lash extensions are currently extremely popular and can be an especially lucrative treatment for beauty therapists, costing upwards of £50. Russians, classics, hybrids…there are many different styles you can offer and we have all the products you need to deliver a high quality, safe treatment.


Lash lifts are a less invasive alternative to lash extensions as they work with the client’s real lashes. If you want to start giving this treatment safely and professionally, browse our lash lift kits that contain everything from adhesive to silicone pads.

  • Semi Permanent Lash Kit

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  • Sale!

    Lash Lift – Starter Kit

    £75.00 £52.50
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  • Curved Lash Tweezers

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  • Posh Lashes | Posh Nailz


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Brow Products


Instagram brows are a big deal and everyone wants to achieve the perfect pair. A quick way to do this is with brow tinting beauty tools. 


Posh Look’s Large Tinting Kit contains brow dye, tint activator, an application brush and a dish so you can start giving treatments with an all-in-one package. 


If you don’t have experience tinting brows, sign up to our private Lash and Brow Tint course and get a professional qualification in just 3 hours! 

  • Micro Tape (Brows)

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  • Eyebrow Tweezers

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  • Eyebrow & Lash Tint

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  • 100 x Eyebrow Spatulas

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Waxing Kit


Everyone goes for a wax at some point in their life, so it’s a good idea to have this recurring treatment on your list of services. From facial waxing to intimate waxing, many different techniques and beauty tools are used to deliver different types of waxes. 


If you haven’t offered a waxing service in your salon before, a great way to get started is with Posh Look’s waxing kit that contains a Wax heater, 500g strip wax, Cleanse, Pre/Post Wax solution, 100 wax strips, 100 wooden spatulas and Wax equipment cleaner. With this kit you can get started straight away, knowing you have everything on hand. 


Waxing products and tools are also available to buy separately from our online shop.

  • Wax Heater

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  • Pre/Post Wax Oil

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  • Hot Wax

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So, there are many beauty tools that your salon should have in 2020 and that’s thanks to the growing number of ways we can beautify ourselves! For all of your salon needs, head to our online shop and browse our wide range of professional-grade products.