Fake tanning is just another step in thousands of people’s beauty regimes. Not only is it safer and healthier than a real tan, but once you master the art of fake tanning you can achieve that perfect golden glow in an instant. That beats spending hours in the sunbed shop and exposing yourself to harmful UV rays.


We’re going to teach you all of the tips and tricks of how to fake tan like a pro. Now you don’t even need to leave your house to look like you’ve spent two weeks in the Bahamas! Follow our 4 step tanning routine and be the envy of your sunseeking friends. We’ll take you through:


  • Prep
  • Tanning Application
  • Aftercare
  • Removal



Skipping this step is like having a Pornstar Martini without a shot of prosecco – it just doesn’t work! The perfect fake tan takes a little extra time and dedication. 


The Day Before


  • Shave – Shaving those pesky little hairs from your legs and armpits will transform your tan from a patchy mess to a glow fit for a goddess. When it comes to prep, the smoother you can get your skin the better, so shaving is one of the essential parts of the process. 


TOP TIP: Coconut oil is a great natural shaving cream that’s full of moisturising benefits, plus it smells fabulous too!


  • Exfoliate – Say ‘hasta la vista’ to dry, flaky skin and buff the harsh pollutants and remnants of the day away with an abrasive exfoliator. Exfoliating will leave your skin looking polished and shiny – the perfect surface for fake tan application! It’s also healthy for you too as it prevents bacteria and sweat from getting trapped under your skin.


An Hour Before


  • Cleanse – If you’re fake tanning for a special occasion, take this opportunity to treat yourself to a long, relaxing bath. It’s important to wash away any impurities and create a clean, fresh surface for the fake tan to sit on. You might as well turn it into a chance to pamper yourself, right?
  • Moisturise – One of the key steps of how to fake tan like a pro is moisturising. Use a body lotion to restore moisture to the skin so the fake tan will stick easily and apply smoothly. Apply extra moisturiser to the hands, knees and elbows as these areas tend to be the driest which can make the tan develop darker – not a cute look.


Tanning Application

quick beauty tips

So you’re prepped and feeling gorgeous and smooth – now it’s time for the main event. Tanning!


First things first, you need good lighting and a mirror. Natural daylight is the best because it gives a true representation of how your tan will look and where you need to blend any mistakes. If you’re tanning at night, make sure it’s in a well-lit room so you don’t go too dark.


A full length mirror is the way to go so you can get a good view of your whole body. This way you won’t miss out any areas, such as your back and the underside of your arms. 


Now it’s time to get your tanning mitt and Posh Tan Home-Use Mousse at the ready. Make sure your tanning mitt is clean before every use so there’s no build up of product and bacteria. 


Pump a reasonable amount of tanning mousse onto your mitt and begin to buff into the skin. Use circular motions to avoid streaks and buff any areas that are patchy. Work your way around the body. 


TOP TIP: Start with the legs and work your way up. This way, you won’t crease any of the tan on the top half of your body when bending down. 


Double check hidden and hard to reach areas, then give them an extra buff if necessary. 


Finally, use the excess tan on your mitt to bronze your hands and feet. You’ll find that these areas go darker so you don’t need to use as much tan. 


If you want to apply a second layer, wait for the first layer to dry before building the colour. Going in too soon will mess up your first layer and cause patchiness. 


If possible, leave the tan on overnight and wear loose fitting clothing to sleep in. This will give the tan time to develop before rinsing off the first layer.



When you wake up in the morning, you’ll have a gorgeous golden glow. To make this look a little more natural and increase the durability of your tan, we recommend rinsing off the first layer. That way, you won’t have any streak mishaps if it starts to rain or there’s an accidental spillage. 


Use a light shower setting and a moisturising body wash to GENTLY rinse off your body – no scrubbing. You don’t want to see all that hard work wash down the drain. When drying, pat lightly with a towel so you don’t move any of the tan around. 


After your shower and in the following days, moisturise your skin to maintain the tan and take cooler showers as these will hydrate the skin more. You can even use a gradual tanning moisturiser to top up your healthy glow.


TOP TIP: If you’re heading out for the night, enhance your tan with bronzing drops/shimmer for a show stopping finish. 



So, it’s been over a week, your tan’s the patchiest it’s ever been and every part of your body is a different colour. We’ve all been there… it’s time to start afresh.


Fake tan removal doesn’t have to be a pain if you know how to do it right. With Posh Look’s Tan Corrector, it’s easier than ever to restore your skin back to its natural beauty. Simply rub the corrector foam into your skin and it’ll break down the remaining tan. Wait a few minutes, then pop into the shower to rinse off with warm water for a stress-free removal. 


Exfoliate to remove any extra remnants and leave your skin feeling silky smooth for your next fake tan application. As always, don’t forget to moisturise as your skin’s been through a lot.


And there we have it! Now you know how to fake tan like the pros and achieve that  perfect bronzed finish. Make sure your hard work lasts by checking out Posh Look’s professional range of tanning products. Our tanning mousse, mitts and correctors, make it super easy to achieve a perfect tan from home.