So you’ve decided you want to become a makeup teacher, but how can you make that happen? We’ve compiled a list of the five things you NEED to become a makeup teacher and create the next generation of makeup experts!

1. Makeup Qualification

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If you don’t know your cut crease from your contour, you’re going to find it challenging to become a makeup teacher. First, you need to start off with a basic makeup course, then you can work your way up to expert teaching level. 


A Posh Look Level 3 Makeup Artistry course is a great way to learn the basics and kickstart your career if you don’t already have a qualification. You’ll learn everything from media makeup to health and safety, which are all aspects you could teach your students in the future. Our expert educators will guide you through the different areas of makeup in a fun and friendly learning environment. 


Once you have a makeup qualification, you can start applying makeup professionally, and you’re also ready to move onto a teaching qualification! 

2. Teaching Qualification

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You can only teach to the level you’re educated at, so you need the right qualifications to get started. 


There are many courses out there, so it’s essential you choose the right one. An excellent teacher training course will help you develop your skills in each area of makeup and show you how to teach them to your students in a digestible and engaging way. 


A teacher must adhere to many social and professional rules to become successful. A training course will help you understand these dynamics and teach you how to conduct yourself professionally.

You also need to learn how to plan and deliver lessons, so your students get the best level of education for their time. 


One of the most important aspects of teaching is assessment, so you can measure how much your students have learnt. A teaching qualification will guide you through the best assessment methods from practical to portfolio work, so you can be sure that your students have a well-rounded understanding of makeup artistry. 


To be a successful makeup teacher, you need to understand the responsibilities and boundaries that come with it. If you’re thinking of becoming a teacher to have an easier life, then you’re making the wrong choice! But it’s full of variation and fun, which makes it such a cherished career by many beauty professionals. 


Posh Look offers a Teaching Qualification that turns Makeup Artists into expert educators. For more information about our Teaching Training qualification email 

3. Course Content

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Once you have a teaching qualification, you should understand the basics of how to be a good teacher. While the teaching qualification will guide you through the basics of being a teacher it won’t teach you the specific course content you may want to specialise in. That’s where learn to teach comes in.


Posh Look’s online Learn to Teach portal is the perfect course for people who have a teaching qualification but aren’t quite sure what to do next! Without having a course to teach, being a qualified teacher is pretty pointless. The online portal contains a series of videos, assessments and a guide to take you through every aspect of teaching. You don’t need to attend any physical lessons as you can complete it in the comfort of your own home! 


Once the course is complete, you’ll officially become a Posh Look certified educator. We’ll send a certificate to your email which you can hang with pride in your classroom – it’s that easy! This is the perfect fast track way of getting all the course content you need. 


Applicants have the option to pay for the course in full or split the cost over monthly payments, so there’s nothing to hold you back. 


Once you have teaching qualifications under your belt, you can start building your experience in the classroom. This is important for developing both your makeup and teaching skills so that you can offer a well-rounded education. 


Teaching can be nerve-wracking at first, as it’s all about standing in front of a crowd and delivering information – all eyes are on you! But like with anything, practice makes perfect and the more you teach, the more confident you’ll become.


For more tips on how to gain experience in the makeup industry, read our blog on how to build your makeup portfolio.   


Once you have makeup artist experience, teaching should come more naturally as you’ll be confident in your abilities. You can also gain experience by shadowing another makeup teacher. This will give you an invaluable insight into how teachers interact and engage with their students.

4. Premises

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A makeup teacher has the option to start their own training academy or join an existing one. 


Starting a training academy is definitely a challenge, but not an impossible one if you have the passion and motivation! When building an academy from scratch, there are lots of things to think about. 


You’d need to buy or rent premises to hold your lessons in. When looking for premises think about how practical it’d be for students to get to, how much space you need and the curb appeal. The demographic of your students will likely be young females. So, it’s essential that your training centre is appealing to the eye and your branding is on point.


Do some research into different areas to avoid opening a training centre in a town that’s 90% pensioners!


Joining an existing training academy is a much easier option, especially if you haven’t got much experience. There are plenty of beauty schools around, so it’s not hard to find employment as an educator, and you’ll be able to start teaching right away! 


Whether you own a training academy or work at one, you need to think about insurance for your equipment and safety. With a Posh Look qualification, you can gain cover with ABT (Associated Beauty Therapists) which is a nationally recognised training body. That way, you know you’re covered if you lose your kit or one of your students has an accident on your premises. 


You’ll also need to find some students to teach! Advertise on social media by setting up a business page, or create a website to build a strong brand. Once you’ve qualified a few students and taught some courses, it’s a good idea to encourage reviews – nothing is more convincing than word of mouth! 

5. A Passion to Teach

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Think about your favourite teachers… were they passionate, enthusiastic and friendly? Yes! That’s why you loved them. Teaching takes hard work and dedication, so you have to be in it for the right reasons. 


Don’t worry about sacrificing your makeup artist career for teaching as you can offer it alongside your main job as a great source of extra income.


You can’t learn every trait of a good teacher, but the basic rule is that you need to be engaging. Otherwise, your students will lose interest, and it’ll hinder their learning. You need to be confident when talking in front of people and have the ability to assert your authority in a professional and friendly way.


Your passion for teaching should stem from genuinely enjoying everything about makeup. This natural flair will help the teaching come more naturally. 

Have a teaching qualification but no course content?

Sign up to Posh Look’s Learn to Teach platform and unlock the best course content for your students!

So, now that you know what it takes to become the perfect makeup teacher, it’s time to take the first steps to make it happen! A Posh Look course is a great way to further yourself, whether you’re starting from scratch or you already have a teaching qualification under your belt.