Looking to get your beauty salon off the ground? In a saturated beauty industry it can be hard to stand out from the crowd, but luckily for you, we’ve listed 8 beauty salon ideas to help you stand out and make your business a success. 


In this blog we discuss the following beauty salon ideas:


  • Decor
  • Choose Your Services
  • Price List
  • Find Staff
  • Sell Products
  • Work on Your Marketing Campaigns
  • Hold an Opening Night 
  • Enjoy Yourself!



The beauty industry is all about looks, so you need a salon that shows you’re on-trend. No one wants to take a trip to a shabby salon when seeking a relaxing and beautifying treatment. 


Pick a theme that reflects your brand and let your creativity run wild. Everyone loves an Instagrammable setting so think about creating aesthetically pleasing spots where your clients can take a snap or two. We’re thinking flower walls and branded backgrounds. 


There are many routes you can go down, from minimalist chic to all things glam, so consider the kind of clientele you’re trying to attract. Most importantly, avoid clutter and make sure your presentation is sleek and clean. You can look for beauty salon ideas on Pinterest to get some inspiration!

Choose Your Services

beauty salon ideas

An essential step to getting your beauty salon up and running is deciding which treatments you’re going to offer. Think about your skillset and how many people you need to hire to deliver an excellent service. 


If you want to specialise in one area, make sure people know that you’re an expert in that field to attract customers. For example, you could choose to specialise in Lash and Brow treatments or you may wish to go down the spa route and offer massages/relaxation treatments.


If you want a better chance of attracting lots of customers then you should consider offering a wide range of services. Although, you shouldn’t offer treatments that you’re not trained in as a poor quality service will give you a bad reputation. It’s a good idea to build your qualifications so you can keep adding new services to your salon. A training course will teach you how to offer them professionally and safely, so your clients can walk away happy every time! 


Posh Look offers a range of qualifications, from government-funded to private courses, to help you boost your career and build on your knowledge. Find out more on our training page. 

Looking to build your professional qualifications?

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Price List


As far as beauty salon ideas go, pricing up your services is a necessity. It’ll determine how much profit you make from each treatment, which will affect your staff, overheads and product budgets. 


Start by assessing your services – how much do the products and labour cost? For example, a set of Russian lashes will take more products and time than a Lash lift, so they need to be priced accordingly. 


As a new business, it’s wise to start by making your prices affordable and increase them as you build your reputation. No one is going to pay luxury prices for a brand they’ve never heard of. However, you should never undercharge as this will lead to a loss of profits and it’ll undersell your salon. Check out the competition and see if you can beat or match their prices. 


Customer loyalty is key to salon success, so encourage return visits after each appointment and think about offering loyalty schemes e.g. discounts after a certain number of visits. 

Find Staff

If you’re experienced within the beauty industry, you’ll most likely have connections and know plenty of professionals. This is where you can start looking when recruiting staff. 


Advertise on social media and job websites asking for portfolios of work. Always interview before hiring as this will help you get a feel for the person. Personality is everything when working in the beauty industry – they need to be friendly and sociable so they can form relationships with clients. 


It’s good to have a team with varying levels of experience so you can offer different price points and recruit people to manage the rest of the staff when you’re not around. For example, you could hire a Head Beautician who can take on managerial responsibilities that you don’t have time for.


Bringing on junior staff also allows you to train them to your values rather than trying to break into the previous working habits of your employees. Plus it allows you to provide them with empowerment and career growth.


Remember, once you have your team together, you should keep them happy with staff perks and trips so you can create a close-knit community within your salon.


Sell Products

Every beauty salon sells products to its clients, but not every salon has its very own line of branded products. Stand out from the competition and create your range of beauty products with Posh Look’s brand new White Labelling service!


Don’t put time and energy into promoting other brands, with our new service we help you design, package, market and deliver your products to customers in your salon and around the world. 


Sit back and let us do all the work including:


– Licensing and Insurance – we take care of all the legal stuff so you can focus on getting your salon up and running. 

– Production of Packaging – all of your products are designed and printed at our HQ so you don’t need to worry about finding a supplier.

– Labelling and Delivery – we package every product and ship them out to your customers and salon so you can watch them fly off the shelves. 

– Website and Marketing – our expert team can help you with e-commerce and create a logo and branding to push your products. 


It’s as simple as that. Find out more and sign up for our new service here.


Work on Your Marketing Campaigns

beauty salon ideas

Marketing is a huge part of salon success. After all, there’s no point putting all this time and effort into opening a salon if no one knows about it.


Social media should become your best friend. Each platform allows you to promote your brand for FREE, so you’ve got nothing to lose. If you’re going to take marketing seriously, you should draw up a social posting schedule to make sure you’re putting out consistent content. 


Position your salon as an experience rather than just a service, so people look forward to making a trip. Take shots of your salon, treatments, staff, and clients to give your brand a personality and show off how good your treatments are!


Encourage clients to leave reviews online, host competitions and giveaways, shoot promotional videos and get involved in online industry conversations. All of this activity will help you build your presence and reach more potential customers. 


Social media platforms, such as Facebook and Instagram, offer business insights to help you track the demographics of your audience, such as age and location, so you can tailor content to target them. 


Hold an Opening Night

beauty salon ideas

Holding an opening night for your salon will increase your exposure and give you the chance to celebrate the results of your hard work! Create a Facebook event and email campaign to give people plenty of warning so you can reign in potential customers. Offer treatment vouchers, drinks, and food to entice people to come to the event and check out your beautiful salon. 


Take plenty of photos and upload them to social media so people can see your salon looking pristine and busy. You could even enrol a professional photographer to take snaps of the night. 


An opening night is your opportunity to network with as many people as you can. Show how passionate and enthusiastic you are about your salon so people respect your business and what you’re trying to achieve. Try your best to secure client details and bookings in your calendar, this way you can market to them again in the future.  


Enjoy Yourself!

beauty salon ideas

People skills are a must when you’re the face of a beauty salon. Talking to clients and networking with industry professionals should come naturally when you’re passionate about your salon. 


Once you’ve done all the groundwork and your salon is up and running, it’s time to throw yourself into work. This is an exciting and nerve-wracking time for any new salon owner, but if you have the determination to make your salon a success you should reap the rewards. 


We hope our beauty salon ideas help you on your way to success. If you’d like an extra helping hand, consider Posh Look’s White Labelling service to help you drive your brand forward and supply that extra source of income from your products.