Do you love making people feel beautiful? If you’re passionate about making others feel amazing, beauty is the career for you.


Does that mean you have to become a beauty therapist? Of course not! Tattoo artists, dermatologists and barbers — they all exist to make people feel better about their appearance.


Who Run the World?

Traditionally, the beauty industry was run by women, which isn’t the case anymore. Men love pampering themselves and taking care of their appearance, with hair removal products up 25% in 2018 to £6 million. Is this the knock-on effect of waxed chests on Love Island?

The point is, who runs the beauty industry? Anyone!

If you have an interest in beauty and you think you could be the next best model, soap maker or tattoo remover, read this article.


1. Model

There’s an open debate on this one, do models make us feel better or worse about ourselves? As we gaze at a Kendall Jenner endorsed product, wishing we were more like her. When we have it, we feel it.

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There’s a lot of talk about unrealistic beauty standards, but Asos employ plus-sized models to style their clothing, and there are plenty of plus-sized models like Iskra Lawrence speaking about issues like self-acceptance and body confidence.

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Nevertheless, modelling is a beauty career. It all depends on what type of model you want to be: fitness, mature, parts, glamour, catwalk etc.

If you think you’ve got the self-confidence and talent to do it, go for it!


2. Salon Owner

Who says you have to administer treatments to have a beauty career? Running a salon means you can oversee the process. If you enjoy your job as a beauty specialist and don’t want to give it up, this isn’t the route for you.

If you’re interested in learning how to run a profitable business, manage employees, and providing a relaxing retreat, running a salon is a great career choice.

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Who knows this blonde bombshell? If you haven’t owned a Nicky Clarke hairdryer or pair of straighteners, you are irrelevant.

His electronics empire started with some old-fashioned hard work. He worked for John Frieda, before running hair salons in London, Manchester and Birmingham.

While you may never reach the heights of an OBE, being a salon owner is challenging and reaps many lucrative rewards.

Do you want to start 2019 by learning a new skill?

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3. Beauty Supply Salesperson

It doesn’t matter what area of beauty you work in, you’ll be expected to have extensive knowledge of the products you’re using if you’re using them on people’s skin.

While building this knowledge, some people take a keen interest in learning more about products and selling them to make money.

You can do this a couple of ways, there are retail outlets that only sell beauty products like Sally and online distributors like Salons Direct, where you can work as a sales assistant.

If you want something more lucrative, you can use your sales skills to sell beauty products online or in your area.

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You’ll be given brochures and order strips to distribute to potential customers. You then return and collect their orders, Avon ships the products and you deliver them. You make a commission based on how much money you make.

This method works for people who want to make a little extra cash, but some people have turned it into a career, like a woman in Sunderland who made a million.

As an alternative, you can also take your business online by setting up an eCommerce store and shipping your products to customers.


4. Beauty Influencer

If you’re good at building a natural following because people are interested in what you have to say, beauty influencing is the route for you.

Usually, beauty influencers either get free products and test them in front of their loyal audience, or if they’re in demand (think Jefree Starr or Pixiwoo), businesses will pay them to review their products or create sponsored social media posts.

Once you’re in demand, you can promote all sorts of lifestyle and beauty products… Here’s a video of Jefree Starr clearing out over 1,000,000 dollars worth of makeup.



Not everyone reaches these heights though, although you can make money or get free makeup if you’ve got a modest following.

Most people who have a large fanbase are passionate about the products which shows in the content they create.

If you want to get into this field to make money, pick something you want to promote and don’t make people feel like you’re asking for free stuff.


5. Photographer

Eat too much cake to be a fitness model? Think you’ll fall flat on your face on the catwalk?

You could always consider working behind the camera, taking photographs of those who have the necessary willpower and metabolic rate to become a model.

Photographers create the lens to the world, without them, much of it would be inaccessible.

From the striking images of 50s models Suzy Parker and Mary Jane Russell in British Vogue to the filtered Instagram photos of your best mate in Ibiza, they all required a cameraperson.

The good thing is most people have some experience using a camera, and there are phone apps that allow you to edit them to a good standard.

However, if you want to become a professional, you’ll need a decent camera, and you’ll have to learn how to edit photos.

If you’re creative, can operate a camera and know how to edit photographs, photography could be the career for you.


6. Barber

It seems like barber shops are popping up all over the place at the minute. Are men not going bald anymore?

While male hair implants may have a little to do with it, the fact that men are encouraged to take care of their hair, be it on their head or other places (don’t worry, different job) is a factor.

In the 00s it became cool for men to grow beards and care for them with expensive grooming kits, so that has played a part as well.

Reports suggest that the barbering industry will continue to grow, but the demand for top-quality barbers is short.

Is this where you come in?

The good thing about barbering is that the better you are, the more work you acquire. The proof is quite obvious, leave your clients with a Shia LeBeouf plaited ponytail, and you may have the angry mob chasing after you.

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If you’ve worked in a salon, it could be an opportunity to switch jobs while using your skills. Or if you’re thinking of starting a career in barbering or hairdressing, it’s the best time to get into the industry.


7. Tattoo Remover

You were drunk. You were on holiday. That’s the classic excuse for the matching hearts you and your friend got etched onto your bum cheeks.

Now you’re older, the novelty has worn off, and the story isn’t as funny as you once thought.

The good news is, you can get them removed. And the tattoo removal market is set to grow by 15.9% in the next four years.

Also, if you like inflicting pain on people without getting a jail sentence, this could be the career for you.

Jokes aside, remember to treat people sensitively, many people are embarrassed about their tattoos. You’re helping them feel better about themselves.

In the meantime, here’s an example of a dreadful tattoo…

alternative options in beauty

8. Beauty Product Inventor

If you’ve got a creative spark and an interest in beauty products, you could start making your own.

There’s been an increase in demand for natural beauty products in the last few years as reports suggest there are many cancer-causing chemicals in the products we’re using.

There are loads of beauty products you can make at home:

  • Soap
  • Nail polish
  • Eye makeup remover
  • Shaving oil
  • Lip scrub
  • Dry shampoo

Plus many more. If you learn how to make products, you could set up an Instagram, Facebook or Etsy shop and start making money from them.


Are You Ready to Begin Your Career in Beauty?

If you want to try something a little different, explore the options above. However, there’s nothing wrong with being traditional and working in a salon, so bare these careers in mind as well.

Do you want to start 2019 by learning a new skill?

Posh Nailz offer various, high standard courses that help you on your way to create you own profession career in the beauty industry. For course start dates for our training centres contact us now.
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