Who said being a mum means you can’t achieve your dreams? We firmly disagree with that statement. Being a mum makes you more determined to achieve your goals!


Imagine if you could create the perfect life for your family by starting your own business — how amazing would that be?

Guess what, we think you can do it. That’s why we’ve created this list of business ideas for mums. Have a scroll through and see if any of them appeal to you.


1. Nail Technician

If your little one can’t get you out of the salon for love nor money, then this could be the career for you.

business ideas for mums

Nail technicians are responsible for both maintaining the health of the client’s hands and nails, as well as making them look gorgeous! You can also specialise in feet and toenails if you wish.

The procedure is called a manicure or a pedicure and will involve massaging the hands, applying creams and oils, filing the nails and applying acrylic nails to the fingernails.

There’s an art to being a nail technician, and you can create some truly remarkable looks for people. If you’re creative and love being ‘hands on’, it’s perfect.

On Posh Look’s YouTube channel there are plenty of tutorials showcasing stunning nail art and acrylic application. These 3D rose nails are absolutely stunning, floral and fresh.


There are plenty of benefits to starting a nail technician business: you get to meet new people, financial benefits of having a business, you can fit your schedule around your family life, and you get to be creative.

You’ll have to pay for equipment which can be pricey and always needs topping up, so bear that in mind.

2. Writer

You’d think this one is pretty self-explanatory, but there’s more to being a writer than ‘being a writer’. Okay, that sounds a bit flowery, but it’s true!

There are loads of different types of writers: copywriters, bloggers, novel writers, journalists, technical writers, scriptwriters… you get the picture.

Here are some famous writers from different writing professions:

  • JK Rowling — best-selling fiction author of all-time
  • Arianna Huffington — creator of online news and opinion website HuffPost
  • Diablo Cody — scriptwriter for films like Juno and Jennifer’s Body
career ideas for mums

Some writers have a specialism as well. For example, if you’ve worked in retail for some time, you’ll probably know a lot about the industry. Hence, ‘retail writer’.

You’ll also need to consider whether you can write or not, a GSCE English Language A* isn’t always the best indicator someone can write — you don’t need any qualifications anyway!

Writing is a popular freelance position, and you can get writing gigs on social platforms like LinkedIn, as well as networking sites like People Per Hour.

There are plenty of benefits of being a writer: you get to pick which clients you want to work with, you learn a lot about language and how to talk to people, you don’t need any equipment other than a laptop, it fits around your schedule, and you can help your kids with their English homework!

It can be tough to secure writing gigs when you don’t have any experience, so it’s not wise to quit your day job to start with!


3. Massage Therapist

If you enjoy mindfulness or anything to do with the well-being of mind and body, massage therapy is an exciting route to pursue.

Massage therapists are responsible for the manipulation of soft tissues (muscles) in the body, which are usually conducted by the hands and aim to relieve the stresses and strains of everyday life.

There are different types of massage: Indian head, sports massage, Swedish massage, hot stone massage and aromatherapy.

You can specialise in one area or focus on different areas of massage if you’re open to that, it all depends on what you’re good at and what you prefer doing.

careers for mums

Do you want to start 2019 by learning a new skill?

Posh Nailz offer various, high standard courses that help you on your way to create you own profession career in the beauty industry. For course start dates for our training centres contact us now.
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You’ll need a qualification to start practising massage, usually an NVQ or a specific massage related qualification

Massage often results in a healthier way of living for those that practise it as well, you’ll consider you’re diet more, what you drink and how you take care of your body. And it’s always good to pass on that information to the kids!

There are plenty of benefits to becoming a massage therapist: you can set up at home or travel to people’s houses, you get to see a visible change in someone’s physical and mental well-being, and your kit is relatively cheap to maintain once you’ve got past the big expense of the massage table.

Your equipment can be heavy, and if you aren’t physically fit you could struggle to transport it around and give treatments without causing yourself discomfort.


4. Makeup Artist

Do you live for making people feel beautiful? Then makeup artistry is your destination! Everyone likes to look great, whether it’s for a wedding, a party, or in general. You can help them achieve that goal.

A makeup artist applies various powders, creams and cosmetics to the face to create various looks. For example, day makeup is different from night makeup.

self-employed ideas for mums

The chances are you do it already, although you probably skip it for the early morning school run! But hey, who needs to look like one of the Kardashians when you’re dropping the kids off?

You can specialise in many different types of makeup and application techniques including:

  • Special effects
  • Prosthetics
  • Theatrical
  • High fashion
  • Airbrushing
  • Light bending
  • High definition

You usually need a qualification to become a makeup artist. However, you can become a self-taught makeup artist if you practise at home on yourself, friends and family.

Check out this video of Lisa Eldrige, a makeup artist who posts videos on YouTube, she’s a real natural beauty and has so much class!


The benefits of becoming a makeup artist are: you can get discounts on products, it’s a social job, you get to move around a lot, you may be able to travel, you get to create new looks, and most of all, you’ll look fabulous as well!

Remember that you’ll have to drum up business when you’re a makeup artist, so you need to have a strong personal brand. The better you market and sell yourself, the more clients you’ll receive in return.


5. Baker

If you love nothing more than to watch a set of light, fluffy muffins rise up in the oven and watch everyone’s mouths drop as you serve them, why don’t you become a baker?

We presume you have some sort of culinary prowess if you’ve got children anyway unless it’s fish fingers and peas on the menu every night of course.

Bakers do what it says on the tin. Bake. Now, there are 1000s of things you can choose to bake: cakes, quiche, pastries. Whatever your passion is. Or maybe you love trying new things.


There’s a science to baking, and you can get professional qualifications, but it isn’t always necessary. If it looks good and it tastes good, who’s complaining anyway?

Baking is something we take seriously in the UK, there are TV programmes and magazines dedicated to it. Bake off, anyone?

You can also get the kids involved in baking, be prepared for it to get messy though!

The benefits of becoming a baker are: you can gain recognition for your creativity and flair, there may be an option to open a bakery if you’re successful, there’s a blend of science and art, you can build a strong brand around your product.

Baking is an expensive startup if you don’t have all the equipment, ovens, bread makers, whisks, knives, bowls — it all adds up. So consider saving a bit for all the necessary equipment.


6. Craftswoman

Are you a bit crafty? Perhaps you create custom birthday cards for people, or you’ve mastered the art of glass blowing. The latter is a bit farfetched, but that’s the beauty of crafts, it can be whatever you want it to be as long as other people want to buy it.

There isn’t a specific job profile of a craftsperson because what people make is different. What you do need to be is creative and inventive, as well as technically aware of the process of making whatever it is you want to make. If you’re clumsy and unimaginative, best skip this one!

Crafts are great because you can always get the kids involved for a bit of fun as well, although it’s probably best not to send their version out to customers.

You should take a look at eCommerce website Etsy, who have a platform for different vendors to sell their items. Bohemian Findings create small charms and pendants and have made over one million sales.

mums businesses

The best thing about crafts is that you need absolutely no qualifications to get started. If you’re already making your stuff, you’re qualified to do it!

The benefits of starting a crafts business are: the startup costs are quite low, you get to be part of the crafts community, you can inspire others with your craft and share your gift, and you can sit around in your PJs and work from home.

The downside of a crafts business is that the value of items does tend to be quite low because they’re inexpensive to build. You also need to make sure your products are high-quality because returns and refunds could cost you.


What’s Your Business Venture Going to Be?

Are you feeling inspired? We hope so, go and brainstorm your creative ideas. And if you’re interested in any of the beauty careers we mentioned above, click the action below and find out about our beauty courses.

Do you want to start 2019 by learning a new skill?

Posh Nailz offer various, high standard courses that help you on your way to create you own profession career in the beauty industry. For course start dates for our training centres contact us now.
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