Our Beauty Therapy Course: A Guide

So, you’ve decided beauty therapy is the ideal career for you. But how do you get started? No one can become a pro at lashes or a spray tan expert overnight! First off, you need to get the relevant beauty qualifications under your belt. 


When it comes to beauty therapy, there are many treatments which deal with sensitive areas of the body and can increase risk to your client. Therefore, it’s essential to find beauty qualifications that teach you all of the correct techniques, client care, plus health and safety.


We’re going to run through the importance of beauty therapy courses, how you can find the perfect course for you and why Posh Look training is a great option for aspiring beauty therapists. 

Why Do You Need Qualifications? 

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Each year, the beauty industry becomes more and more popular, and with that, client expectations increase too. Everyone wants to be treated by the best of the best and they expect the perfect results they see on social media. 


So, with that being said, you don’t want to give amateur treatments. Completing a training course will teach you how to become one of the experts and excel in your career. A good course should cover all of the techniques you need to deliver professional treatments in a friendly manner. 


Plus, having beauty qualifications will make it easier to attract clients. Knowing that you’re certified to give treatments, will give both you and the client a boost of confidence. Think about it, would you want lash extensions applied by someone who wasn’t qualified? We don’t think so. 


Why Choose a Posh Look Course?

When it comes to choosing between beauty therapy courses, it can be hard to decide which one is the best for you. We’re here to make that decision simple! 


Posh Look is a leading training academy, with accessible courses for everyone. When you enrol onto a Posh Look course, you gain access to an education from the top experts in beauty therapy. 


Every Posh Look assessor has full beauty therapy and teaching qualifications, so you can be sure you’re receiving the highest standard of education possible. We pride ourselves on seeing students progress into successful beauty therapists with our accredited Level 3 Beauty Therapy certification. 


Our passion is to help you develop your passion. So if you want to learn all of the skills of a professional beauty therapist, there’s no better course out there.


Sign up today and kickstart your career with a professional beauty therapy certification!

Our Beauty Therapy Course

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At Posh Look, we offer a Level 3 Beauty Therapy Course which is suitable for all abilities – no experience required. It’s as easy as 1,2,3 – Enrol, Train and Get Certified!




Use our quick and easy online enrolment form to make sure you’re suitable for the course and reserve your place. The full enrolment process only takes 20 minutes, so it’s super easy to start your journey with Posh Look.


Once you’re enrolled, it’s time to apply for your learner loan. The cost of the course is £2583. Funding sources are available so you don’t need to worry about paying for your training! (If you want to pay for the course in full this is also an option). Our enrolment officer will be on hand to help you with any questions about the loan application process. 


Online Training 


We are currently teaching the Level 3 Beauty Therapy course on our NEW Online Learning Platform. This is an innovative learning portal that allows students to get qualified from home. That means no commuting and no social distancing worries – just a first class education and professional certification!


The course comprises of 22 learning hours per week across 16 weeks. All students gain access to:


  • In-depth video tutorials which explain and demonstrate the techniques and skills of a beauty therapist. We cover each area of beauty therapy in modules so you can track your progress and practice your skills at home. 


  • Detailed guides that cover each area of beauty therapy, including health and safety and client care information. You can refer to these guides as often as you like to help you with your learning. 


  • Full guidance from your assigned tutor. Weekly Zoom calls are held to cover any queries you may have and recap what you have learned throughout the week.


Work, assessments, practice and revision must be completed at home each week. Evidence of work has to be submitted by the stipulated deadlines to a Level 3 standard in order to gain your qualification. 


To help you with your training, we also provide starter kits throughout the course. These contain the products you need to complete the mandatory units. Any additional products will have to be added at your own expense. You receive massage oils, a lash kit and tan solution. 


Course Content

beauty qualifications

The Level 3 Beauty Therapy course covers a variety of techniques and treatments that beauty therapists use on a daily basis. This includes:


  • Semi-Permanent Lashes – learn how to expertly apply semi-permanent lashes safely for a beautiful finish. 


  • Full-Body Massage – learn the anatomy of the body to understand how massage works and the different types of oils you can use. 


  • Indian Head Massage – learn the history and benefits of this technique and carry out practical assessments on the upper back, shoulders, neck, upper arms, scalp and face. 


  • Tanning –  learn how to deliver a professional spray tan from start to finish and how to make your client comfortable throughout the process.


  • Client Care – learn how to interact with clients in a professional and friendly manner to build good client relationships.


  • Promote Products and Services – learn how to promote the products you use during treatments to boost your profits and increase custom. 


  • Health and Safety – learn what to do if accidents occur, how to log accidents correctly and how to minimise potential risks. 


Get Certified!


At the end of the online course, students must travel to their assigned training centre to complete final assessments. Once all assessments are complete, you’ll be awarded your official certificate and can begin to deliver treatments. Congrats!


Now that you know how to get qualified, it’s time to turn your passion into a lucrative career. Enrol today and start your training journey with Posh Look. 

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Changing Careers: How Do I Become a Posh Look Educator?

Do you love passing on your skills and knowledge of the beauty industry onto students who are building their own careers? Or maybe you love the buzz of seeing learners pass their courses as a result of your teaching? If this applies to you, it’s time to consider putting salon life on hold and getting back into teaching! 


The average person will change careers 5-7 times during their working life, so it’s perfectly normal to want to switch things up. When it comes to beauty industry careers, there are many routes to choose from . You could be a salon owner, beauty educator or simply enjoy giving treatments. Being a beauty educator can give you a great sense of fulfilment, as you see your students make progress. 


So, if you’re itching to get back into teaching, we’re here to tell you how to become a Posh Look educator. We’ll cover:


  • Why Posh Look?
  • Teaching Qualifications
  • Vocational Experience 
  • Adaptability 
  • Find your Passion 
  • How to Apply 


Why Posh Look?

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If you stopped teaching in the past, it may be because you felt a lack of support from your training provider or you weren’t taken seriously. At Posh Look, we’re dedicated to helping our assessors build their beauty industry careers and become respected teachers in their sector. 

When you join Posh Look, you join a team of self-motivated professionals who want the best for their students. So, if you want to work for a leading beauty training provider who will ensure you get the best teaching experience, you’ve come to the right place!

Teaching Qualifications  


First things first, professional qualifications are required. To make sure your teaching abilities meet Posh Look’s world class standard of education, it’s important that you know all the fundamentals of being a valuable assessor. 


Posh Look assessors must hold a Level 3 Award in Education and Training and a Level 3 Assessor qualification as standard. The Level 3 Award in Education and Training helps you understand the roles, responsibilities, teaching and assessment methods that beauty educators must use to create successful students. 


If you don’t hold this qualification, then you’re not quite ready to become a Posh Look educator just yet. But don’t worry, we offer this course on a remote basis to aspiring teachers – find out more here.


The Level 3 Assessor qualification is designed to prepare you as a vocational assessor in your specific sector, whether that’s makeup, nails or beauty. Therefore, this is crucial for ensuring that your teaching methods are of a high standard to help Posh Look students achieve their goals. 


As well as teaching qualifications, suitable candidates must also have qualifications in their desired sector. For example, at a minimum, a Nail Assessor should have a Level 3 Nail Technology certificate so they’re a pro at the skills they’re teaching. 


Work for a leading training academy and become a Posh Look educator today!

Vocational Experience

Successful beauty industry careers are all built on experience. In a client facing industry, experience is the most important thing you need to go far. That’s why at Posh Look, we only work with assessors who are the best of the best. 


Eligible candidates must have at least 2 years of experience teaching at a vocational level. Whether that’s at a college or private awarding body. We’re looking for confident and engaging assessors who know the world of teaching inside and out. 


It’s also important to have experience in your area of expertise. After all, how good can a teacher be who doesn’t have real industry experience? Evidence of a loyal client base will reflect your technical skills and ability to build relationships.




Teachers are seen as respected figures by their students. So do you have the skills and knowledge to think on your feet and teach with confidence? Posh Look assessors are able to deliver a high quality education, whether that’s in the classroom or online. Therefore, we require tech-savvy teachers who are able to adapt their methods to a remote style of learning. 


Self-motivation and organisation is key when it comes to online learning, for both students and teachers. You will truly become your own boss. So it’s important to organise your own schedule and ensure your students are hitting their progress targets. 


Confidence with IT and web call software, such as Zoom, is also key. As Posh Look online courses are completed from home, you must be able to help students with queries about the platform, lessons or any areas they’re struggling with. So if you’re stuck in the dark ages when it comes to tech, this may not be the teaching career for you!


Find your Passion 

nail technology courses

One of the most important skills a successful beauty assessor must have is a passion for teaching. Without this, you’re going to lack the motivation to help your students and encourage them to work to the best of their ability. 


Posh Look assessors love watching their students grow and helping them find success in their own careers. Think about your favourite teachers from beauty school. They were most likely attentive, confident and passionate about the subject they taught. Can you bring the same level of enthusiasm to a remote role? 


If the answer’s yes, here’s how you can apply to become one of our new Online Learning Assessors!


How to Apply 


Kickstart your teaching career again in just 4 simple steps: 


1. Read the job description and criteria, then fill out the application form if you think you meet the requirements.


2. If you meet our requirements, we’ll invite you to a casual Zoom interview to keep within social distancing guidelines, so you can meet the team. Here, we’ll also explain the rest of the interview process.


3. We’ll then ask you to record a ten minute micro-teach demonstration within your subject area to show us how you teach and put your skills to the test.


4. Successful applicants will be contacted within 7 days and receive a 4 week training course so you’re ready to start teaching in August!


So, what are you waiting for? If you’re an experienced and qualified assessor, now is the perfect time to build on your beauty industry careers and start teaching again! Apply here and begin your journey with Posh Look. 

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Hygiene for Beauty Therapists: A Guide

Beauty therapists perform a wide range of tasks on a daily basis including waxing, lash extensions, tanning and massage. Working all over the body on sensitive areas comes with a responsibility to deliver a hygienic and safe service every time. 


If beauty therapists let their hygiene standards slip, it can lead to nasty infections caused by cross-contamination or bacteria ridden equipment. Nobody wants to go to the salon for a relaxing massage and leave with a skin infection! Luckily for you, we’re here to help you understand the various ways you can maximise your hygiene in beauty therapy treatments. We’ll cover:


  • Why Is Hygiene In Beauty Therapy Important?
  • Sanitising Equipment 
  • Hygienic Treatments


Why Is Hygiene In Beauty Therapy Important?

hygiene in beauty therapy

As in all industries, hygiene is a top priority for keeping employees and clients safe. When it comes to hygiene in beauty therapy, you need to take even more precautions to ensure that your clients are in safe hands. 


Not only do strict cleaning measures protect you and your clients, but beauty therapists are legally required to ensure they maintain high standards. If you don’t follow the guidelines of the Safety at Work Act and the Environmental Health Office you could end up having your salon closed down, leaving your reputation in tatters. 


Infections can occur in many ways – passed through touch, unclean surfaces, dirty equipment and open wounds. Cross-contamination is the biggest risk in a beauty salon as you work from client to client using the same equipment. Therefore, you must take an organised approach to cleaning so you don’t end up with a long list of unhappy clients with the same infection. 


If you own a salon, make sure you check out our ‘Top Tips to Improve Salon Hygiene’ so you can ensure your whole premises is safe. 


Sanitising Equipment

hygiene in beauty therapy

It’s super important to make sure your equipment is disinfected and sanitised before every treatment. As mentioned, using dirty equipment from person to person can lead to cross-contamination which can have nasty consequences. 


First things first, you need to have a mixture of single-use and multi-use items in your kit:


Single-Use Items

This includes everything that you use once and then dispose of safely. A beauty therapist has many disposable items in their kit as a lot of equipment is used on sensitive areas of the body. For example, wooden spatulas, waxing strips, cotton pads, eyelash extensions, tanning knickers and couch rolls are all designed to be used once and thrown away.


Multi-Use Items 

This includes any items that can be cleaned and used again on multiple clients. For example, you don’t want to fork out on new tweezers, waxing heaters and tanning guns every time you have a new client! Therefore, beauty therapists can take three steps to clean, disinfect and sanitise their multi-use items so they’re safe to use on every client:


  1. Clean – washing your equipment with antibacterial soap and warm water will remove any visible dirt and debris left behind. If you skip this step, the quality of your disinfecting and sanitising will be poor and leave your client open to the risk of infection. 
  2. Disinfect – use Posh Look Spray Clean to wipe down your equipment and remove the millions of invisible microorganisms on the surface. Our Spray Clean is portable so it’s perfect for those times when you’re on the go or need to wipe down your equipment quickly. 
  3. Sanitise – this step is important for aestheticians who use equipment that penetrates into the skin as it exterminates any remaining bacteria using heat. You must take extra precautions when working with deeper layers of the skin as bacteria can enter the body more easily. You can sanitise equipment with boiling water and heat vapour.


Always remember to store equipment in a safe and clean environment once you’ve disinfected everything. It’s pointless to spend all that time on a rigorous cleaning routine to then store the equipment in a dirty place. Wipe down your bag or drawer with antibacterial wipes. Ensure your containers aren’t airtight, as this can encourage the growth of bacteria. 

  • 100 x Wooden Spatulas

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  • Paper Waxing Strips

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  • Tanning Mop Caps (100 pack)

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Hygienic Treatments

hygiene in beauty therapy

Hygiene in beauty therapy doesn’t just end with cleaning your equipment, you must also learn how to perform a safe and hygienic treatment. We’ve outlined the steps you can take to protect yourself and your client before, during and after beauty treatments. 




Consultation – performing a client consultation before the treatment is helpful for managing client expectations. You can also find out if they have any allergies or pre-existing conditions. At this point, you decide whether it’s safe to carry on with the treatment. 


Patch Test – perform a patch test 24 hours before treatments, such as waxing and eyelash extensions, to check if the client is allergic to the wax or glue you use. This will protect you from any potential lawsuits and protect the client from nasty reactions before it’s too late.


Contraindications – this is anything that will stop you from performing the treatment. Examples include bacterial or viral infections, severe skin conditions and open wounds. Performing treatments on an infected area, puts yourself and your clients at risk. There are different types of contraindications  – for example, viscous veins may prevent you from performing a massage. Refer to a training manual if you don’t know the full list of contraindications for a treatment.




Personal Hygiene – a beauty therapist must understand the importance of personal hygiene. Before, during and between treatments wash your hands for 20 seconds with antibacterial soap and warm water, cleaning under the nails. Remove any jewellery as this can hold bacteria you’ve picked up throughout the day. Tie long hair back and make sure it’s neat and not causing any obstruction.


Dispose of Items Safely – place any used items in a sealed bin and transfer them to a main waste bag at the end of each day. Place items that come into contact with bodily fluids in a yellow bag and into a sealed bin. Arrange for professional waste collection so your items can be incinerated safely.


Injuries – accidents happen, so if an injury occurs you should act calmly and responsibly. Restrict blood flow with clean cotton wool and apply antiseptic to the wound. Thoroughly bleach any contaminated equipment, then wash with hot water and detergent.




Clean, disinfect and sanitise all surfaces and equipment ready for the next treatment using the aforementioned three step cleaning routine. 


So, now you understand the importance of hygiene in beauty therapy it’s time to put these cleaning steps into action! You can browse our wide range of beauty therapy equipment and cleaning tools on our website to create the perfect kit for your treatments. 

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How to Remove Nail Extensions: A Complete Guide

It’s been four weeks since your last nail appointment and your extensions are hanging on for dear life. Removal is the part that everyone dreads, but we’re going to show you how to remove nail extensions easily and safely. 


Ready for your next set of sharp stilettos or cute coffin nails? Put that floss away and don’t even think about biting your nails, because our step by step guide is here to tell you how to remove nail extensions with our affordable Gel and Acrylic Removal Kits. 


If you can’t get to the salon because of lockdown or you’re just too busy to make an appointment, our Removal Kits are the next best way to remove your old nails from the comfort of your home. We’re going to run through:


  • The Importance of Nail Health
  • Acrylic Extension Removal
  • Gel Extension Removal 


The Importance of Nail Health

Keeping your nails in good health may seem like a cosmetic concern, but it’s actually far more important than you may think. Having a stringent nail care routine can prevent nasty infections such as ingrown nails, fungal and skin infections. Which if left untreated, can lead to far more serious health problems and a hefty podiatrist bill. 


Leaving old nail extensions on for a long time will increase the risk of bacteria getting trapped under the nail, which can then lead to such infections. You’ll also have more chance of getting your nails caught on surfaces, resulting in painful breakages and permanent nail damage. 


Plus, removing nail extensions will give you the chance to practice good nail hygiene on your natural nails. This will allow you to trim, clean and moisturise your nails so they’re in good condition before your next treatment. 


The natural nails are also great at giving signs of other systemic conditions, like lung disease. Healthy fingernails may turn blue or dull – a warning sign which can ultimately save your life. So, they’re very helpful and clever parts of the body! 


When the time comes to remove your nail extensions, be kind to your natural beauties and remove them in a safe way, as it’ll be far more beneficial to your overall health in the long run. 


Acrylic Extension Removal

how to remove nail extensions

You may have seen a few methods to remove acrylic nails, but we’re going to show you how to remove nail extensions the professional Posh Look way. Our Acrylic Removal Kit contains all of the key ingredients for the perfect removal, including: 


  • Acetone, 75ml
  • Cuticle Oil, 4ml
  • 150 Grit File
  • Cuticle Pusher
  • 4 Way Buffer 
  • 5 Lint Free Wipes 


1.First things first, you need to cut down your nails. This will reduce the amount of extension left over, therefore making the removal easier. Use nail clippers to cut down as far as you want to go. If you have long natural nails underneath, then it’s your decision how much you’d like to cut off. 


TOP TIP: Apply cuticle oil on the skin around the nail to protect it from the Acetone, which can be very drying. 


2. Now it’s filing time. Use the 150 Grit File to file down the acrylic as much as possible. The thinner you get the acrylic, the easier it will be to dissolve in the Acetone. Work in a horizontal direction, being careful not to catch the skin around your nails. Don’t overfile as this can cause a burning sensation and thinning of the natural nail. 


3. Get your Acetone at the ready! Now it’s time to soak the acrylic off. Saturate a lint free wipe in the Acetone for each nail and wrap it around the whole extension as tightly as possible. Fix the lint free wipes in place with pieces of foil. Acetone can lift oils from the nail bed but won’t actually cause any damage, unlike peeling and lifting!


4. Leave the nails to soak in the Acetone for at least 30 minutes. Then pull the cotton balls off along with the acrylic nails. If the acrylic is still hard, repeat the process again for another 20 minutes.


5. Remove any acrylic remnants with the 4 Way Buffer. They should file off easily as they’ll be soft from the Acetone soak. 


6. Finally buff your natural nails until they’re gorgeous and shiny. Push down your cuticles to neaten the nails and finish with a few drops of moisturising cuticle oil. 


And you’re all done! It’s that easy and inexpensive to restore your nails to their natural state. 


Gel Extension Removal

how to remove nail extensions

You’ll be glad to know that removing gel extensions is just as easy, if not easier, than removing acrylics. Our Gel Removal Kit contains everything you need for a pain and stress-free removal:


  • Magic Remover, 16ml
  • Cuticle Oil 4ml
  • 150 Grit File
  • Cuticle Pusher
  • 4 Way Buffer
  • 5 Lint Free Wipes


1.Using the 150 Grit File, file the top layer of the gel nails to remove the shine. This will make it easier for the Magic Remover to penetrate into the extension and break it down. 


2. Apply the Gel Polish Magic Remover Soak Off to each nail, just as you would apply nail polish. 


TOP TIP: Remove nail extensions in a well-ventilated room so you’re not breathing in all of the chemicals.


3. Leave for 5 minutes and watch the magic happen! The gel polish will begin to lift or bubble.


4. Use a lint free wipe to remove any excess Magic Remover and scrape away the remaining gel polish with the cuticle pusher. Repeat the Soak Off process if necessary.


5. Buff the nails to restore a natural, healthy shine. Apply cuticle oil to moisturise the nails and fingers. 


No trips to the salon, no more old extensions and no mess – just beautiful, natural nails! Both of our kits can be ordered straight to your door from our online shop, from only £4.95. The Acrylic Removal Kit is available in small and large sizes, so you can order plenty for your next removal too. 

  • how to remove nail extensions

    Gel Polish Removal Kit

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Already mastered how to remove nail extensions? Add some colour and vibrancy to your natural nails with our huge range of professional gel polishes, glitters and embellishments. Shop now on our website!

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Self-Isolation Beauty Guide: 5 Quick Tips

Don’t let your beauty regime suffer during isolation. Although we’ve had to close our salon doors, there are plenty of things you can do to feel fabulous while you’re stuck at home.


Say goodbye to grown out nails and tired-looking brows with our top 5 quick beauty tips. From DIY home remedies to handy products, it’s never been easier to keep yourself looking on point and feeling amazing, even if no one’s around to see you! We’ll cover: 


  • Remove Grown Out Extensions
  • Bring the Nail Salon Home
  • Liven Up Your Lashes 
  • Protect Your Skin
  • Tanning Time 


Remove Grown Out Extensions

quick beauty tips

Your acrylics are hanging on by a thread and they’ve grown out to the point that they’re practically falling off – we’ve all been there. At this point, you’d usually take a trip to the salon and get some fresh new talons. But since we no longer have this luxury, it’s time to take matters into your own hands. 


First things first, you need to get rid of those crusty old extensions. Stop right there, we know what you’re thinking! No, you should never start pulling, biting or flossing your way through old extensions – no matter how much you want them gone. Be kind to your natural beauties waiting to be freed and remove the extensions in a breakage-free, gentle way.


Luckily for you, Posh Look have put together two Home Removal Kits for Gel and Acrylic Nail Extensions. Starting from only £5.50, you get everything you need to remove stubborn extensions in one easy package. All you need to add is tin foil!


The Acrylic Removal Kit contains: 

  • Acetone 75ml
  • Cuticle Oil 4ml
  • 150 Grit File
  • Cuticle Pusher
  • 4 Way Buffer
  • Lint Free Wipes


The Gel Removal Kit contains: 


  • Magic Remover 16ml
  • Cuticle Oil 4ml
  • 150 Grit File
  • Cuticle Pusher
  • 4 Way Buffer
  • 5 Lint Free Wipes


Plus, everyone who orders a kit receives a free video tutorial that you can follow, with step-by-step instructions on how to use the kits. Isolation can make us feel tired and lazy at the best of times, so looking after your nails is just another way to give yourself a little pick-me-up. 


Bring the Nail Salon Home 

nail tech cleaning

You’re probably missing your nail tech so much that their Instagram feed has become your new daily morning newspaper. We can’t help but drool over the amazing nails on our explore page either. But, you don’t have to wait all this time to get your nails looking fabulous again. Instead, bring the salon home with our wide range of nail products. 


If you’re a complete novice and don’t have many nail products at your fingertips, then our NEW Gel Polish Home Startup Kit is the perfect all-in-one package. Our Startup Kit contains everything you need to create a professional gel manicure from start to finish. It includes: 


  • 50ml Cleanse
  • 50ml Spray Clean
  • 50 Nail Wipes
  • 2 x 180 Buffers
  • 2 x 150 Grit Files
  • Cuticle Pusher
  • 2x Gel Polish
  • Base Coat Gel
  • Dry Surface Top Coat
  • LED Lamp
  • 10ml Cuticle Oil
  • Dusting Brush 


If you haven’t applied gel polish before, follow these simple steps to create the perfect at-home manicure. 


If you already have a gel polish kit, why not add some new professional colours to your collection? At Posh Look, we have 10 gel polish ranges to match all tastes, from funky neons to understated nudes. What’s more, you can mix our gel polishes to create your own unique shades, so you get more colours for your money.

  • Gel Polish Home Start-Up Kit | Posh Look

    Gel Polish Home Start-Up Kit

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  • Gel Polish – Full Autumn Range

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  • Gel Polish – Full Summer Range

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  • Gel Polish – Full Neon Range

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Liven Up Your Lashes

quick beauty tips

Although you should never apply lash extensions without full training, that doesn’t mean you can’t spruce up what was naturally given to you. Our Eyebrow and Lash Tint Kits by Julienne give you professional quality with home convenience. 


The permanent tinting kit is water resistant and specially formulated for brows and lashes, so you can create stunning, long-lasting results. Each kit contains a precision eye wand and 15ml tint so you have everything you need to get started. 


Plus, they’re available in 4 shades so everyone from platinum blondes to rich brunettes, can use them without worrying about going too dark. 


TOP TIP: Castor oil is a great natural remedy for encouraging lash and brow growth. Apply a little before bed each night and watch your hairs grow. 


Protect Your Skin

Isolation gives you the opportunity to invest more time into your skincare routine, so you can dazzle everyone with your new baby soft skin on that first night out. There are countless quick beauty tips and tricks for protecting your skin from home, but here are a few of our faves: 


  • Hydrate – Beauty starts from within – literally. Drinking plenty of water will help your body flush out toxins and aid the transportation of oxygen, which will give you a youthful and radiant glow. So, get your full 2 litres a day and you’ll be onto a winner. 


  • Sleep – We’re pretty sure everyone’s sleep cycle has been affected by isolation, but getting your full 8 hours in a regular pattern will benefit your skin. A full sleep helps with blood flow and gives your body time to rejuvenate. No more dark circles and pale skin!


  • Exfoliate – Exfoliating has countless benefits for your skin, from removing dead skin to helping moisturiser penetrate deeper into your pores. Plus, you can easily make your own at home with items found in your kitchen. Coffee is perfect for removing dead skin cells – simply mix ½ cup of ground coffee, 2tbsp hot water and 1tbsp coconut oil and you’ve got yourself the perfect face scrub. 


  • DIY Spa – Missing your monthly facial? Give yourself a relaxing steam facial by filling your sink with hot water and covering your head with a towel. The hot steam will lift impurities from your skin and leave you looking glowy. At the same time, you can give yourself a face massage to lift and firm the face, by using upward strokes and circular motions. 


Tanning Time

quick beauty tips

If you’re sick of looking pale, then a quick fake tan will help you get your mojo back. Our Posh Tan Collection contains everything you need to create the perfect sun-kissed look from home. We have Home-Use Mousse, tanning mitts and Tan Corrector so you can complete a professional tan from start to finish. 


There’s nothing worse than creating a patchy mess, so make sure you check out our 4 Step Fake Tanning Routine for some quick beauty tips. 


As we all know, there are so many benefits to fake tanning. You don’t need to spend hours in the sun or visiting the sunbed shops to get a perfect golden glow. Plus, it protects you from harmful UV rays that cause premature aging and permanent sun damage. Sounds like a win win to us!


So, follow these 5 quick beauty tips to carry on feeling fabulous during isolation. Posh Look have everything you need while the salons are closed, so take a look at our wide range of beauty products and order them straight to your door. 

how to fake tan

4 Step Fake Tanning Routine

Fake tanning is just another step in thousands of people’s beauty regimes. Not only is it safer and healthier than a real tan, but once you master the art of fake tanning you can achieve that perfect golden glow in an instant. That beats spending hours in the sunbed shop and exposing yourself to harmful UV rays.


We’re going to teach you all of the tips and tricks of how to fake tan like a pro. Now you don’t even need to leave your house to look like you’ve spent two weeks in the Bahamas! Follow our 4 step tanning routine and be the envy of your sunseeking friends. We’ll take you through:


  • Prep
  • Tanning Application
  • Aftercare
  • Removal



Skipping this step is like having a Pornstar Martini without a shot of prosecco – it just doesn’t work! The perfect fake tan takes a little extra time and dedication. 


The Day Before


  • Shave – Shaving those pesky little hairs from your legs and armpits will transform your tan from a patchy mess to a glow fit for a goddess. When it comes to prep, the smoother you can get your skin the better, so shaving is one of the essential parts of the process. 


TOP TIP: Coconut oil is a great natural shaving cream that’s full of moisturising benefits, plus it smells fabulous too!


  • Exfoliate – Say ‘hasta la vista’ to dry, flaky skin and buff the harsh pollutants and remnants of the day away with an abrasive exfoliator. Exfoliating will leave your skin looking polished and shiny – the perfect surface for fake tan application! It’s also healthy for you too as it prevents bacteria and sweat from getting trapped under your skin.


An Hour Before


  • Cleanse – If you’re fake tanning for a special occasion, take this opportunity to treat yourself to a long, relaxing bath. It’s important to wash away any impurities and create a clean, fresh surface for the fake tan to sit on. You might as well turn it into a chance to pamper yourself, right?
  • Moisturise – One of the key steps of how to fake tan like a pro is moisturising. Use a body lotion to restore moisture to the skin so the fake tan will stick easily and apply smoothly. Apply extra moisturiser to the hands, knees and elbows as these areas tend to be the driest which can make the tan develop darker – not a cute look.


Tanning Application

quick beauty tips

So you’re prepped and feeling gorgeous and smooth – now it’s time for the main event. Tanning!


First things first, you need good lighting and a mirror. Natural daylight is the best because it gives a true representation of how your tan will look and where you need to blend any mistakes. If you’re tanning at night, make sure it’s in a well-lit room so you don’t go too dark.


A full length mirror is the way to go so you can get a good view of your whole body. This way you won’t miss out any areas, such as your back and the underside of your arms. 


Now it’s time to get your tanning mitt and Posh Tan Home-Use Mousse at the ready. Make sure your tanning mitt is clean before every use so there’s no build up of product and bacteria. 


Pump a reasonable amount of tanning mousse onto your mitt and begin to buff into the skin. Use circular motions to avoid streaks and buff any areas that are patchy. Work your way around the body. 


TOP TIP: Start with the legs and work your way up. This way, you won’t crease any of the tan on the top half of your body when bending down. 


Double check hidden and hard to reach areas, then give them an extra buff if necessary. 


Finally, use the excess tan on your mitt to bronze your hands and feet. You’ll find that these areas go darker so you don’t need to use as much tan. 


If you want to apply a second layer, wait for the first layer to dry before building the colour. Going in too soon will mess up your first layer and cause patchiness. 


If possible, leave the tan on overnight and wear loose fitting clothing to sleep in. This will give the tan time to develop before rinsing off the first layer.

  • Tanning Mousse & Tan Corrector 50ml Kit

    Add to basket
  • Tanning Mousse & Tan Corrector Pack

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  • Posh Tan Mousse ‘Home use mousse’

    Add to basket



When you wake up in the morning, you’ll have a gorgeous golden glow. To make this look a little more natural and increase the durability of your tan, we recommend rinsing off the first layer. That way, you won’t have any streak mishaps if it starts to rain or there’s an accidental spillage. 


Use a light shower setting and a moisturising body wash to GENTLY rinse off your body – no scrubbing. You don’t want to see all that hard work wash down the drain. When drying, pat lightly with a towel so you don’t move any of the tan around. 


After your shower and in the following days, moisturise your skin to maintain the tan and take cooler showers as these will hydrate the skin more. You can even use a gradual tanning moisturiser to top up your healthy glow.


TOP TIP: If you’re heading out for the night, enhance your tan with bronzing drops/shimmer for a show stopping finish. 



So, it’s been over a week, your tan’s the patchiest it’s ever been and every part of your body is a different colour. We’ve all been there… it’s time to start afresh.


Fake tan removal doesn’t have to be a pain if you know how to do it right. With Posh Look’s Tan Corrector, it’s easier than ever to restore your skin back to its natural beauty. Simply rub the corrector foam into your skin and it’ll break down the remaining tan. Wait a few minutes, then pop into the shower to rinse off with warm water for a stress-free removal. 


Exfoliate to remove any extra remnants and leave your skin feeling silky smooth for your next fake tan application. As always, don’t forget to moisturise as your skin’s been through a lot.


And there we have it! Now you know how to fake tan like the pros and achieve that  perfect bronzed finish. Make sure your hard work lasts by checking out Posh Look’s professional range of tanning products. Our tanning mousse, mitts and correctors, make it super easy to achieve a perfect tan from home. 

A Guide to Online Beauty Training

We’ve all settled into life at home now, but are you looking for new ways to use this time to your advantage?

Here at Posh Look, we’ve developed a brand new online beauty training platform to help our current and prospective students kickstart their careers while in isolation. 

In this blog, we’re going to answer some of the main questions you may have about our innovative beauty training platform. We’ll cover:


  • How does the Online Training Platform Work?
  • What are the Benefits of Online Beauty Training?
  • Who is Eligible?
  • Our Top Tips for Learning from Home


How does the Online Training Platform Work?

Posh Look’s online training platform is unique as it’s an official qualification sponsored by JTM and funded by the government, rather than just another branded course. As a result, you can be assured that we’re following all of the correct guidelines to deliver an enriching and professional standard of training, even online. 


Students will have a login to access the online platform where they’ll find their assigned course. The course includes detailed video tutorials, training manuals and expert guidance from our dedicated tutors. 


80% of the course is completed online, as you can learn the theory at home and practice the practical work on yourself or people living with you. Once lockdown is over, students must be able to travel to their enrolled training centre to complete the final 20% of the course. This will include assessments and practicals, after which students will receive their certification. 


Most importantly, you won’t feel alone while completing your training at home. Every course is run by the trainer from your enrolled centre, who you can contact for help and further guidance whenever you need it. 


Keep an eye out for our regular LIVE webinars, where Posh Look’s Founder, Clare Kelly, and a host of other Posh Look trainers discuss the online beauty training platform and answer your questions. The next webinar is taking place on Friday 1st May at 10am. Sign up now! 


What are the Benefits of Online Beauty Training?

nail technology courses

Use Isolation to your Advantage


We believe online beauty training is a positive way to spend your time during isolation. It’s an excellent way to further yourself and stay engaged with your career goals while everything is on hold.


Actively working towards a qualification will give you a sense of achievement and keep your productivity at its peak, which will significantly affect the way you feel at home. And once this is all over, you’ll be ready to get your certification and start working as a beautician right away! 


Let’s face it, the beauty industry will be booming once people are able to get to the salons again and catch up on all of their missed appointments, so now is your prime opportunity to get started. 


Full Support and Guidance


It’s a common misconception that the quality of online beauty training is lower than being in a physical classroom. 


Our trainers are passionate about their students’ success and ensuring that a fully optimised learning experience is what they receive. That’s why Posh Look is always here to guide you through any areas that you may be struggling with and answer any questions you may have. 


You’ll be able to contact your assigned trainer at any time, so you can still build a great working relationship with them. We also have an active community of learners on our Posh Look Training Facebook page, where you can network and stay in the loop with the latest news and products. 


Work at your own Pace


The main advantage of video tutorials is that you can pause and replay them as many times as you want. So if you need to understand something more or go over a certain technique again you can. 


Our in-depth manuals will also assist you in digesting the theory side of the learning process. This way you’re using all of the cognitive and physical areas of learning to eventually have a fully rounded education. 


Current students will pick up from where they left off, but they can still access previous tutorials if they need to refresh on areas that they’ve already learnt. 


Free Kit and Funding Available  


As with all Posh Look courses, students receive a free kit that’s delivered straight to your door. This will contain everything you need to get started and practice the new techniques you’ll be learning. 


Furthermore, eligible students can apply for funding so you don’t have to miss out due to financial worries.


Who is Eligible?

At the moment, current Posh Look students will have access to the online platform to continue their courses where they left off. If you’re a current student, you’ll receive email updates to let you know when you can access the platform and get started. 


Prospective students who would like to start a new course or build on their previous qualifications will have the opportunity to enrol as new courses open. Enrolment is currently open for Level 3 Nail Technology at Widnes, Fleetwood, Rochdale, Warrington, Rawtenstall and Middleton. Places are limited so email training@poshnailz.co.uk to enrol or enquire so you don’t miss out! 


Our Top Tips for Learning from Home

quick beauty tips

Learning from home can be an extremely effective and focused way of furthering yourself when done right. Here are a few tips to help you get started: 


Get Practical


You may think that it’s going to be tricky to practice new techniques without a model. But you can still get practical even if you’re at home alone. 


  • Makeup – you can easily practice new techniques on your own face to help you get the hang of them. Whether it’s a smokey eye or special effects, any form of practice will help you improve.


  • Nails – you can purchase a training hand from our online shop to follow along with the video tutorials. Or you can practice on your own nails, even if it’s just to perfect your filing or painting techniques. 


  • Beauty – although this is a little trickier it’s not impossible. Practice massage techniques on your own legs and arms, or get to grips with brows and lashes by having a go on yourself. If you have willing models in your house then practicing on them will help you to improve your skills. 


Network with other Students 


As mentioned, we’re all about building the Posh Look training community even when we’re not in the classroom. Stay up to date and talk to other like-minded students on our social pages. Swap notes and tips and help each other out, because after all we’re a team. 


Plan out your Day


Planning out your day will keep you motivated and on track to achieving your goals. If you know you want to nail a certain technique by the end of the day then you can easily measure your progress. 


Write a list in the morning of what you want to achieve and try to stick to it!


Stay Organised


Keep a record of work that you’ve done in organised files whether they’re online or in a physical folder. That way, you know exactly what you’ve done and what you need to do. 


It’s also a good idea to keep training time separate from leisure time. Regular breaks are good to keep the mind fresh and productive. Working in a private room will help you stay on top of this. 


Now you know everything about our new online beauty training platform it’s time to get started. If you want to enrol onto a new course, sign up to our mailing list for the latest updates so you don’t miss out when slots become available! If you have any further questions please email training@poshnailz.co.uk

gel polish

Our New Gel Polish Range

At Posh Look HQ, nails are what we’re known for. Whether you love super long talons or short and sweet beauties, our team of nail experts know how to deliver a professional service every time. 


In part, this is thanks to our ranges of high quality, premium gel polish that are guaranteed to leave a perfect glossy finish on every manicure. But maybe you want to bring the salon home or perhaps you run your own nail business and want to source the highest quality products for your clients? Well, now you can! 


Posh Look has TEN brand new Gel Polish Ranges for you to shop online and have delivered straight to your door. Whether you’re feeling festive at Christmas or want to create bold neon manicures for summer time, we’ve got a gel polish to appeal to every taste and season. 


In this blog, we’re going to run through why Posh Look gel polishes are the best choice for you and your clients. We’ll also take an in-depth look at how to apply the gel polish correctly for a long-lasting, professional finish. 


  • Why Posh Look Gel Polishes?
  • How to Apply Gel Polish
  • Our Ten Ranges


Why Posh Look Gel Polishes?

gel polish



When you want to create eye-catching looks, the last thing you need is a dull gel polish with a thin consistency. With Posh Look gel polishes, you have 100 stunning colours to choose from. Whether you want an understated nude look or a glittery glam manicure, the high pigmentation of our professional formula means that you can create stunning nails with ease. 


Colour Mixing 


Posh Look gel polishes are one of very few polishes that can be mixed with each other to create unique shades. This is great if you’re someone who loves to stand out from the crowd, as you can make your very own shades that we can guarantee no one else will be wearing!


It also means that when you buy Posh Look gel polishes, you get more shades for your money as the mixing possibilities are endless. 


Hard Wearing 


One of the best things about our gel polishes is their durability. No one wants to spend time and money on creating the perfect manicure, only for it to chip the next day. 


When applied correctly, we can guarantee that your glossy finish and vibrant colour will last for 3-4 weeks with no chip or peel. 


Delivered to your Door


Sometimes it’s hard to find a spare minute in the day to go to the shops and look for a good quality gel polish. Or maybe you’re stuck in isolation and heading to the shops isn’t possible, especially for non-essentials. 


When you order with Posh Look, your gel polish products are delivered straight to your door in as little as 3-5 days. That way you don’t even have to leave the house to start creating beautiful looks. 


How to Apply Gel Polish

It’s all well and good having a premium gel polish, but if you don’t know how to apply it correctly then you’re not going to get the best results out of the product. Follow our six steps to creating a professional and durable manicure:


  1. Clean the nails before application. Our gel polishes can be used on all types of nail including: natural, UV gel, false, acrylic, nail tips etc. File and buff the nails to remove shine and smooth out the surface for a clean application. Cleanse with Posh Look cleansing spray.
  2. Apply a base coat then cure with a UV/LED lamp. The base coat will help to smooth out any bumps on the nail, protect it from pigment and help the gel polish to stick.
  3. Shake the gel polish for a few minutes to guarantee colour balance.
  4. Apply the gel polish directly then cure with a UV lamp (2-3 minutes) or LED lamp (60 seconds). Once dry, apply the second layer and cure again with a UV or LED lamp. Please note our gel polishes need to be cured under a UV or LED lamp – if you don’t own one, take a look at our Gel Polish Home Startup Kit.
  5. Finish with a dry surface top coat to protect the nails and enhance the glossy finish. Cure by UV or LED lamp for 60 seconds.
  6. Apply Posh Look Cuticle Oil to restore moisture to the nails.
  • Posh Nailz Cordless UV LED Lamp | Posh Nailz

    Posh Nailz Cordless UV LED Lamp

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  • Dry Surface Top Coat

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  • Posh Base Coat

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  • 10 x Files Pack

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  • Cuticle Oil 30ml

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Our Ten Ranges


Choosing the perfect gel polish shade has never been easier as we’ve divided our ranges into different seasons and styles. 



Tonal warm browns and deep reds to create the cosiest autumn vibes for those darker months. The warm tones complement a tan beautifully. 



The perfect collection of bright pinks, oranges and yellows for those sizzling days in the sun. Whether you’re hitting the beer gardens or heading to the Med, these bright pops of colour are bound to give you that summer feeling.



Everyone loves getting their special Christmas manicure to feel glam on the big day. Our glittery golds and glossy greens, combine beautifully to create stunning festive looks. 



Pretty pastel shades are the perfect lighter take on traditional colours for spring. Fresh and bright pinks, yellows and blues look gorgeous on Easter and floral manicures. 

  • Gel Polish – Full Autumn Range

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  • Gel Polish – Full Glam Range

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  • Gel Polish – Full Summer Range

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  • Posh Nailz Festive Glitter Gel Polish

    Gel Polish – Festive Range #10

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  • Posh Nailz Gel Polishes Pastel Collection

    Gel Polish – Full Pastel Range

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  • Gel Polish – Full Neon Range

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For the bright and bold amongst us, Posh Look’s neon range is for those who want to stand out. Neon yellows, reds, oranges and blues are also perfect for creating bright Summer looks or edgy festival designs. 



Add a touch of glamour to your manicures with our range of glittery gel polishes. Sparkling golds, pinks and silvers create a gorgeous eye-catching effect for glam looks that are perfect for special occasions.



When you need a wide range of basic colours, our traditional range is the way to go. With glossy red, purple, blue and nude shades, you can amp up your versatility and create a wide variety of looks. 



A collection of our favourite shades to reflect the personality of the Posh Look brand. Including a gorgeous royal blue shade, deep greens and bright pinks so you can create classic manicures.



There’s nothing more attractive than a classic red manicure, now you can find the perfect shade with our rouge range. From brighter reds to deeper wine shades, it’s easy to create those oh so romantic Valentine’s looks. 



You can’t go wrong with a neutral manicure and we have a wide range of nude shades to suit every skin tone. When you want something a little more understated, these are the perfect option. 

  • Gel Polish – Full Traditional Range

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  • Gel Polish – Full Posh Range

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  • Full Nude Range | Posh Nailz Gel P

    Gel Polish – Full Nude Range

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  • Rouge Range | Posh Nailz

    Gel Polish – Full Rouge Range

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So, now you know all about our extensive gel polish range and how to apply them, it’s time to pick from our gorgeous shades. Remember you can order whole collections for only £65, which gives you a saving of £14.50 versus purchasing separately. Head to our online shop to browse our full range, plus nail accessories that’ll help you achieve a professional finish.

nail care routine

Our Nail Care Routine: Nails 101

Getting your nails done isn’t all about fancy nail art and pretty embellishments. If you miss people saying ‘Wow, I love your nails!’, then you’ll most likely need to invest some time into a nail care routine. 

Whether you want to improve the condition of your natural nails or need the lowdown on how to make your nail extensions look fresher for longer, we’ve got you covered with our step-by-step nail care routine. Read on for all of our tips and tricks on how to achieve fresh and fabulous nails.

Natural Nail Care Routine

makeup cleaning tips

Embracing your natural nails is definitely in right now. It doesn’t matter if you have short nails or plan on growing them out, there are various ways you can improve their overall health and look.

Healthy nails should be a light pinkish colour with visible cuticles and a prominent lunula at the nail base (this is the semi-circular white section). If your nails are splitting, swollen or have horizontal grooves, these are all signs of unhealthy nails. Adverse effects like these can be as a result of many factors, from biting the cuticles to more serious concerns such as a vitamin deficiency.

Follow our perfect natural nail care routine and say bye-bye to crusty cuticles and damaged nail beds:

Eat protein-rich food

Altering your diet to more protein-rich foods will not only improve your overall health but will leave your nails looking lovely too. Nails are made of protein, so increasing your intake of foods such as lean meat and fish will help them to grow long and strong.

Don’t eat meat? No problem! Eating plenty of fruit and veg, especially superfoods such as blueberries and kale, will boost your vitamin levels and release antioxidants that will all contribute towards healthier nails.

TOP TIP: If you like a pint of beer now and then, that’s not such a bad thing for your nails – result! Wheat-based beer is rich in silicon, which is just what you need for stronger bones and nails.


nail tech cleaning

Achieving healthy nails isn’t all about what you put in your body. Looking after the exterior of your nails will improve their overall appearance and can also help them grow too.

File and clip the nails regularly to smoothen out any nicks and make all lengths even. This will prevent your nails from getting caught on any surfaces which could result in breakages.

When filing, avoid a sawing motion and instead file in one direction only, from side to centre. This technique will produce a clean cut rather than frayed edges.

Don’t clip the nails too short as this can cause tenderness and possibly even infection. Soak the nails in warm water to soften their texture, then trim each one following the natural shape of the nail.

  • Natural Nail File

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  • Small Scissors

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  • 10 x Files Pack

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  • 4-Way Buffer

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Avoid Clipping Cuticles

Trimming the cuticles is done solely for cosmetic reasons and should generally be avoided. Removing the cuticles leaves your nails exposed to bacteria and infection.

When cutting the cuticles at home, you also run the risk of cutting them improperly with unsanitized tools, which will increase the risk of infection further. Leave them alone!

Practice Nail Strengthening

Nail strengthening treatments can help to improve the quality and length of your natural nails. You can purchase these ready-made or try your hand at making your own. A simple age-old remedy of 3 tbsp of olive oil and 1 tbsp of lemon juice heated in a microwave, is enough to brighten and strengthen weak nails.

Hydrate your nails and fingertips with a moisturiser that’s infused with plenty of natural oils to prevent them from looking dry and flaky. There’s plenty on the market so do your research to find one that’s best suited to your nails and skin type.

Choose a Good Nail Polish

Avoid nail polishes that contain harsh chemicals as much as you can. Harmful chemicals, such as Formaldehyde, can be found in many nail polishes and can damage and dry out your gorgeous nails. Read the ingredients and avoid toxic chemicals such as DBP and Toluene.

Remember, always use a base coat before applying any nail polish, especially bright colours, to avoid staining your natural nails. Check out Posh Look’s Gel Polish Ranges and have them delivered straight to your door.

  • Posh Nailz Gel Polishes Pastel Collection

    Gel Polish – Full Pastel Range

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  • Gel Polish – Full Neon Range

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  • Dry Surface Top Coat

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  • Posh Base Coat

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Go Natural

Give your nails a break! Put down the polish and enjoy going au naturale for a while – your nails will thank you for it. This will allow you to groom, buff and moisturise your nails frequently so they’ll be in the best condition of their life.

Be Gentle

Avoid heavy lifting and unnecessary actions if you want to prevent chipping or breaking your nails. Simple things like wearing gloves when washing up or using the end of a spoon to open cans will all reduce the risk of nail damage.

Maintaining Extensions

nail technology courses

So, you’ve had your nails done and they’re looking gorgeous. But how do you keep them in tip-top condition for as long as possible? We’ve compiled a list of our top prep tips and aftercare routines to make your extensions look amazing for weeks on end.

Choose a Suitable Length

When choosing your acrylic or gel length it can be tempting to go super long and glam. Consider the practicality of your nail length before making your decision. If you have a manual job, it’s going to be a challenge to keep long nails in good condition and you may end up with some painful breakages.

Fake Tan before your Appointment

If you’re partial to a bronzey glow, make sure you fake tan before your nail appointment. You don’t want to spend all that time in the nail salon then mess up your gorgeous manicure with fake tan stains. Plus, your hands will be ready and prepped for those beautiful Insta snaps of your new set.

If you need to fake tan after you’ve had your nails done, make sure you wear gloves!

TOP TIP: Use an SPF to protect your hands from the UV rays that are emitted during the lamp setting process. This can reduce premature ageing and the harmful effects of radiation.

  • Tanning Mousse 50ml

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  • Tanning Mousse & Tan Corrector Pack

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  • Posh Tan Mousse ‘Home use mousse’

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Avoid Oil-Based Products

nail care routine

Moisturisers, fake tans and body creams containing Lanolin or Mineral Oil are known for breaking down the bonds of your nail extensions. As a result, you’ll experience weak and lifted nails and they won’t last anywhere near as long.

HOWEVER, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t moisturise. Invest in a good cuticle oil that’s rich in fatty acids and apply daily to avoid drying out and brittleness.

Avoid Picking and Lifting

Speaking of lifting, avoid picking at your nails as this will cause water and bacteria to settle under the nail. It can also be very impractical to wear lifted nails as they can become trapped in hair and clothes easily.

  • Hand & Foot Moisturiser

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  • Acetone – 500ml

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  • Cuticle Oil 10ml

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  • Cuticle Oil 30ml

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Get Infills

How often you get infills to keep your nails looking fresh, depends on the rate of your natural nail growth. A good set of acrylic or gel nails should last around 3-4 weeks, at which time you can go back to the salon and get a fresh new look.

If your nails start looking a little dull before then, restore their glossiness with a high-shine topcoat.

Professional Removal

We’ve all been there… your nails have grown out halfway up your nails, one’s broken and another one has chipped. That doesn’t mean you should start pulling and tugging them off! Reduce the damage that nail extensions create on your natural nails by getting them removed professionally.

A qualified nail tech will remove the extensions with acetone for a small price so that your natural nails don’t have to suffer!

So now you know all of the steps to create the perfect nail care routine, you can show off your gorgeous manicures to the world. Remember to head to our online shop for products such as cuticle oil and nail files, that’ll keep your fingernails looking fresh. 

beauty tools

10 Beauty Tools to Buy For Your Salon This Year

Every beauty salon owner knows that the treatments they give are only as good as the equipment they have. Investing in the right kit for your salon is essential for maintaining high standards and achieving business growth.  


We’ve listed the top 10 beauty tools for your salon to try this year to leave your clients feeling fabulous. 


Ultimate Posh Nailz Professional Kit

Get everything you need to give beautiful manicures for only £199.00 with the Ultimate Posh Nailz Professional Kit


Perfect for those members of staff who are just starting, this kit contains all of the necessary equipment and supplies to give safe and high-quality treatments. 


Each pack contains: 


  • Liquid
  • 5x Acrylic Powder
  • Spray Clean
  • Soak Off
  • Cleanse
  • 6x Bond
  • Cuticle Oil
  • Barbicide
  • Acrylic Brush
  • Large Dapper Dish
  • Posh Base 
  • Gel Polish – Pillar Box
  • Dry Surface Top Coat
  • 10x Files
  • 10x Buffers
  • 500x Lint Free Wipes
  • Posh Dusting Brush
  • Gems 


All Posh Look equipment is durable so professionals can use them every day without the need to replace them regularly. Investing in a full kit saves you time and money as you don’t need to search for multiple stockists to supply your equipment. 


White Labelling Stock

As a beauty salon owner, you’ll be used to promoting products to your clients after their treatment. But have you considered what it would be like to sell and take all the profits from your own line of products instead? Now you can do exactly that with Posh Look’s White Labelling Service. 


First off, choose your product package. We have Bronze, Silver and Gold packages starting from £574 depending on your desired order quantity. 


Then, choose your digital package. Our expert team will help you get your online shop up and running with a professional website and marketing advice.


Now it’s time to add your brand straight onto the products. Leave the branding process to Posh Look HQ and just like that you’ll have your own range of polishes, tans…whatever you want to sell. 


Finally, your products are ready to be sold to your customers. Sit back and watch your products fly off the shelves in your salon and online as Posh Look source, deliver and label your branded products. We’re here to help you make a success of your very own range of beauty tools!

Acrylic Powder


Acrylic nails are all the rage, so make sure you have a set of high-quality acrylic powders in your beauty tools kit.


A good acrylic powder should apply with ease and create a smooth consistency when mixed with monomer. Acrylic nails are known for being long-lasting, so you need to make sure that your manicures are durable and won’t lift from the nail bed. 


At Posh Look, we offer intensely vibrant coloured acrylic powders that are perfect for nail art and blending into other colours. Our high grade, no clump formula means that you get a smooth application even when applying in thin layers.

  • Sale!

    Summer Colours – Acrylic Powder Set – 9 x Colours

    £40.50 £32.40
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  • Wink Pink Coloured Acrylic

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  • Neon Yellow Coloured Acrylic

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  • Pastel Blue Coloured Acrylic

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Gel Polish 


Creating a professional manicure has never been easier with Posh Nailz premium gel polishes. 


We have TEN ranges of long-lasting vibrant colours which guarantee you a glamorous finish for up to 4 weeks. Our ranges include:


– Autumn 

– Festive 

– Glam 

– Summer

– Pastel 

– Neon

– Nude

– Posh 

– Rouge 

– Traditional 


Available to buy separately for £7.95 or get the full collections for £65 each.


Specially formulated for colour mixing, you can create unique shades to match your client’s style.

  • Gel Polish – Full Glam Range

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  • Gel Polish – Full Summer Range

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  • Full Nude Range | Posh Nailz Gel P

    Gel Polish – Full Nude Range

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  • Rouge Range | Posh Nailz

    Gel Polish – Full Rouge Range

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E File


Filing your client’s nails can be one of the most time-consuming parts of any manicure. Our Cordless Mobile Electric File takes all the labour out of filing, so you can get on with painting and embellishing the nails. 


An E-File does the same job as a manual file but in less time and with more accuracy. You can add different sized drill bits for different jobs i.e. shaping the nail or cleaning under the nail. E-Files are also beneficial to nail techs’ health as they prevent syndromes such as carpal tunnel which are caused by repetitive labour of the hands. 


The cordless feature means you’re not held back by plug sockets and can file your client’s nails anywhere. If you’ve never handled an E-File before, learn how to use this piece of kit safely and efficiently with our training course.

  • E – File – Safety Bit Course

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  • E – File – Large Bit Course (efile bit)

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  • Cordless Mobile Electric File (E-File)

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A UV or LED lamp sets the nails and leaves them with a glossy finish. A lamp is an investment, so choosing the right one is essential. Posh Look offer three types of UV/LED Lamps that give you different levels of convenience, finish and client comfort:


  • Standard LED lamp – this has to be plugged into a mains socket so you’ll always need to be near a power outlet when giving treatments. If you’re a mobile technician, this can make your set up quite hard depending on the house you’re in. 
  • Deluxe LED lamp – the deluxe lamp has a timer display so you can easily see how long the nails have been under the light. This also has to be plugged into a mains socket. 
  • Cordless UV LED lamp – with the cordless lamp you can work anywhere without the restrictions of a cord holding you back. The UV LED combination allows you to set any polish, making it suitable for all treatments. It can be fully charged in 2 hours and lasts for 2 hours, with different time settings that you can change with the touch of a button. The cordless feature also allows you to easily set pedicures on the floor.


An LED Lamp will protect the client’s hands from harmful UV rays as the curing time is faster and they emit less cancer-causing radiation. This is a big plus for client’s who are health conscious or have sensitive skin.

  • Posh Nailz Cordless UV LED Lamp | Posh Nailz

    Posh Nailz Cordless UV LED Lamp

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  • Deluxe LED Nail Lamp

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  • LED Nail Lamp

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Nail Art Accessories

Who doesn’t love glamming up their manicure? Make sure you’re not caught short if your client asks for nail art or embellishments – have plenty of nail accessories in your beauty tools kit. 


From glitters to chrome powders, nail art brushes to 3D accessories, at Posh Look we have a range of products to help you spice up those manicures. It’s a good idea to start practising popular nail art designs so you can bump up your rates and impress people with your skills.

  • Metallic / Chrome Pigment Powder #1

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  • Double ended dotting tool

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  • African Violet Glitter

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Lash Tools

hygiene in beauty therapy

Posh Lash has everything you need to create wispy lash extensions or natural-looking lash lifts. 


Lash extensions are currently extremely popular and can be an especially lucrative treatment for beauty therapists, costing upwards of £50. Russians, classics, hybrids…there are many different styles you can offer and we have all the products you need to deliver a high quality, safe treatment.


Lash lifts are a less invasive alternative to lash extensions as they work with the client’s real lashes. If you want to start giving this treatment safely and professionally, browse our lash lift kits that contain everything from adhesive to silicone pads.

  • Semi Permanent Lash Kit

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    Lash Lift – Starter Kit

    £75.00 £52.50
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  • Curved Lash Tweezers

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  • Posh Lashes | Posh Nailz


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Brow Products


Instagram brows are a big deal and everyone wants to achieve the perfect pair. A quick way to do this is with brow tinting beauty tools. 


Posh Look’s Large Tinting Kit contains brow dye, tint activator, an application brush and a dish so you can start giving treatments with an all-in-one package. 


If you don’t have experience tinting brows, sign up to our private Lash and Brow Tint course and get a professional qualification in just 3 hours! 

  • Micro Tape (Brows)

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  • Eyebrow Tweezers

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  • Eyebrow & Lash Tint

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  • 100 x Eyebrow Spatulas

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Waxing Kit


Everyone goes for a wax at some point in their life, so it’s a good idea to have this recurring treatment on your list of services. From facial waxing to intimate waxing, many different techniques and beauty tools are used to deliver different types of waxes. 


If you haven’t offered a waxing service in your salon before, a great way to get started is with Posh Look’s waxing kit that contains a Wax heater, 500g strip wax, Cleanse, Pre/Post Wax solution, 100 wax strips, 100 wooden spatulas and Wax equipment cleaner. With this kit you can get started straight away, knowing you have everything on hand. 


Waxing products and tools are also available to buy separately from our online shop.

  • Wax Heater

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  • Pre/Post Wax Oil

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  • Hot Wax

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So, there are many beauty tools that your salon should have in 2020 and that’s thanks to the growing number of ways we can beautify ourselves! For all of your salon needs, head to our online shop and browse our wide range of professional-grade products.