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What’s The Difference Between White Label Cosmetics And Private Label Cosmetics?

White labelling and private labelling are two terms we’re sure you’re already familiar with. However, the two terms are often used interchangeably. But considering they are two different things; this makes it a little confusing.

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Alternative Careers in Nail Technology: How to Get Started

If you’re considering a career in nail technology or you’ve been in the industry for a while now, you may be wondering what job opportunities are out there for you. Of course, there’s the classic role of a salon nail technician, but what happens if you want to switch things up?


Well, despite popular beliefs, there are many career options for people who hold nail qualifications. From working on photoshoots to becoming a nail educator, you certainly don’t have to carry out the same job for the rest of your life. 


So, if you want to find out what alternative careers in nail technology are available to you and how to get them, we’ve got you covered. In this blog we’ll discuss the following job roles:


  • Work on Photoshoots
  • Medical Nail Tech
  • Beauty Blogger
  • Nail Educator 


Work on Photoshoots

An exciting and varied role, this career could propel you to new heights in the nail world. Do you ever see those gorgeous advertisements for nail polish and nail brands? Well, someone has to create the beautiful looks – and that could be you!


A great way to get your foot in the door is by networking on social media. Post pictures of your nail looks to show off your talents and you may just catch the eye of an agency, photographer or brand. Or you could create a physical portfolio of work and reach out to different agencies and employers directly. 


It’s important that you love the fast-paced life, as your jobs will probably be spread out across the country with lots of different people. But you’ll most likely get the chance to work with celebrities and high profile brands, so there are many benefits. Your salary will be unstable as it’s part of the gig economy, so this could be something that you do around your main job in a salon. 


Medical Nail Tech 

A medical nail tech is much more concerned about the science of nail health, rather than the cosmetic appearance of nails. If you want to go down this route, you’re going to need to gain a further understanding and education of nails and biology. 


The role of a medical nail tech can include diagnosing patients, removing growths/fungal infections, and reconstructing fingernails and toenails. You’ll take on much more responsibility for your patients’ health and can truly create life changing results. 


A lot of MNTs find this job role fulfilling as they get to make a real difference in their patients’ lives. More responsibility also means more money, and you could find your salary increasing by tens of thousands of pounds. Your place of work may be in a spa, medical or podiatrist clinic. 


However, this role requires skill and dedication so you’ll need to go back to your training school and make sure you gain the correct qualifications to carry out these procedures. 


Beauty Blogger

Beauty blogging is big business – but it doesn’t happen overnight. If you want to become a big name in the nail industry this could be a career path for you. Nail enthusiasts and bloggers such as “Simply Nailogical” (she has a whopping 7.68M subscribers) share wisdom, tutorials and fun videos with their fans and reap financial benefits in return. 


However, building such a big audience that blogging becomes your full time job takes years of dedication and investment. You’ll need a good camera set up, video ideas, editing skills and most importantly creativity. To churn out interesting videos on a weekly basis is no easy feat so be prepared for hard work! 


You don’t need any official qualifications to become a successful beauty blogger, but if viewers know you’re a professional it could boost your credibility and they’ll be more likely to take your advice. 


Nail Educator 

If you want to help others progress in their careers and watch your students grow into successes, teaching may be the perfect option for you! To go down this route, you’ll need to gain some teaching qualifications so you can teach industry accredited courses and ensure your students receive the best education. 

Posh Look offers two types of training to help you become a professional nail educator. Our teaching qualification is an online course that will help you make the first steps towards becoming a teacher. To complete the course and receive your certification, you must deliver a 20-minute teaching session. Once you’ve successfully passed your teaching qualification, you can then start adding courses to your belt using our online Learn to Teach programme.

Our Learn to Teach 4 Day Acrylic course helps you fast track your teaching career with the convenience of learning at home in your own time. The online video course and guides take you through everything you need to know to teach the 4 Day Acrylic Nails Course to the highest standard. You must have the aforementioned teaching qualification to sign up for this course. 

Many nail educators find this role extremely rewarding as they not only boost their salary, but they get to make a real difference to students’ lives. So, it’s definitely a career you should consider!

So how do you get started as a Nail Tech?


If you’re just starting out and dreaming of a career in nail technology, the perfect way to get started is with Posh Look’s official qualification in Level 3 Nail Technology. Anyone can apply – no previous experience is required! Plus, we offer this course at 7 different training centres across the UK so you can pick the perfect location for you. 


Our expert tutors take you through all of the essential services of a nail technician, including acrylics and gel polishes. So once you’ve completed the course you can start treating clients straight away. Kickstart your career and enrol today. Head to our training page for more information.

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The Most Popular Beauty Treatments You Need to Know

If you know your stuff when it comes to the beauty industry, you’ll know that new trends emerge all year round, every year. Some of the most popular beauty treatments stand the test of time and are beloved for years. But it’s good to keep up to date with the latest ones so you can expand your repertoire and boost your clientele. 


In this blog, we’ll take you through the top 4 hottest beauty treatments right now. So, grab your notepad and start taking notes because you’re about to get a whole lot more clients! We cover:


  • Brow Lamination
  • Lash Extensions
  • Non-Surgical Aesthetics
  • Facials


Brow Lamination


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Bushy brows are back. Thanks to the Kardashian’s influence and rise in the off-duty model look, thick and dark brows are the new norm. But what do you do if you’re not naturally blessed with fluffy brows? Brow lamination, of course!


This popular new treatment has taken the beauty world by storm, and can transform even the thinnest of brows into gorgeous face framers. Here’s how it works: 


So, brow lamination basically works by lifting the brows and setting the hairs in place for up to 6 weeks. That way, you can achieve a thickness you never knew you had. And that’s not the only benefit you can promote to your clients – it’s pain free too. Unlike HD brows and microblading, this treatment won’t leave you squirming in your seat as it works with the natural hairs.


It’s also a pretty simple process to learn. A cream is applied to the brows so you can move and brush the hairs upwards. Once they’re brushed in place, you set the brows with a separate cream and tint to add more definition. Finish up the process with a little tidying around the brows and voila! You’re all set with a new pair of luscious brows. 


Brow lamination is a lucrative addition to your skill set, as you can charge anywhere upwards of £45 for the 30 minute treatment. So, it’s definitely one to consider. 


Lash Extensions 

Posh Look eyelash technician course

Now lash extensions aren’t a new trend, but they definitely deserve a special mention. From classic sets to eye-catching russians, there are many styles your clients can choose – so it’s important you get to grips with a wide variety. 


But what are lash extensions? Well, they work in the same way as hair extensions. The lashes can be made from materials such as human hair, mink, synthetic or silk – each coming with different lengths and price points. So, it’s up to you which type you offer depending on how much you want to charge. 


Application can be a little trickier than other treatments and certainly requires a steady hand. Applying a full set of lashes can take up to two hours, depending on the client’s desired thickness. Each lash is applied individually using glue and tweezers as close to the natural lashes as possible. It’s all about precision to make sure the set is durable and even. 


Beauticians usually charge £50 or more for a full set of lash extensions, plus you can offer maintenance every 3 to 4 weeks to keep the lashes topped up.


Non-Surgical Treatments


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Non-surgical treatments, otherwise known as aesthetics, are less invasive procedures that change the natural features of the face. They’re used to treat a whole range of ‘problems’ that clients may have, from excessive sweating to reducing fine lines and wrinkles.


They’ve become a popular choice as they’re more affordable and require less commitment than going under the knife, as results are usually temporary and require top ups. For example, non-surgical rhinoplasties have surged in popularity recently as everyone desires the cute button nose they see on Instagram. So for a much smaller price tag and zero recovery time, people are jumping at the opportunity to achieve their dream nose with dermal fillers.


Remember, most aestheticians are medically trained and should always carry out a full medical assessment on each client before treatment. However, once you become qualified, aesthetics can be extremely lucrative procedures. Depending on the treatment, you can begin charging at £150 plus.


On the flipside of aesthetics, people are now also looking for ways to work with what they’ve naturally got. And that’s where facials come in. In recent years, a number of different facials have come to market all claiming to deliver the key to youth and radiance. 


If we’re going back to basics, facials aim to cleanse and rejuvenate the skin through cleansing, exfoliation and massage. A good facial will leave the skin looking youthful and feeling soft and supple. 


There are many types of facials originating from all corners of the world that you can learn and perform on your clients. As technology has developed, some beauticians have started introducing LED lights and lasers into their facials which claim to rejuvenate the skin and reinstate a healthy glow. 

On the flipside of aesthetics, people are now also looking for ways to work with what they’ve naturally got. And that’s where facials come in. In recent years, a number of different facials have come to market all claiming to deliver the key to youth and radiance. 


If we’re going back to basics, facials aim to cleanse and rejuvenate the skin through cleansing, exfoliation and massage. A good facial will leave the skin looking youthful and feeling soft and supple. 


There are many types of facials originating from all corners of the world that you can learn and perform on your clients. As technology has developed, some beauticians have started introducing LED lights and lasers into their facials which claim to rejuvenate the skin and reinstate a healthy glow. 


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Other facials combine physical treatments with mindfulness and meditation to heal and rejuvenate the body from the inside outwards. If you think your clientele could benefit from this kind of natural treatment, then it’s definitely a popular one to consider! Facials can range dramatically in price, from £30 for a basic treatment to £100 for the latest technology, so you should consider what your regulars’ budgets are. 


Train With Us


So, if you’re just starting out in your career as a beautician it’s important to get the right set of qualifications under your belt so you can deliver safe and effective treatments. Posh Look offers an official Level 3 Beauty Therapy course to help you get started and learn the most popular treatments. 


From lash extensions to massage, our experts take you through everything you need to know. Head to our training page to find out more and enrol today in just 20 minutes!

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Beauty Therapy: Why It’s a Great Career

If you’re considering a career in beauty therapy, it’s important to understand everything that the role involves. There’s no doubt that beauty therapy careers are some of the most varied and sociable out of all the industries. 


But that doesn’t mean it’s for everyone! Most importantly, to be a successful beauty therapist, you need to have a natural passion for all things aesthetics. Otherwise, you could end up building a career in an industry that you have no interest in. 


If you want to understand the daily routine, potential earnings and skills required to become a beauty therapist then you’re in the right place. We’ll also delve into the important qualifications you need to boost your career and create a solid foundation in this industry. 

What is a beauty therapist?

beauty therapy careers

You probably already have a good idea of what a beauty therapist is if you have a genuine interest in this as a career. But we’ll go into extra detail about the typical day of a beauty therapist and the treatments you can offer. 


Mobile vs Salon


A beauty therapist can either choose to work for a salon or themselves. There’s a big difference between working for another brand and running your own salon or mobile business. So it’s important to consider which style of work you would prefer and how you can achieve it. For a comparison of mobile vs salon life read this blog.


Typical Day


The daily routine of a beauty therapist can differ everyday, depending on how many treatments you’re trained in. One minute you could be performing a full body wax, and the next you could be applying some gorgeous Russian eyelash extensions. 


The great thing about this career is you can choose which areas you want to specialise in! Plus, there’s fantastic career progression as you can learn more skills and add more services as you gain experience.


Typically, a beauty therapist will be trained in areas such as:

  • Lash extensions, lash lift and tint 
  • Brow wax, thread and tint
  • Spray tanning
  • Body waxing 
  • Massage 


As the beauty industry grows, more new trends come out each year so it’s important to stay on top of your game and learn new techniques as they arise. That way, you can boost your client base and earning potential.

Earning Potential

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Speaking of earning potential, when it comes to choosing a career money is probably one of your top considerations. So you’ll be happy to know that the salary expectations of a beauty therapist are extremely promising. 


For example, just from lash extensions alone, a beauty therapist can potentially earn £58,500! (Figures based on 5 x £45 treatments per day, 5 days a week) So not only can you pursue your passion, but you can make a great income from it too. 


And it’s not all about the cold hard cash either. Beauty therapists love their jobs because they get to socialise with their loyal and new clients every day! If you love chatting with customers and seeing their confidence grow as a result of your work, then this is the perfect career for you. 

How do I become a beauty therapist?


Before you start giving treatments, you need to learn all of the skills and techniques required to become a successful beauty therapist. The best way to do this is by completing an official qualification that’ll give you the confidence to deliver treatments safely and professionally. 


As a beauty therapist, you’ll be working on sensitive areas of the body that are susceptible to infection. So you want to make sure you know what you’re doing to avoid any potential nasty lawsuits!

Posh Look Online Courses

beauty therapy careers

If you have no experience or previous qualifications, our online Level 3 Beauty Therapy course is the perfect option to kickstart your career. 


Our NEW online learning portal allows learners to gain an official qualification from home. We only ask you to travel to your assigned training centre at the end of the course to complete assessments. Learn more about the benefits of online beauty training in this blog.

 All Posh Look beauty therapy students gain access to:

  • In-depth video tutorials covering the techniques and skills of a beauty therapist. We divide each area into modules so you can track your progress and practice your skills at home. 
  • Detailed guides to accompany the tutorials, covering important skills such as health and safety and client care information. You can refer to these guides as often as you like to assist with your learning. 
  • Full guidance from your assigned tutor. Weekly web calls are held to cover any queries you may have and recap what you have learned throughout the week. We’re passionate about helping each and every student develop their beauty therapy careers.

Our Level 3 Beauty Therapy course is a great foundation that covers the main areas of beauty including – semi permanent lashes, full body massage, indian head massage, tanning.

Work, assessments, practice and revision must be completed at home each week. Evidence of work has to be submitted by the stipulated deadlines to a Level 3 standard in order to gain your qualification. 

We provide starter kits throughout the course to aid your learning and help you complete the mandatory units. Any additional products will have to be added at your own expense. You receive massage oils, a lash kit and tan solution. 


So, why not take the plunge and begin your beauty therapy careers? Our expert team is here to guide you all the way through, so you can be sure you’re getting the best possible start. 

Head to the training page to find out more about our courses and begin our 20 minute enrolment process. 

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The 5 Benefits of Online Beauty Training

Beauty treatments are more popular than ever – FACT. The UK beauty industry is worth a whopping £28.4 billion! Isn’t that a market you want to tap into with online beauty training courses?


The best way to kickstart your career as a beauty therapist is with an accredited training course. But gone are the days of having to commute to the classroom, wasting time and money on travel. Now you can gain a professional qualification from the comfort of your home with an online course. 


We know what you’re thinking. How can you learn all of the practical skills that a beauty therapist requires behind a laptop screen? Well, we’re here to tell you why online beauty training courses are the best way to learn – especially in a post pandemic world. In this blog we’ll cover:


  • The Importance of Beauty Training
  • Online vs Classroom
  • The 5 Benefits of Online Training


The Importance of Beauty Training

lash technician training course from Posh Look

First things first, it’s essential to understand the importance of gaining a beauty therapy qualification before giving treatments. If you’re looking to boost your career, there’s no better option than gaining a professional certification. 


Beauty therapists use a wide range of techniques on a daily basis, usually on sensitive or intimate areas of the body. A good beauty therapy course will teach you how to deliver treatments such as lash extensions, massage and tanning in a safe and professional manner. Possessing such skills will keep you up to date on the latest industry trends so you can ensure that you’re offering the most popular treatments. 


As well as practical skills, you’ll also learn how to interact with clients, promote goods and services and understand essential health and safety precautions. This will stand you in good stead for building a loyal client base and creating a recurring income.


Once you gain your certification, you can advertise your services as a professional beauty therapist. This will give potential clients more confidence in your ability to give a safe treatment to a high standard.

Online vs Classroom

online beauty training courses

Now that you understand the benefits of beauty qualifications, let’s delve into the differences between classroom and online learning. 


Although the classroom offers all the benefits of practical interaction, it can be harder to concentrate in a room full of people. It’s clear that as technology advances, the online world is taking more prominence in our daily lives and the way we learn is following suit. 


Posh Look online courses are delivered on an 80% online and 20% classroom basis, so if you’re not fully convinced by total online courses – this is the perfect option for you! 


All students gain access to our NEW online learning platform which contains in-depth tutorials, expert guides and assessments so you can track your progress throughout each module. Plus, you get the opportunity to catch up with your assigned tutor with weekly web calls.


At the end of the course, students are then invited to their enrolled training centre to complete final practical assessments and receive their official certification.

The 5 Benefits of Online Training

online beauty training courses

No Commuting 

One of the main benefits of online beauty training courses is that they save you time and money on travelling. If you’ve always wanted to enrol onto a Posh Look training course, but you didn’t live close enough to our training centres or didn’t have the means of transport –  that’s no longer a barrier to your learning!


With an online training course, the classroom is right at your fingertips and you barely have to leave the house to gain an official qualification. That beats waiting at the bus stop…



Struggling to balance home life, work life and social life? Now you can boost your career around your busy schedule. Whether you’re a full time parent struggling to find time for self development or you’re balancing a few jobs, online training means you can pick up your learning when it’s convenient for you.


Most of our courses only require you to commit one day or evening a week to learning, so you can switch on the computer and dedicate that time to personal development. 

24 Hour Access 

With online learning, you can access a whole plethora of tutorials and guides from anywhere in the world. Our online learning portal is compatible with phone, tablet and computer so you can fit in learning whether you’re on the train or a relaxing weekend away. The power’s in your hands! 


Plus, having 24-hour access means you can go back and recap anything you may need to practice or didn’t understand straight away. Everything you need to know is recorded for your access, so now you don’t need to remember what you’ve learnt in the classroom.


Develop Key Skills 

Have you struggled with core skills such as self organisation and self motivation in the past? With an online course, you can develop your sense of independence – a key skill of any successful beauty therapist. 


You’ll be able to track your own progress, upload assessments and make sure you’re on target. But don’t worry – you’re never alone on a Posh Look course. Our dedicated and friendly tutors will always ensure that you’re comfortable with the course and on track to complete your qualification. Helping you develop your passion is our passion after all.


Social Distancing 

If you’ve been wanting to develop your career post lockdown, but social distancing worries have been holding you back, then online learning is the perfect solution. It’s a common misconception that home learning will hinder your practical skills, but you can practice all of the essential techniques either on yourself or people who live in your household. 


Now that you’re learning from home, there’s no need for uncomfortable PPE, scary rules and restrictions and no worries about infection.


With independent learning also comes fewer distractions, so you can really concentrate on passing your modules and completing the course. 


Enrol onto Posh Look’s Level 3 Beauty Therapy Course Today


So, now that you understand all of the benefits of online beauty training courses, it’s time to start your journey with Posh Look! Our Level 3 Beauty Therapy Course is suitable for ALL abilities so if you’re looking to kickstart your career or just want to develop your skills, it’s the perfect course for all aspiring and current beauty therapists.

Browse all courses and start our simple 20 minute online enrolment process today.

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Getting Ahead in the Beauty Industry – Do I Need Qualifications?

Whether your passion lies in nail technology, beauty therapy or makeup artistry, it’s always a good idea to get some qualifications before you start pursuing your career. 


Qualifications are a gateway to experience, boosting your skill set and increasing your confidence. They not only give you a sense of accomplishment but also give your potential clients the reassurance to invest their time and money into your services. 


So in short, the answer to the title of this blog is – yes. We’re going to delve into why beauty qualifications are so important if you want to make it far in this industry and how you can find a course that’s suitable for you. We cover:


  • The Benefits of Beauty Qualifications
  • How to Choose a Suitable Training Course
  • Posh Look Training Courses


The Benefits of Beauty Qualifications

beauty qualifications

As we mentioned, beauty qualifications come with a long list of advantages to help you advance in your career. If you’re just starting out with little or no experience, completing an official qualification is a great way to get your foot in the door. 


Although it won’t give you on the job experience, a training course will help you learn all of the skills and techniques that you can transfer into real-life situations. A good training course will begin with the basics and help you build up your skills and confidence to become a professional in your desired area. 


As a result, when you start looking for employment in a salon or try building your clientele, a qualification will show that you possess the skills to carry out safe and professional treatments. No one wants to invest in a course that won’t help them get anywhere in their career, do they? So choosing one that will boost your employability is a must!


Not only will a qualification help to build trust with your clients, but it’ll give you confidence within yourself. No imposter syndrome here! You’ll be safe in the knowledge that you’re a boss babe who knows what you’re doing and can create beautiful looks.


So, how do you choose a suitable training course?


How to Choose a Suitable Training Course

beauty therapy careers

Trying to find the perfect beauty qualification can feel like a headache. In a saturated industry, there’s lots of (not so good) courses out there and you don’t want to end up learning with an unprofessional training body and waste your time. So when you start looking for a training course, it’s important to consider these five things:



Consider your schedule – does it work around the course times and dates? If you’re busy with other employment or have a busy family life, a training course that expects you to be available 24/7 won’t be a good idea. 


Choose a course that takes your freedom into consideration and allows you to get the work done around your busy schedule. In this case, an online training course would be an excellent option, as you can complete the work from home at your own pace. 



Cost can be a major deciding factor in which course you opt for. Private courses can see you shelling out thousands of pounds to complete your certification, so you need to be sure that it’s the right qualification for you. 


If you don’t have the funds to pay for a training course in full, Posh Look offers government funded courses that you can pay back in easy installments. It’s super easy to apply for a loan with the help of our enrollment officers and that way you won’t have any money worries. 


Course Content 

This may seem like an obvious one, but you need to check that the course content matches the career you want to pursue. There’s no point completing a massage beauty therapy course if you want to specialise in lash extensions!


Plus, you don’t want to choose a course that covers absolutely everything in a short space of time. As this will dilute your learning and you’ll end up learning a little about a lot instead of getting an enriched education. 


Our advice would be to choose a course that covers most of the areas you’re interested in, in a suitable time frame. 


Training Body 

We can’t stress how important it is to do your research on the training body you’re considering. Have they won awards? Do they have good reviews? Are their qualification industry accredited? These are all questions you should be asking before applying. 


There’s nothing worse than choosing an unprofessional training body and doing all that hard work just to receive a qualification that isn’t industry recognised.



In all the excitement of choosing a training course, don’t forget to look up how far the training centre is from you. If you don’t drive, consider public transport routes and make sure it’s realistic for you to get to classes every week. 


We know transport can be a struggle for many people and commuting life is a pain. So to make things easier, we’ve introduced online learning! Posh Look students can now learn from home and complete 80% of the course online – you only need to travel to your enrolled centre to complete assessments at the end of the course. Much better than waiting an hour for the bus or sitting in traffic every week.

Posh Look Training Courses

beauty qualifications

We hope that after considering those key points you’ve come to the conclusion that a Posh Look training course is the best option for you! We have Level 3 Makeup Artistry, Beauty Therapy and Nail Technology qualifications available to people of all experience levels. Plus, there’s an NVQ Nail Services course for those who are more advanced. 


Our Online Learning platform makes it so much easier for students of all ages and abilities to complete a beauty qualification with us. When you enrol to your chosen training centre (we have seven to choose from), you’ll gain access to the platform on your course start date. All of our courses include:


  • Access to expert video tutorials and in-depth guides. These teach you the practical and theoretical skills of the course so you can gain a well-rounded knowledge of your industry. Tutorials are set out in modules so you can track your progress and hit targets. 


  • Full tutor guidance from our professional and experienced experts. Every course has a tutor who you’ll catch up with on a weekly basis through web calls to discuss the week’s work and solve any queries you may have. We’re here to guide you through every step of the course!


  • Free starter kits to help you complete your modules. The kits contain the basic equipment you need for the course, but if you’d like extras these will come at an additional cost. 


Our training courses are held on a weekly basis, so you only need to dedicate one day or evening per week to learning. Perfect if you have a busy schedule! 


Once you’ve completed the online element of the course, we’ll invite you to your training centre to complete assessments and receive your certification. 


So, now you know how to choose between all of the beauty qualifications out there, it’s time to get started! Head to our training page and find the perfect course and training centre for you. 

Posh Look eyelash technician course

Our Beauty Therapy Course: A Guide

So, you’ve decided beauty therapy is the ideal career for you. But how do you get started? No one can become a pro at lashes or a spray tan expert overnight! First off, you need to get the relevant beauty qualifications under your belt. 


When it comes to beauty therapy, there are many treatments which deal with sensitive areas of the body and can increase risk to your client. Therefore, it’s essential to find beauty qualifications that teach you all of the correct techniques, client care, plus health and safety.


We’re going to run through the importance of beauty therapy courses, how you can find the perfect course for you and why Posh Look training is a great option for aspiring beauty therapists. 

Why Do You Need Qualifications? 

online beauty training courses

Each year, the beauty industry becomes more and more popular, and with that, client expectations increase too. Everyone wants to be treated by the best of the best and they expect the perfect results they see on social media. 


So, with that being said, you don’t want to give amateur treatments. Completing a training course will teach you how to become one of the experts and excel in your career. A good course should cover all of the techniques you need to deliver professional treatments in a friendly manner. 


Plus, having beauty qualifications will make it easier to attract clients. Knowing that you’re certified to give treatments, will give both you and the client a boost of confidence. Think about it, would you want lash extensions applied by someone who wasn’t qualified? We don’t think so. 


Why Choose a Posh Look Course?

When it comes to choosing between beauty therapy courses, it can be hard to decide which one is the best for you. We’re here to make that decision simple! 


Posh Look is a leading training academy, with accessible courses for everyone. When you enrol onto a Posh Look course, you gain access to an education from the top experts in beauty therapy. 


Every Posh Look assessor has full beauty therapy and teaching qualifications, so you can be sure you’re receiving the highest standard of education possible. We pride ourselves on seeing students progress into successful beauty therapists with our accredited Level 3 Beauty Therapy certification. 


Our passion is to help you develop your passion. So if you want to learn all of the skills of a professional beauty therapist, there’s no better course out there.


Sign up today and kickstart your career with a professional beauty therapy certification!

Our Beauty Therapy Course

lash technician training course from Posh Look

At Posh Look, we offer a Level 3 Beauty Therapy Course which is suitable for all abilities – no experience required. It’s as easy as 1,2,3 – Enrol, Train and Get Certified!




Use our quick and easy online enrolment form to make sure you’re suitable for the course and reserve your place. The full enrolment process only takes 20 minutes, so it’s super easy to start your journey with Posh Look.


Once you’re enrolled, it’s time to apply for your learner loan. The cost of the course is £2583. Funding sources are available so you don’t need to worry about paying for your training! (If you want to pay for the course in full this is also an option). Our enrolment officer will be on hand to help you with any questions about the loan application process. 


Online Training 


We are currently teaching the Level 3 Beauty Therapy course on our NEW Online Learning Platform. This is an innovative learning portal that allows students to get qualified from home. That means no commuting and no social distancing worries – just a first class education and professional certification!


The course comprises of 22 learning hours per week across 16 weeks. All students gain access to:


  • In-depth video tutorials which explain and demonstrate the techniques and skills of a beauty therapist. We cover each area of beauty therapy in modules so you can track your progress and practice your skills at home. 


  • Detailed guides that cover each area of beauty therapy, including health and safety and client care information. You can refer to these guides as often as you like to help you with your learning. 


  • Full guidance from your assigned tutor. Weekly Zoom calls are held to cover any queries you may have and recap what you have learned throughout the week.


Work, assessments, practice and revision must be completed at home each week. Evidence of work has to be submitted by the stipulated deadlines to a Level 3 standard in order to gain your qualification. 


To help you with your training, we also provide starter kits throughout the course. These contain the products you need to complete the mandatory units. Any additional products will have to be added at your own expense. You receive massage oils, a lash kit and tan solution. 


Course Content

beauty therapy careers

The Level 3 Beauty Therapy course covers a variety of techniques and treatments that beauty therapists use on a daily basis. This includes:


  • Semi-Permanent Lashes – learn how to expertly apply semi-permanent lashes safely for a beautiful finish. 


  • Full-Body Massage – learn the anatomy of the body to understand how massage works and the different types of oils you can use. 


  • Indian Head Massage – learn the history and benefits of this technique and carry out practical assessments on the upper back, shoulders, neck, upper arms, scalp and face. 


  • Tanning –  learn how to deliver a professional spray tan from start to finish and how to make your client comfortable throughout the process.


  • Client Care – learn how to interact with clients in a professional and friendly manner to build good client relationships.


  • Promote Products and Services – learn how to promote the products you use during treatments to boost your profits and increase custom. 


  • Health and Safety – learn what to do if accidents occur, how to log accidents correctly and how to minimise potential risks. 


Get Certified!


At the end of the online course, students must travel to their assigned training centre to complete final assessments. Once all assessments are complete, you’ll be awarded your official certificate and can begin to deliver treatments. Congrats!


Now that you know how to get qualified, it’s time to turn your passion into a lucrative career. Enrol today and start your training journey with Posh Look. 

online beauty training courses

Changing Careers: How Do I Become a Posh Look Educator?

Do you love passing on your skills and knowledge of the beauty industry onto students who are building their own careers? Or maybe you love the buzz of seeing learners pass their courses as a result of your teaching? If this applies to you, it’s time to consider putting salon life on hold and getting back into teaching! 


The average person will change careers 5-7 times during their working life, so it’s perfectly normal to want to switch things up. When it comes to beauty industry careers, there are many routes to choose from . You could be a salon owner, beauty educator or simply enjoy giving treatments. Being a beauty educator can give you a great sense of fulfilment, as you see your students make progress. 


So, if you’re itching to get back into teaching, we’re here to tell you how to become a Posh Look educator. We’ll cover:


  • Why Posh Look?
  • Teaching Qualifications
  • Vocational Experience 
  • Adaptability 
  • Find your Passion 
  • How to Apply 


Why Posh Look?

If you stopped teaching in the past, it may be because you felt a lack of support from your training provider or you weren’t taken seriously. At Posh Look, we’re dedicated to helping our assessors build their beauty industry careers and become respected teachers in their sector. 

When you join Posh Look, you join a team of self-motivated professionals who want the best for their students. So, if you want to work for a leading beauty training provider who will ensure you get the best teaching experience, you’ve come to the right place!

Teaching Qualifications  


First things first, professional qualifications are required. To make sure your teaching abilities meet Posh Look’s world class standard of education, it’s important that you know all the fundamentals of being a valuable assessor. 


Posh Look assessors must hold a Level 3 Award in Education and Training and a Level 3 Assessor qualification as standard. The Level 3 Award in Education and Training helps you understand the roles, responsibilities, teaching and assessment methods that beauty educators must use to create successful students. 


If you don’t hold this qualification, then you’re not quite ready to become a Posh Look educator just yet. But don’t worry, we offer this course on a remote basis to aspiring teachers – find out more here.


The Level 3 Assessor qualification is designed to prepare you as a vocational assessor in your specific sector, whether that’s makeup, nails or beauty. Therefore, this is crucial for ensuring that your teaching methods are of a high standard to help Posh Look students achieve their goals. 


As well as teaching qualifications, suitable candidates must also have qualifications in their desired sector. For example, at a minimum, a Nail Assessor should have a Level 3 Nail Technology certificate so they’re a pro at the skills they’re teaching. 


Work for a leading training academy and become a Posh Look educator today!

Vocational Experience

Successful beauty industry careers are all built on experience. In a client facing industry, experience is the most important thing you need to go far. That’s why at Posh Look, we only work with assessors who are the best of the best. 


Eligible candidates must have at least 2 years of experience teaching at a vocational level. Whether that’s at a college or private awarding body. We’re looking for confident and engaging assessors who know the world of teaching inside and out. 


It’s also important to have experience in your area of expertise. After all, how good can a teacher be who doesn’t have real industry experience? Evidence of a loyal client base will reflect your technical skills and ability to build relationships.




Teachers are seen as respected figures by their students. So do you have the skills and knowledge to think on your feet and teach with confidence? Posh Look assessors are able to deliver a high quality education, whether that’s in the classroom or online. Therefore, we require tech-savvy teachers who are able to adapt their methods to a remote style of learning. 


Self-motivation and organisation is key when it comes to online learning, for both students and teachers. You will truly become your own boss. So it’s important to organise your own schedule and ensure your students are hitting their progress targets. 


Confidence with IT and web call software, such as Zoom, is also key. As Posh Look online courses are completed from home, you must be able to help students with queries about the platform, lessons or any areas they’re struggling with. So if you’re stuck in the dark ages when it comes to tech, this may not be the teaching career for you!


Find your Passion 

nail technology courses

One of the most important skills a successful beauty assessor must have is a passion for teaching. Without this, you’re going to lack the motivation to help your students and encourage them to work to the best of their ability. 


Posh Look assessors love watching their students grow and helping them find success in their own careers. Think about your favourite teachers from beauty school. They were most likely attentive, confident and passionate about the subject they taught. Can you bring the same level of enthusiasm to a remote role? 


If the answer’s yes, here’s how you can apply to become one of our new Online Learning Assessors!


How to Apply 


Kickstart your teaching career again in just 4 simple steps: 


1. Read the job description and criteria, then fill out the application form if you think you meet the requirements.


2. If you meet our requirements, we’ll invite you to a casual Zoom interview to keep within social distancing guidelines, so you can meet the team. Here, we’ll also explain the rest of the interview process.


3. We’ll then ask you to record a ten minute micro-teach demonstration within your subject area to show us how you teach and put your skills to the test.


4. Successful applicants will be contacted within 7 days and receive a 4 week training course so you’re ready to start teaching in August!


So, what are you waiting for? If you’re an experienced and qualified assessor, now is the perfect time to build on your beauty industry careers and start teaching again! Apply here and begin your journey with Posh Look. 

hygiene in beauty therapy

Hygiene for Beauty Therapists: A Guide

Beauty therapists perform a wide range of tasks on a daily basis including waxing, lash extensions, tanning and massage. Working all over the body on sensitive areas comes with a responsibility to deliver a hygienic and safe service every time. 


If beauty therapists let their hygiene standards slip, it can lead to nasty infections caused by cross-contamination or bacteria ridden equipment. Nobody wants to go to the salon for a relaxing massage and leave with a skin infection! Luckily for you, we’re here to help you understand the various ways you can maximise your hygiene in beauty therapy treatments. We’ll cover:


  • Why Is Hygiene In Beauty Therapy Important?
  • Sanitising Equipment 
  • Hygienic Treatments


Why Is Hygiene In Beauty Therapy Important?

hygiene in beauty therapy

As in all industries, hygiene is a top priority for keeping employees and clients safe. When it comes to hygiene in beauty therapy, you need to take even more precautions to ensure that your clients are in safe hands. 


Not only do strict cleaning measures protect you and your clients, but beauty therapists are legally required to ensure they maintain high standards. If you don’t follow the guidelines of the Safety at Work Act and the Environmental Health Office you could end up having your salon closed down, leaving your reputation in tatters. 


Infections can occur in many ways – passed through touch, unclean surfaces, dirty equipment and open wounds. Cross-contamination is the biggest risk in a beauty salon as you work from client to client using the same equipment. Therefore, you must take an organised approach to cleaning so you don’t end up with a long list of unhappy clients with the same infection. 


If you own a salon, make sure you check out our ‘Top Tips to Improve Salon Hygiene’ so you can ensure your whole premises is safe. 


Sanitising Equipment

hygiene in beauty therapy

It’s super important to make sure your equipment is disinfected and sanitised before every treatment. As mentioned, using dirty equipment from person to person can lead to cross-contamination which can have nasty consequences. 


First things first, you need to have a mixture of single-use and multi-use items in your kit:


Single-Use Items

This includes everything that you use once and then dispose of safely. A beauty therapist has many disposable items in their kit as a lot of equipment is used on sensitive areas of the body. For example, wooden spatulas, waxing strips, cotton pads, eyelash extensions, tanning knickers and couch rolls are all designed to be used once and thrown away.


Multi-Use Items 

This includes any items that can be cleaned and used again on multiple clients. For example, you don’t want to fork out on new tweezers, waxing heaters and tanning guns every time you have a new client! Therefore, beauty therapists can take three steps to clean, disinfect and sanitise their multi-use items so they’re safe to use on every client:


  1. Clean – washing your equipment with antibacterial soap and warm water will remove any visible dirt and debris left behind. If you skip this step, the quality of your disinfecting and sanitising will be poor and leave your client open to the risk of infection. 
  2. Disinfect – use Posh Look Spray Clean to wipe down your equipment and remove the millions of invisible microorganisms on the surface. Our Spray Clean is portable so it’s perfect for those times when you’re on the go or need to wipe down your equipment quickly. 
  3. Sanitise – this step is important for aestheticians who use equipment that penetrates into the skin as it exterminates any remaining bacteria using heat. You must take extra precautions when working with deeper layers of the skin as bacteria can enter the body more easily. You can sanitise equipment with boiling water and heat vapour.


Always remember to store equipment in a safe and clean environment once you’ve disinfected everything. It’s pointless to spend all that time on a rigorous cleaning routine to then store the equipment in a dirty place. Wipe down your bag or drawer with antibacterial wipes. Ensure your containers aren’t airtight, as this can encourage the growth of bacteria. 

  • 100 x Wooden Spatulas

    Add to basket
  • Paper Waxing Strips

    Add to basket
  • Tanning Mop Caps (100 pack)

    Add to basket

Hygienic Treatments

hygiene in beauty therapy

Hygiene in beauty therapy doesn’t just end with cleaning your equipment, you must also learn how to perform a safe and hygienic treatment. We’ve outlined the steps you can take to protect yourself and your client before, during and after beauty treatments. 




Consultation – performing a client consultation before the treatment is helpful for managing client expectations. You can also find out if they have any allergies or pre-existing conditions. At this point, you decide whether it’s safe to carry on with the treatment. 


Patch Test – perform a patch test 24 hours before treatments, such as waxing and eyelash extensions, to check if the client is allergic to the wax or glue you use. This will protect you from any potential lawsuits and protect the client from nasty reactions before it’s too late.


Contraindications – this is anything that will stop you from performing the treatment. Examples include bacterial or viral infections, severe skin conditions and open wounds. Performing treatments on an infected area, puts yourself and your clients at risk. There are different types of contraindications  – for example, viscous veins may prevent you from performing a massage. Refer to a training manual if you don’t know the full list of contraindications for a treatment.




Personal Hygiene – a beauty therapist must understand the importance of personal hygiene. Before, during and between treatments wash your hands for 20 seconds with antibacterial soap and warm water, cleaning under the nails. Remove any jewellery as this can hold bacteria you’ve picked up throughout the day. Tie long hair back and make sure it’s neat and not causing any obstruction.


Dispose of Items Safely – place any used items in a sealed bin and transfer them to a main waste bag at the end of each day. Place items that come into contact with bodily fluids in a yellow bag and into a sealed bin. Arrange for professional waste collection so your items can be incinerated safely.


Injuries – accidents happen, so if an injury occurs you should act calmly and responsibly. Restrict blood flow with clean cotton wool and apply antiseptic to the wound. Thoroughly bleach any contaminated equipment, then wash with hot water and detergent.




Clean, disinfect and sanitise all surfaces and equipment ready for the next treatment using the aforementioned three step cleaning routine. 


So, now you understand the importance of hygiene in beauty therapy it’s time to put these cleaning steps into action! You can browse our wide range of beauty therapy equipment and cleaning tools on our website to create the perfect kit for your treatments.