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Guide to Nail Shapes: What’s The Right Shape For You?

Experimenting with different nail shapes is something we’ve all done when visiting the nail salon. It’s most likely that you’ve got your favourite, but have you ever thought about which nail shapes are best suited to you? 


From square to ballerina, there are plenty of styles out there that each have a different effect on the overall look of your manicure. We’re going to run you through the top 6 most popular nail shapes so you can decide which one is the most suitable for you. 

nail shapes
  • Oval
  • Almond
  • Ballerina
  • Square
  • Stiletto
  • Squoval 



The classic oval nail shape is known for being the most suitable style for everyone. The curved edges mirror the curve of the natural cuticle, making for a super symmetrical look. 


The tip of the nail is rounded rather than blunt, making it perfect for people looking to elongate or slim their fingers. Oval nails are usually quite short and sophisticated, so they’re the perfect shape to opt for if you want something understated yet chic. 


If you’re working with your natural nails, the oval shape is the way forward. A general rule is that your nails should be longer than your fingertips to pull off this look. You can simply file and round the edges of your nails to achieve this look.


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Don’t get Almond nails confused with Oval nails – there are subtle but very distinct differences between the two. You guessed it, this nail style reflects the shape of an Almond. Almond nail shapes should always have a smaller, pointier tip than the base, while still looking extra smooth. 


Think of the Almond shape as Stiletto nails’ quieter sister (more on that style later). This style is usually longer than oval nail shapes, thus elongating the fingers even more. 


Natural nails will struggle to hold the Almond shape without breaking, so they’re usually reinforced with gel or acrylic. If you’re partial to nail extensions but don’t want to go over the top, then this is the perfect nail shape for you.


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Ballerina (otherwise known as coffin) nail shapes, shot to popularity a few years ago thanks to Kylie Jenner and now people can’t get enough of them. One of the longer varieties, this nail shape tapers towards a blunt end, to resemble a ballerina’s slipper or the shape of a coffin. 


People like to go super long with their Ballerina nails, which leaves plenty of room for experimenting with dramatic and stunning nail art. Whether you fancy packing on embellishments or try out different ombre tones, this is the perfect nail shape to have some fun with your manicure. 


If you like the look of Stiletto nails, but want something a little less dramatic, then the Ballerina nail shape is your next best choice. However, they may not be the best option if you’re trying to elongate your fingers, due to their bluntness.


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Square nails shapes have been the OG for decades now. Square nails are filed to a precise flat edge with sharp corners for a super sleek look. You can opt for long or short when it comes to square nails, however beware of the bluntness and how this will affect the look of your hands.


If you have short nails or long nail beds, then this is the perfect style for working with your natural nails. Square nails should not taper or flare and should create the perfect flat tip. 


Nude, pastel or matte shades always look super cute on a short square set. Or go bold for the summer time and pair square nails with a tan. 


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Be prepared for questions such as ‘how do you go to the toilet?’ and ‘how do you open a can?’ if you opt for this nail shape. Stiletto nails are by far the most dramatic of the group and are designed for the sassiest of people to rock. This shape should be filed to precision with a super sharp pin-pointed tip to finish. 


If you want length, then Stiletto nails are the way to go. Super long comes as standard when you opt for this style, which can make it harder to do everyday activities. But it’s totally worth it for fierce nails! No natural nails are in sight when it comes to Stiletto nails, and you must use gel or acrylic to achieve this look. 


Just like Ballerina nail shapes, Stiletto nails allow plenty of room for experimentation. Play around with nail art and embellishments to amp up the drama! 


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The squoval nail shape is the perfect balance between the sharp square and the super rounded oval. This is the perfect style if you want a completely natural look. You can either work with your natural nails or strengthen the shape with some gel or acrylic. 


Not only do squoval nails look chic, but they’re also practical. If you want a pretty manicure, but you need to get things done then this is the ideal shape for the best of both worlds. This universally flattering nail shape can easily be achieved at home or in the salon. Simply flatten the tips of your nails and then round the corners with a sharp file. 


Like square nails, understated nudes or bright pops of colour work best on this style of nail. 


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So, now that you know which nail shapes are best suited to you, it’s time to start bringing them to life! Browse our online shop of gel polishes, nail equipment and nail art tools to create professional manicures at home or for your clients.

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How Beauty Marketing is Changing in 2020

A beauty brand is nothing without its marketing. Beauty marketing has come a long way since the classic vintage ads of the 1950s that told women to doll up and slim down for their husbands. In recent years, the beauty industry has seen a huge increase in products, brands and ways that businesses can market to the masses. 


It may seem saturated, but in the modern age of technology there’s a market for every niche of the beauty industry, whether you want to focus specifically on makeup brushes, gel polish or fake tan, there’s someone out there who wants to buy it. 


But how do you get your products off the shelves? We’re going to run through the different ways that beauty marketing is changing in 2020 so that you can appeal to your target audience and generate big returns. We’ll cover:


  • Social Media
  • Influencer Marketing
  • Inclusivity
  • Environmental Consciousness
  • Natural Products


Social Media 

beauty marketing

If you haven’t hopped on the social media train yet, it’s time to get on board in 2020! Every social media platform, from Instagram to Facebook, is free and accessible to EVERYONE and opens you up to an international audience. It’s more surprising nowadays if a brand isn’t on social than if they are. So, it’s a good idea to invest some time into creating a social media beauty marketing strategy. 


Instagram and Youtube, in particular, are renowned for having huge communities of beauty experts and fans. Beauty giants, such as MAC Cosmetics and Charlotte Tilbury have tens of millions of followers, who they update regularly with the latest products, tutorials on how to use them and celebrity endorsements (but more on influencer marketing later). Brands use a combination of hashtags, videos, competitions/giveaways and engagement to increase their digital presence. 


Some major brands even originated from social media. Jeffree Star is a prime example of using social media to make big stacks. Now a multimillionaire with an international makeup brand, he had humble beginnings on YouTube where he posted makeup tutorials. Over the years his audience grew and his brand image gained more and more strength, which all built up towards his current success. 


The key to social media marketing is remembering that it’s all about personality. People buy into personalities, sometimes more so than the quality of the actual products. Why do you think Kylie Cosmetics has seen so much success? Kylie Jenner already had the backing of the powerful Kardashian brand behind her. Most beauty brands don’t have that advantage, but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible to make a name for yourself on social media. Read our social media guide for more details on how to create a successful social media strategy for your brand. 


Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is another outlet within your overall social media marketing strategy. It’s had a huge impact on beauty marketing and shaped the way that consumers research and buy products. Celebrity endorsements have always been a powerful part of beauty marketing with special campaigns and product lines, but influencer marketing specifically taps into the online community. 


Love Island contestants with millions of followers reflect the power of opinion, as they get paid thousands to promote makeup and beauty products. However, the phenomenon of influencer marketing has recently come under fire and people are losing faith in those who promote these products.

Look at the way huge celebs have been exposed for endorsing products that they haven’t even used. From Kim Kardashian’s Fit Tea promo to the viral video of prevalent celebs promoting gravel.


As a result of these controversies, in 2020, we’re expecting to see a huge shift to the use of micro-influencers. As people lose faith in big corporations and out-of-reach celebrities, brands are starting to realise the power of smaller influencers with loyal followers.


Micro-influencers usually have around 10k-20k followers but often see better engagement rates than those with hundreds of thousands. Consumers have more faith in these influencers because they’re more relatable and therefore trustworthy. Micro-influencers are friendlier on your budget too, so you should consider researching a trustworthy account to promote your products this year.



beauty marketing

The 2010s were all about the strive for perfection. We keep mentioning them, but it’s all thanks to the likes of the Kardashians that perfect skin and chiselled contour became the new norm. 


In the 2020s, we’re expecting a return to the embracement of natural beauty. But how can a beauty business tap into the celebration of natural looks? It’s all about encouraging the accentuation of natural features. Whether it’s short nail styles or barely-there makeup, there are always ways to market new trends.


The popularity of natural looks has also led to an increase in inclusivity. Whether that’s age, race, gender or size, it’s all about embracing who we naturally are. You no longer need to find the perfect, airbrushed model to promote your products. Consumers love to see lumps and bumps embraced rather than hidden. Use a range of models to show how your beauty products accentuate the features of different people. 


Environmental Consciousness

From the production journey, down to the eco-friendly nature of packaging, customers are starting to care a lot more about the environmental impact of their consumerism. Half of digital consumers say environmental concerns impact their purchasing decisions (GlobalWebIndex). So that’s a big chunk of consumers to target!


Not only will taking an environmental approach help with the climate crisis, but it will also have a positive impact on your sales. Age groups such as Millenials and Gen Z say they would pay more for environmentally friendly products. So if reducing your environmental impact costs more at the production stage, you can bump up your prices to match. 


Marketing the environmental awareness of your brand can be done through design and campaigns. Take a natural approach to your branding and push the way your products are sourced and made. If you want to make your whole brand about the environment, use imagery and colour schemes that are inspired by nature. That way you can instantly tell that’s what your product is about.  


Supporting charities will also boost your authenticity, so you’re not mistaken for greenwashing. Greenwashing is a term that’s used to accuse brands of hopping on the environmental trend to increase sales. Supporting an environmental charity will show that you genuinely support the prevention of climate change. You can do this by donating a portion of profits to a charity or by holding fundraiser campaigns throughout the year. 


Natural Products

Not only are consumers more aware of the damage they’re inflicting on the Earth, but they’re also way more conscious of what they’re putting in and on their bodies.


People are more interested than ever before in where their products come from and what ingredients they contain. Brands can tap into this consumer shift by promoting the health benefits, production processes and the source of their products. Transparency is key. If your audience can track exactly where their products have come from then they’ll be more likely to make a purchase. 


Emphasise the natural ingredients and health benefits of your products, to show that they’ll not only look good but feel good too.

Want your own range of products?

Make your business dreams a reality with Posh Look’s White Labelling service!

So, there are lots of ways that beauty marketing is changing in 2020, but the main takeaway for your business should be transparency. A beauty brand should be inclusive, real and trustworthy to turn those leads into sales. It’ll also give you a sense of fulfilment knowing that your brand is making a real difference to the lives of your customers. If you’re thinking of starting a beauty business, check out our White Labelling service and see how Posh Look can help you create your very own line of products.

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8 Beauty Salon Ideas to Get Your Business Up and Running

Looking to get your beauty salon off the ground? In a saturated beauty industry it can be hard to stand out from the crowd, but luckily for you, we’ve listed 8 beauty salon ideas to help you stand out and make your business a success. 


In this blog we discuss the following beauty salon ideas:


  • Decor
  • Choose Your Services
  • Price List
  • Find Staff
  • Sell Products
  • Work on Your Marketing Campaigns
  • Hold an Opening Night 
  • Enjoy Yourself!



The beauty industry is all about looks, so you need a salon that shows you’re on-trend. No one wants to take a trip to a shabby salon when seeking a relaxing and beautifying treatment. 


Pick a theme that reflects your brand and let your creativity run wild. Everyone loves an Instagrammable setting so think about creating aesthetically pleasing spots where your clients can take a snap or two. We’re thinking flower walls and branded backgrounds. 


There are many routes you can go down, from minimalist chic to all things glam, so consider the kind of clientele you’re trying to attract. Most importantly, avoid clutter and make sure your presentation is sleek and clean. You can look for beauty salon ideas on Pinterest to get some inspiration!

Choose Your Services

beauty salon ideas

An essential step to getting your beauty salon up and running is deciding which treatments you’re going to offer. Think about your skillset and how many people you need to hire to deliver an excellent service. 


If you want to specialise in one area, make sure people know that you’re an expert in that field to attract customers. For example, you could choose to specialise in Lash and Brow treatments or you may wish to go down the spa route and offer massages/relaxation treatments.


If you want a better chance of attracting lots of customers then you should consider offering a wide range of services. Although, you shouldn’t offer treatments that you’re not trained in as a poor quality service will give you a bad reputation. It’s a good idea to build your qualifications so you can keep adding new services to your salon. A training course will teach you how to offer them professionally and safely, so your clients can walk away happy every time! 


Posh Look offers a range of qualifications, from government-funded to private courses, to help you boost your career and build on your knowledge. Find out more on our training page. 

Looking to build your professional qualifications?

Browse Posh Look’s range of Industry Level training courses in Makeup, Nails and Beauty Therapy!

Price List


As far as beauty salon ideas go, pricing up your services is a necessity. It’ll determine how much profit you make from each treatment, which will affect your staff, overheads and product budgets. 


Start by assessing your services – how much do the products and labour cost? For example, a set of Russian lashes will take more products and time than a Lash lift, so they need to be priced accordingly. 


As a new business, it’s wise to start by making your prices affordable and increase them as you build your reputation. No one is going to pay luxury prices for a brand they’ve never heard of. However, you should never undercharge as this will lead to a loss of profits and it’ll undersell your salon. Check out the competition and see if you can beat or match their prices. 


Customer loyalty is key to salon success, so encourage return visits after each appointment and think about offering loyalty schemes e.g. discounts after a certain number of visits. 

Find Staff

If you’re experienced within the beauty industry, you’ll most likely have connections and know plenty of professionals. This is where you can start looking when recruiting staff. 


Advertise on social media and job websites asking for portfolios of work. Always interview before hiring as this will help you get a feel for the person. Personality is everything when working in the beauty industry – they need to be friendly and sociable so they can form relationships with clients. 


It’s good to have a team with varying levels of experience so you can offer different price points and recruit people to manage the rest of the staff when you’re not around. For example, you could hire a Head Beautician who can take on managerial responsibilities that you don’t have time for.


Bringing on junior staff also allows you to train them to your values rather than trying to break into the previous working habits of your employees. Plus it allows you to provide them with empowerment and career growth.


Remember, once you have your team together, you should keep them happy with staff perks and trips so you can create a close-knit community within your salon.


Sell Products

Every beauty salon sells products to its clients, but not every salon has its very own line of branded products. Stand out from the competition and create your range of beauty products with Posh Look’s brand new White Labelling service!


Don’t put time and energy into promoting other brands, with our new service we help you design, package, market and deliver your products to customers in your salon and around the world. 


Sit back and let us do all the work including:


– Licensing and Insurance – we take care of all the legal stuff so you can focus on getting your salon up and running. 

– Production of Packaging – all of your products are designed and printed at our HQ so you don’t need to worry about finding a supplier.

– Labelling and Delivery – we package every product and ship them out to your customers and salon so you can watch them fly off the shelves. 

– Website and Marketing – our expert team can help you with e-commerce and create a logo and branding to push your products. 


It’s as simple as that. Find out more and sign up for our new service here.


Work on Your Marketing Campaigns

beauty salon ideas

Marketing is a huge part of salon success. After all, there’s no point putting all this time and effort into opening a salon if no one knows about it.


Social media should become your best friend. Each platform allows you to promote your brand for FREE, so you’ve got nothing to lose. If you’re going to take marketing seriously, you should draw up a social posting schedule to make sure you’re putting out consistent content. 


Position your salon as an experience rather than just a service, so people look forward to making a trip. Take shots of your salon, treatments, staff, and clients to give your brand a personality and show off how good your treatments are!


Encourage clients to leave reviews online, host competitions and giveaways, shoot promotional videos and get involved in online industry conversations. All of this activity will help you build your presence and reach more potential customers. 


Social media platforms, such as Facebook and Instagram, offer business insights to help you track the demographics of your audience, such as age and location, so you can tailor content to target them. 


Hold an Opening Night

beauty salon ideas

Holding an opening night for your salon will increase your exposure and give you the chance to celebrate the results of your hard work! Create a Facebook event and email campaign to give people plenty of warning so you can reign in potential customers. Offer treatment vouchers, drinks, and food to entice people to come to the event and check out your beautiful salon. 


Take plenty of photos and upload them to social media so people can see your salon looking pristine and busy. You could even enrol a professional photographer to take snaps of the night. 


An opening night is your opportunity to network with as many people as you can. Show how passionate and enthusiastic you are about your salon so people respect your business and what you’re trying to achieve. Try your best to secure client details and bookings in your calendar, this way you can market to them again in the future.  


Enjoy Yourself!

beauty salon ideas

People skills are a must when you’re the face of a beauty salon. Talking to clients and networking with industry professionals should come naturally when you’re passionate about your salon. 


Once you’ve done all the groundwork and your salon is up and running, it’s time to throw yourself into work. This is an exciting and nerve-wracking time for any new salon owner, but if you have the determination to make your salon a success you should reap the rewards. 


We hope our beauty salon ideas help you on your way to success. If you’d like an extra helping hand, consider Posh Look’s White Labelling service to help you drive your brand forward and supply that extra source of income from your products. 

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Your Beauty Salon Business Plan: A Guide

The UK’s beauty industry is experiencing exponential growth and is worth an estimated £30bn, making it a lucrative market to tap into. Opening a beauty salon is an exciting prospect, but there are lots of things you need to consider if you want to avoid stressful situations and sleepless nights. Not to worry though, we’re here to walk you through everything that you need to know to create a thorough beauty salon business plan.


From finances to products, there are lots to consider, so settle in and get ready to learn how to make a success of your new salon. 


We’ll cover: 



beauty salon business plan

Getting your finances in order is an essential step to opening any business. Running a salon requires considerable investment costs, so you need to make sure that you have enough money in the bank to support you should little bumps in the road occur. 


Factor in costs such as rent, tax, potential renovations, insurance, staffing, bills and always keep a sum aside for emergencies. On the flipside, forecast your revenues versus costs, so you can gauge an idea of how much profit you should be making in a typical month. This way, you won’t find yourself breaking even or losing money.


If you don’t already have the savings to fund your salon, you can seek financial help elsewhere. The UK Government offers start-up loans to small businesses, from £500 to £25,000, along with free support and guidance. Successful applicants have to pay the loan back within one to five years. 


Ignorance of the law doesn’t mean you’re off the hook if found breaking the rules. Therefore, you need to wise up on all things legal when it comes to your business, so you don’t find yourself tackling hefty fines or court fees. 


First of all, consider your qualifications and those of your potential employees. Will you require them to be educated to a certain level so you can ensure all treatments are safe? Although qualifications may not be a legal requirement to give beauty treatments, it makes your salon more credible and reliable. 


When creating a beauty salon business plan, you need to consider all the tax responsibilities that you’ll have. This includes business tax, local tax, income tax and National Insurance, so you need to make sure you’re paying the correct amounts for each type. 


Insurance is also a big deal because it’ll protect you, your property and employees should things go wrong. You need three types of coverage:


  • Employer’s Liability Insurance – this is a legal requirement to protect you should your employee’s claim injury or property damage. 
  • Public Liability Insurance – this is not a legal requirement but will protect you against any claims made by the public if they feel they have been injured or suffered loss. 
  • Treatment Risk Insurance – more specific to the beauty industry; this type of insurance will cover you from claims that a treatment has gone wrong or caused damage.


Salon Location

Once you understand all of the finances and legalities that come with starting a salon, it’s time for the fun part – property hunting! 


A huge deciding factor on your property should be the location. Consider questions such as: How accessible is it for my clients? Is there a lot of customer potential in the area? Do I know the local clientele? Is it a bustling area with lots of relevant businesses? How much competition is in the area?


The property itself should also be the right size, so it’s manageable to run but not too small so your clients feel cramped and there’s not enough room for equipment. Some beauty treatments, such as massage and waxing, require privacy so you should also consider the number of rooms the property has. 


When looking for a salon, decide whether you want to renovate it to your style or move in straight away. This is important as the costs of renovation will affect your finances and opening date.


Beauty Services

Before unveiling your brand new salon to the world, you need to decide what beauty treatments you’re going to offer. Do you have a particular strong point or passion? Start from there and build around it so you can create a varied list of treatments. 


Remember, you don’t have to offer every beauty treatment on the market. Some salons specialise in treatments such as lashes and brows. Bear in mind that your clientele will rate quality over quantity, so choose wisely based on you and your employee’s skill set. 


It’s also a good idea to keep an eye on current trends so that you can attract new customers with exciting new services. For example, brow lamination has become a popular treatment in recent months. 


Salon Staff

beauty salon business plan

A vital part of your beauty salon business plan is staffing. It’s a good idea to start small and slowly build up your team as your salon gains success. That way, you can stay in control of your business growth and be sure that you have the finances to manage a lot of staff. 


Also, consider how you’ll pay staff. Will you pay regular salaries in exchange for hours and divide all the profits that the salon receives? Or will you make your income from renting out chairs and let your employees be in control of their earnings?


Employment doesn’t just end with your salon staff; you may also employ someone to take care of admin duties. If you’re going to be busy managing and running the salon, it may be a good idea to outsource the work, so you don’t lose track of your accounts and finances. 



beauty salon business plan

Salons often have a range of products that they use during treatments and promote to their clients as a way of making extra money from commission. But why not scrap the commission and make pure profits by releasing your own line of branded products? 


Posh Look’s new White-Labelling service allows you to do just that. In four simple steps, you can create, brand, and sell your own line of fully licensed and insured products. 


First off, choose your product package. We have bronze, silver and gold packages starting from £574 depending on your desired order quantity. 


Then, choose your digital package. Our expert team will help you get your online shop up and running with a professional website and marketing advice.


Now it’s time to add your brand straight onto the products. Leave the branding process to Posh Look HQ and just like that you’ll have your own range of polishes, tans…whatever you want to sell. 


Finally, your products are ready to be sold to your customers. Sit back and watch your products fly off the shelves in your salon and online as Posh Look source, deliver and label your branded products. We’re here to help make your beauty salon business plan as easy as possible!


Beauty Salon Marketing

beauty salon business plan

Choosing a salon name and branding all depends on the clientele you’re trying to attract. Find inspiration from your favourite treatments, or you could simply use your name if it looks and sounds effective. 


Having a consistent colour scheme throughout your salon and marketing is essential, so your business is instantly recognisable. Pick a scheme and logo that’ll make you stand out from the crowd but is suitable for your target market. When you sign up to Posh Look’s White Labelling service, you receive expert marketing advice from our team to help you bring your vision to life.


Take advantage of social media business pages on Facebook and Instagram to push your brand. Post videos and pictures of treatments, let your audience get to know your staff and give important updates on events and special offers. It’s all about interacting with your customers and attracting new prospects – so get your network on! 


Once you have a reliable beauty salon business plan in place, you should feel confident and prepared for any challenges that may come your way. Remember, opening a salon is an exciting opportunity, so grab it with both hands and enjoy the ride! If you’d like to boost your reputation with your own line of professional products, find out more about our White Labelling service today.

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Building your Career in Nail Technology

Maybe you’re a nail novice, or perhaps you’ve been shaping talons for years, but now you’re unsure where your career’s headed. Wherever you are in your nail technology career, we’re here to show you how to progress to the next step so you can boost your job prospects and earnings. 


We’ll cover:

What Does a Nail Tech Do?

How Do I Become Qualified in Nail Technology?

What Can I Do After I Qualify?


Let’s start from scratch…

What Does a Nail Tech Do?

As a nail tech, you should have a range of nail treatments under your belt. Such as:


  • Acrylic – the most popular treatment a nail tech can offer, you can mould acrylic nails to create long dramatic looks or more subtle manicures. They take skill and practice to master, but you can achieve stunning results. 
  • Gel – gel nails are less invasive than acrylics, so many people opt for them to achieve a natural look. They’re usually a shorter treatment and less expensive than an acrylic set.
  • Fibreglass – fibreglass nails are less well known but are quickly becoming a popular treatment. They are applied using fibreglass wraps to create the extension, then shaped and painted to create the final look. 
  • Nail Art – you should learn plenty of different nail art designs to wow your clients. Brushing up on these skills will help you stand out from other nail techs. 


A lot of nail techs also choose to branch out into other areas of beauty, such as brows or lash extensions, as this helps to boost earnings and broaden their skillset. 


The potential earnings of a nail tech begin at £12,500 and can peak anywhere up to £25,000 depending on experience, clientele and location. Salary will increase if you choose to become a salon owner or take other career paths such as teaching alongside. 


The typical hours of a nail tech are around 38 to 40 hrs a week, and you can expect to work at unsociable times during evenings and weekends. 

How Do I Become Qualified in Nail Technology?

nail technology

1. Qualifications


The first step to becoming a professional nail tech is to complete a qualification in nail technology. Posh look offers a range of courses for different ages and experience levels so that everyone can get the most out of their training. 


Level 1 Introduction to the Hair and Beauty Sector 


The Level 1 course is an excellent foundation for 16-18-year-olds who want to kickstart their career in nail technology. The course covers hand care, basic manicure and nail art over 22 weeks. 


Students can also dip their toe in other areas of beauty such as makeup artistry and skincare, so they leave with a well-rounded knowledge of the industry. 


Consequently, these skills will give students enough knowledge to be able to start work as a beauty salon assistant and get some real experience under their belt. 


Level 3 Nail Technology  


Our Level 3 Nail Technology qualification is open to all experience levels; however, students must be 19 years or older to enrol. 


On this course, we take a more in-depth look at the different areas of nail technology, including:


  • Manicure and pedicure
  • An introduction to fibreglass and silk enhancements 
  • Acrylic enhancements 
  • Gel polish and nail art
  • E-file 


Also, students learn how to promote stock, be mindful of their health and wellbeing and excel as a salon manager. The combination of practical and social skills that students learn allow them to further their careers in a salon or even start their own. 


In just 18 weeks, students leave with a professional qualification and the confidence to promote themselves as an expert in nail technology. 


NVQ Nail Services 


Our NVQ Nail Services course allows students to take a look into other areas of nail technology and build upon their existing skills. You must be 19 years old and have a previous qualification in acrylic nails to enrol. 


Areas that we explore in this course include: 


  • Fibreglass & silk enhancements – infill /backfill & removal
  • Sculpted acrylics
  • Sculpted pink & white hard gel & natural overlay gel
  • E-file
  • Nail art
  • Photoshoot nails


Students have the opportunity to learn health and safety, as well as how to engage in promotional activities and events. Upon completion of the course, students will have several qualifications under the belt, which can boost their reputation and quality of work. 

2. Gain Experience 


Working with clients and practising your skills is a fundamental part of building your career in nail technology. Without experience, it’ll be hard to refine your skills and master all the different techniques you need to know. 


You can start in a salon, shadowing and carrying out assistant work to see how other techs engage with clients and complete a full treatment. 


On the other hand, if you’re thinking of starting a mobile business, you can practice on family and friends. Offering treatments at a discounted price is also an excellent way to build up your clientele and gain experience. 

3. Private Courses


You may be at a point in your career where you have a few qualifications and experience under your belt. This is the perfect time to expand your knowledge and broaden your skills with a Posh Look private course. 


Our private courses are one-to-one sessions that can be completed in a matter of days or less, allowing you to fast track your career and work around your busy schedule. Each course includes a free kit and method of assessment that’ll allow you to test your new skills. 


We offer four types of private course in regards to nail technology: 


What Can I Do After I Qualify?

1. Start a Mobile Business


Running a mobile business is a great way to get started in the industry and fulfil your freelance dreams. There’s little risk involved as you don’t need to rent premises and your clients’ houses are your office. 


All you need to get started is equipment, a car and the determination to make your business a success. You’ll need to think about branding and getting your name out there, so create social media pages to promote your work, talk to clients efficiently and monitor the competition. 

2. Open a Salon


Once you have plenty of experience, you may consider opening a salon. It’s an exciting opportunity but one that requires a lot of planning and dedication! You’ll need to think about rent, staffing, branding, and managing your finances. 


Read our blog ‘How to Start A Beauty Salon: Posh Nailz 10-Step Guide’ for tips on how to open a successful beauty salon. 

3. Learn to Teach 


A nail tech’s career doesn’t have to end with giving manicures and pedicures forever. If you fancy switching your daily routine up, teaching may be a viable career path for you! 


First off, you’ll need to get some qualifications so you can teach industry accredited courses and make sure that your students are receiving the best education. You need to complete two steps to become a teacher, and with Posh Look you can do both:


  • Teaching qualification – we offer this course on a remote basis, and students receive all the information they need to complete the written assignments. Students also have to deliver a 20-minute teaching session to complete the course and receive their certification. Once you have successfully passed your teaching qualification, you will then be able to start adding courses to your belt using our online learn to teach programme.


  • Online course – our Learn to Teach 4 Day Acrylic course is a series of comprehensive guides to help you fast track your teaching career with the convenience of learning at home in your own time. The online video course guides you step by step through everything you need to teach the 4 Day Acrylic Nails Course. You must have a teaching qualification to sign up for this course. 


Work through these steps, and you’ll be well on your way to building a successful career in nail technology. For more info about any of our courses, head to the training page and find a training centre closest to you! 

start a nail tech business

10 Pieces of Equipment You Need to Start A Nail Tech Business

From working hours to location, when you want to start a nail tech business, there are lots of factors you need to consider. One of the essential steps to success is building a professional kit so you can give high-quality treatments to your clients. Because what’s a nail tech without their equipment?


If you want to start a nail tech business from scratch, then you need to get the basics laid down in your kit. Once you have the initial products, you can begin building out your kit with extra colours, brushes and accessories. 


We’ve compiled a list of all the essentials that you need to get started!

Nail Files

start a nail tech business

Cuticle Nippers/Pushers

start a nail tech business

Nail files are used through many stages of a nail treatment, so you need different types for each step. Disinfect your files after each use to save money on replacements.


  • Natural Nail File – this is needed to file down the natural nail and smooth out any nicks or uneven edges before applying acrylics or gel. 
  • Acrylic Files – a harsher nail file can be used to shape and finish the enhancements that you’ve applied. This will create more precise edges and a professional finish. 
  • E-File – some nail techs use an e-file to make their job easier. It makes the job of filing and shaping the nails much quicker and requires less manual effort. E-files are multi-purpose and different drill bits can be applied for tasks such as cleaning under the nails. 

Cuticle nippers and pushers tidy the appearance of the nails before application of the product. In turn, this makes the enhancements look neater and more professional. 


  • Cuticle Nipper – you can use different sized cuticle nippers for varying levels of precision. A larger set will allow you to trim bigger sections while a smaller set will make it easier to get into little nooks and be more precise. 
  • Cuticle Pusher – a spoon-shaped, metal cuticle pusher is used to push down the skin that grows from the cuticle to neaten the nail’s appearance and help speed up the process of nail growth.
  • 10 x Files Pack

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  • Cordless Mobile Electric File (E-File)

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  • Natural Nail File

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  • Cuticle Nipper

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  • Cuticle Pusher

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Gel Nail Polish

start a nail tech business
  • Basecoat – a high-quality basecoat will create a good base to work on and even out any bumps on the natural nail for the enhancement to go on top. It’ll also protect the nails from nail polish staining.
  • Topcoat – your topcoat should be fast drying and provide a high-shine, so all of your nails have a glossy finish. It’ll also reduce the risk of chipping. 

You can’t start a nail tech business without plenty of polish! Gel polish can be applied straight onto the natural nail or to enhancements, such as acrylic nails. 


You need to consider the vibrancy and lasting power of gel polishes before you decide which ones to purchase. Posh Nailz premium gel polishes guarantee a glamorous finish for up to 4 weeks and are used by industry professionals. Furthermore, they’re specially formulated for mixing so you can create your own shades. 


You must have a wide range of colours and textures for your clients to choose from — for example, glitter, metallic and matte shades.

  • Dry Surface Top Coat

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  • Posh Base Coat

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  • Gel Polish Start Up

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Acrylic Powder and Liquid

Nail Tips

start a nail tech business
  • Acrylic Powder – acrylic nails are more popular than ever, so you must have a wide selection of acrylic powders to choose from to create stunning looks for your clients. Coloured acrylics are perfect for creating a base colour while also forming the nail itself. You can purchase acrylic powders in all colours from the Posh Nailz website. 


  • Acrylic Liquid – acrylic liquid is mixed with acrylic powder to create the nail itself. You can buy a large bottle of acrylic liquid, so you don’t have to keep repurchasing. 

Nail tips are applied to the tip of the natural nail before acrylic to determine the shape and length of the nails. You can buy nail tips in specific forms, such as stiletto, or buy regular square-shaped tips and cut/file them down into different shapes. 


Whichever you opt for, they’re a quick solution in replacement of shaping acrylic with a brush.

  • Nail Liquid 3.5 fl oz (Monomer)

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  • Pea-Green Coloured Acrylic

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    Summer Colours – Acrylic Powder Set – 9 x Colours

    £40.50 £32.40
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  • Acrylic Powders | Posh Nailz

    Acrylic Powder

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  • 100 x Clear Tips

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    Posh Bond 15ml

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  • White Tips Pack (100 Pack)

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Nail Brushes


start a nail tech business

A successful nail artist needs a good selection of professional-standard brushes so they can apply enhancements with ease and precision. There are a few different types of brushes that a nail tech needs in their kit: 


  • Acrylic Brush – choosing a professional standard acrylic brush is essential. It needs to be durable and shed-free, so you don’t have to keep replacing it. The better the brush, the more comfortable you’ll find it to mix acrylics and apply them smoothly. 
  • Nail Art Brushes – you should have a varied selection of bigger and smaller brushes so you can create different designs. Flat tipped brushes, thin brushes, dotting tools – you need them all to avoid being caught short with a client! 

A UV or LED lamp sets the nails and leaves them with a glossy finish. A lamp is an investment, so choosing the right one is essential. There are many types on the market that’ll give you different levels of convenience, finish and client comfort:


  • Standard LED lamp – this’ll have to be plugged into a mains socket so you’ll always need to be near a power outlet when doing treatments. If you’re a mobile technician, this can make your set up quite hard. 
  • Deluxe LED lamp – the deluxe lamp has a timer display so you can easily see how long the nails have been under the light. Also has to be plugged into a mains socket. 
  • Cordless UV LED lamp – with the cordless lamp you can work anywhere without a plug holding you back. The UV LED combination also allows you to set any polish, making it suitable for all treatments. It can be fully charged in 2 hours and lasts for 2 hours, with different time settings that you can set with the touch of a button. The cordless feature also means you can easily set pedicures on the floor.
  • 5x pack nail art brushes – Various Sizes

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  • Double ended dotting tool

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  • Nail Art Brushes & Tools Carry Case

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  • Professional Acrylic Brush

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  • Deluxe LED Nail Lamp

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  • LED Nail Lamp

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  • Posh Nailz Cordless UV LED Lamp | Posh Nailz

    Posh Nailz Cordless UV LED Lamp

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Nail Accessories 

Cuticle Oil

start a nail tech business

Nail accessories are a great addition to your kit as you’ll want to create impressive designs and offer different looks. Although they’re not essential to start a nail tech business, but as your clientele grows, you’ll need to expand your kit. 


  • Glitter and Rhinestones – Glitter and rhinestones are inexpensive and add a glamorous touch to any nail enhancement. During peak seasons such as Summer and Christmas, your clients will expect dazzling looks, so it’s a good idea to have plenty of options in your kit. 
  • Metallic Powder – Metallic pigments can be applied over the top of polish to create a more exciting look. The high shine creates an eye-catching effect and is very popular on social media. 
  • 3D pieces – When it comes to nails, some clients think: the chunkier, the better. You can create impressive looks with different 3D accessories, i.e. gold stars and moons have been a popular trend recently.

Moisturising the cuticles is the final step of any manicure. A high-quality cuticle oil will soothe your client’s nails after all of the cutting and filing. As a result, it’ll also leave them looking extra glossy. 


Additionally, cuticle oil is inexpensive and will last you a long time if you don’t go overboard applying it, making it affordable.

  • Green Glitter

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  • Cuticle Oil 10ml

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  • Cuticle Oil 30ml

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When you decide to start a nail tech business, the amount of equipment you need to buy may seem overwhelming at first. But, if you build your kit over time, you’ll end up with a high-quality, professional kit that’ll help you create the best sets for your clients. After all, an excellent nail technician deserves a professional kit! Head to our online shop to browse our full range of equipment and get products delivered straight to your door. And don’t forget to follow us on insta  for some nail inspo!

beauty therapist

Being a Beauty Therapist: Mobile vs Salon

One of the biggest decisions a beauty therapist can make is whether to go mobile or work in a salon. But what are the pros and cons of each type, and how do you get started once you decide? 


Read on for a rundown of the ins and outs of mobile versus salon work so you can make an informed decision about which route to go down.


Mobile vs Salon: What’s the Difference?

beauty therapist

Variety vs Stability


The most significant difference between mobile and salon is the nature of the working environment. As a mobile beauty therapist, you’re always on the move and setting up in many different workspaces. While this makes each working day varied and exciting, you must also be prepared to work in challenging settings, such as cramped houses. 


Working in a salon poses a much more stable environment, as your workspace will be the same on a daily basis and clients will come to you. So if you’re someone who prefers to be out and about, then working in a salon may not suit your lifestyle. 


Freedom vs Management


Another big difference is the nature of employment. If you choose to go down the mobile route, you’re choosing to become your own boss and be in full control of your clients and working hours. This gives you a considerable amount of freedom as you can work your services around your schedule. However you may have to work unsociable hours, like late evenings or early mornings, as those times are most popular.


A salon employee is given freedom but not to the same extent. Instead, you’ll be restricted to the opening hours of the salon, and you’ll have to report to the salon owner and may be responsible for selling their products too. 


Independence vs Team


Mobile beauty therapy may be a more viable option for an experienced beauty therapist as you’re going it alone and have no one to turn to for advice and support. Whereas in a salon you’re part of a team who you can learn new tips from and maybe even receive further training.

Do you love all things beauty?

Sign up to our expert level training course and turn your passion into a career!

Mobile vs Salon: Pros and Cons


Now that we’ve discussed the differences between mobile and salon work, it’s time to delve deeper into the pros and cons of each type.



beauty therapist





If you’re longing to set up your own business, then starting a professional mobile service is the quickest and most budget-friendly way to do it.


With little to no startup costs, the main benefit of starting a mobile business is the lack of financial burden. You’re free from the added pressure of renting or running a salon, so you don’t need a lot of startup capital. 


The only thing you’ll need to get started is your kit, a car and insurance. Many of those things, a qualified beauty therapist will already have. 


Low Risk 


Financial security is a big plus when starting a mobile beauty business as you don’t need to invest lots of money into buying/renting premises. 


You can even start your mobile business alongside your day-to-day job, then go full time when you have enough clients and income. 


It’s also basically impossible to have a ‘no show’ as you turn up at your client’s door for the appointment. 




Mobile beauty therapists earn more money in one hour than traditional 9-5 work and certainly much more than the minimum wage. Even after deducting product costs, beauty therapists can make a decent profit in a short time frame and all of the money is yours. Unlike in a salon where you have to give a percentage to the owner or put some money towards rent and bills.


As a mobile beauty therapist, you’re also in control of your prices. You have more options to offer competitive rates than you would if working in a salon, so you can price your services in a way that’ll tempt clients. 




If you have a busy lifestyle, then mobile beauty therapy is the perfect career for you. You have the freedom to choose hours, say no to work and only work on specific days (if you don’t need the money). 


This flexibility gives you the ability to holiday when you like (which can save you lots of money during peak seasons) and prioritise your social life. 




Becoming a freelance beauty therapist gives you variety in every aspect of your role. First off, you’re not stuck in one place all the time as you have to travel to clients. 


Not only is this a convenient selling point for them, but it makes each day varied and allows you to meet lots of new people.





The responsibilities of a mobile beauty therapist are far greater than just performing the treatments. There are many aspects of the business side to think about.


Managing the books, scheduling clients, building your brand and keeping an inventory of your equipment are all part of the job. If your organisational skills are lacking, then you’re going to struggle to make a profitable success of your mobile beauty business. 


The multiple responsibilities also add more working hours onto your day, as you’ll need to set time aside each week for admin duties. 


Build Up A Name 


Establishing yourself in the beauty industry is essential for building up a strong client base. 


It can be difficult and time consuming to start from scratch. You may choose a mixture of traditional marketing methods, e.g. flyering and digital marketing methods like social media, to increase brand awareness. 


These methods can also cost money depending on how much you want to invest in promoting your brand, and you’ll need to create a consistent and robust marketing schedule. 


Unstable Income 


The main downside of being your own boss is the possibility of irregular pay. It requires a lot of self-motivation to organise appointments and make sure you have enough work for a reliable income. 


On top of this, you don’t receive the usual workplace benefits, such as bonuses and sick/holiday pay, which can make it tricky to give yourself time off if you don’t plan. 


To ensure that you’re making the right amount of profit for your time, you’ll also have to factor in activities that contribute towards your business but don’t generate a direct income, e.g. marketing.  




You’ll have to carefully factor the costs of travel into your outgoings, such as petrol and car maintenance.


Transporting hefty equipment for jobs such as spray tanning can also be tricky and time-consuming. You’ll need to work out a radius of travel, so you don’t find yourself driving  many miles for one client.


Your time management skills must also be on point, as lateness shows unprofessionalism and you may lose jobs. 

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  • Waxing Kit

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Working in a salon is the more conventional route for a beauty therapist to go down. You can find opportunities in hotels, cruises, spas, fitness and health clubs – the possibilities are endless!



Part of a Team 


When you work for a salon, you join a team of industry professionals who have the same passion for beauty as you do! 


You can form close friendships with your colleagues and promote each other’s work and share tips. 


Guaranteed Income 


A lot of salons will offer you a regular salary in exchange for fixed hours. For example, a massage therapist in a spa will have a set amount of hours a week and won’t need to look for clients. This increases your job security and removes extra stresses, such as finding clients and working out profits. 


Other salons will expect you to be in control of your clients, meaning you can come in on an appointment basis. This is usually the case if you’re renting a chair in a salon. 


Already an Established Name 


Working for an established salon means you can spend less time on marketing and more time enjoying your social life! You’ll also be able to generate clients more quickly as people will trust the reputation of your salon. 


Stable workplace


A salon environment is much more stable than being a mobile beauty therapist as you don’t need to set up your equipment every time you have a client. This makes your job far less time consuming and stressful, as you have everything you need in one place.





You may be restricted to working with the salon brand’s products, in which case you’ll also be expected to sell them. So, if you have dreams of one day owning a beauty empire, then this isn’t the wisest way to spend your time. 


There isn’t much scope for career progression, in terms of ownership, as you’ll always be working for another person. You’re also restricted in terms of pricing, as the salon will probably have a set price list to adhere to, making it harder to beat the competition. 


Less variety


Your working environment will be the same day-in-day-out, so if you love switching up your day, then you may get bored of salon life. 


Little Flexibility


Working in a salon gives you a much more structured work schedule. Some people may see this as a plus, but if you want a job that you can juggle around your busy personal life, then this may not be a good route for you.


More Outgoings 


Working in a salon comes at a price. Whether that’s the cost of renting a room/table or the owner takes a share of your profits. Either way, you make less overall profit from each treatment you offer.

So, now that you know the ins and outs of salon versus mobile life, it’s time to make your decision! Either way, you’re going to need a professional kit and beauty qualification to get started, so make sure you check out our training page and online shop for more info.


A guide: your beauty career

Everything you need to know to start your career in the beauty industry.

beauty course, nail course, massage course, lashes course

How to Become a Beauty Therapist

The world of beauty therapy is full of variety! One minute you could be shaping brows and the next you could be giving a relaxing massage.

But how do you build a career as a beauty therapist? There are many things you need to consider, such as qualifications and the kind of work you want to do. So, read our complete guide if you want to find out how to get started in the world of beauty therapy.

The Average Day of a Beauty Therapist

beauty therapy

As a beauty therapist, your typical day will depend on the roles you specialise in and the qualifications you have. Most beauty therapists are qualified in a few different treatments so you have more to offer and can make extra income. 


No matter what, your day will be full of variety with different clients coming in for all kinds of treatments. As your career progresses, you can build up your qualifications and specialisms until you have a long list of beauty treatments to offer. 


Roles of a Beauty Therapist

Eyebrow/Eyelash Technician

If you love all things lashes and brows, then this is the perfect role for you. An eyebrow specialist knows how to shape and tint brows and may even be able to provide advanced services such as HD brows and microblading. 


Eyelash technicians tint lashes, apply extensions and perform lash lifts, which are all very popular treatments. These services require technique and practice, but they can be very lucrative and attract lots of clients!


Massage Therapy

Massage therapists offer a wide range of treatments from facials to hot stones to full-body massages! If you have a calming presence and want to give your clients a peaceful escape from reality, then you should definitely consider this role.


Skin Treatments

Skin treatments are the perfect way to give your clients a natural glow. There are various skin treatments you can offer, including dermaplaning, chemical peeling and needling. You must be clued up on dermatology and perform thorough consultations before any skin treatment, so it’s definitely for the more experienced! 



Waxing is a popular service used frequently by both men and women. It’s a useful treatment to have in your skillset as people will come back for it, again and again, making it a recurring source of income. It’s also not too tricky to master once you have the correct techniques and products nailed down. 



Give your clients a beautiful, bronzed glow all year round with a spray tanning service. Deep tans are very fashionable, so lots of people will turn to you for a safe solution to pale skin. It’s an easy service to offer whether you’re mobile or work in a salon, so get spraying!



You may think that manicures and pedicures are just for nail technicians, but a beauty therapist can offer them alongside their main work too. You could even choose to provide beauty packages for clients who want a full makeover during peak seasons, like summer and Christmas.

Typical Salary

beauty therapy

Your salary depends on your experience and how much work you choose to take on. The more hours you work and treatments you offer, the more you’ll be able to earn. 


Profit margins are high for most beauty treatments. For example, a beauty therapist can charge upwards of £50 for eyelash extensions, with product cost being as little as £4. 


The highest-earning beauty therapists average at around 20k, after factors such as rent, holidays and extra costs are deducted. There is plenty of scope for career progression in the beauty industry which can make a big impact on your salary. For example, you could decide to open a beauty salon or you may even consider being a beauty educator.

Is beauty therapy your dream career?

A Posh Look private training course can make those dreams a reality!



Working in beauty therapy has a range of benefits that’ll make you fall in love with the job:


Job Security – The beauty industry is bigger than ever, thanks to the rise of social media which has created a bustling beauty community. In a world where beauty and image are of utmost importance, a beauty therapist will never be out of a job!


TOP TIP: You can use social media business pages to attract clients, show off your work and reach your target audience.


Flexibility – Have you got a busy schedule? Beauty therapy is the perfect job for creating flexibility. You could work full or part time and choose only specific days, making it much easier to work around your schedule than a 9-5 job. 


Variety – A beauty therapist never stops learning as there are new treatments and trends constantly cropping up! For example, brow lamination is the latest trend that many beauty therapists are adding to their arsenal. You can choose which areas to specialise in and continue to gain new qualifications as your career progresses.


Progress – It’s a common misconception that beauty therapists have little opportunity to progress. In fact, there are many routes a beauty therapist can go down once they’re qualified. You can choose to work freelance, for a salon or you could even start your own business. You may also go down the educator route and learn how to teach beauty therapy!


Social – Beauty therapy is a client-facing role, so you’re always engaging and building relationships with lots of people. Many of your clients will become loyal customers, making it a fulfilling and fun job!

Personal Traits of a Beauty Therapist

beauty therapy

KnowledgeA beauty therapist must know the ins and outs of treatments and provide a professional service. Some treatments have higher risk factors, so you must be reassuring and offer advice throughout and after the treatment. Clients will respect a knowledgeable beauty therapist and return for more treatments if they regard you as an expert. 


FriendlyA beauty therapist must make every client feel welcome. You can ensure this by being friendly and approachable, especially if the treatment is something they could be nervous for, like an intimate wax or spray tan. No one wants to strip off in front of a judgy stranger!


Business SkillsWhether you choose to go it alone as a freelancer or open a salon, you’ll need to have excellent business skills. A beauty therapist must keep track of their hours, outgoings, prices and time management, so there’s lots to think about besides the actual treatments!

How to Get Started as a Beauty Therapist 

To get started as a beauty therapist, you’ll first of all need to get some qualifications under your belt! 


Posh Look offer lots of different courses to help you get started and become a qualified beauty therapist. You can choose from our government-funded or private courses.

beauty therapist

Level 3 Beauty Therapy


Posh Look’s government-funded Level 3 Beauty Therapy course is perfect for those who have no experience in the beauty industry. It’s a comprehensive course that covers massage, semi-permanent lashes and spray tanning, as well as client care and health and safety. 


The Level 3 course is an excellent all-in-one starter to help you boost your career. 


Private Courses


Posh Look’s private courses allow you to become a specialist in a much shorter time frame. A lot of the courses can be completed in just one morning or day! Some of the private classes require previous experience and qualifications, so they’re better for beauty therapists who want to build on existing knowledge. 


We offer private courses in a range of treatments, such as six-step brow, intimate waxing, Russian lashes, hot stone massage, chemical peel and much more! Take a look at our training page for a full list of courses or read our blog that outlines each private course in detail. 


All of our courses include a free kit to help you get started straight away. The kit contains all the products you need to practice and complete your training. 


Building experience is an essential aspect of becoming a beauty therapist. Posh Look courses allow you to do this as you’re given time to practice on models, build a portfolio and complete assessments. Once you’ve completed a qualification, you can build your experience by working as a salon assistant or offering beauty treatments for free. 


Learn to Teach


As your career progresses, you may want to add some variety to your job role. Learning to teach is the perfect way to do just that! 


With Posh Look’s online ‘Learn to Teach’ Academy you can become a qualified Posh Look educator from the comfort of your own home. It’s easier than ever to add variety to your job role while also earning extra income alongside your usual work. If you have a prior teaching qualification, you can register your interest by heading to our information page now! 


If beauty therapy sounds like the perfect career for you, then a Posh Look course is the perfect way to get started. For more information, head to our training page or contact with any enquiries. 

Want to build a career in beauty therapy?

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A guide: your beauty career

Everything you need to know to start your career in the beauty industry.

beginner waxing course

Our Beginner Waxing Course: What’s Involved?

Lots of people brave the wax in hopes of achieving silky smooth skin. Why not take advantage of this popular service and become a professional waxer with a Posh Look beginner waxing course? 


If you want to be able to tell your bikini from your Brazilian, read on to find out all about our private waxing courses…


Beginner Waxing Course

£235 – one day – 8.5 hours – 9 am – 5:30 pm

Our beginner waxing course is a great way to learn the basics of waxing, such as the different types, applications, client handling and health and safety.


The course is open to all abilities and students are taught on a one to one basis, ensuring the best quality of education. 


The beginner waxing course is 8.5 hours long and is carried out over a full working day. The course cost is £235, after which you can promote yourself as a professional waxer making it an affordable investment. 


Learners are required to competently carry out and submit three assessments within four weeks of completion to gain their certification.


As with all of our courses, students receive a full kit of Posh Look products to help them get started.

beginner waxing course

Posh Look products are of industry-level quality, so our students can provide their clients with the best service. 


The kit includes:


-Wax heater

-200ml pre/post-wax oil 

-200ml soothing wax cleanse 

-1 x 425g of posh warm wax 

-50 paper wax strips 

-50 spatulas 

-5 record cards

  • Pre/Post Wax Oil

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  • Treatment Record Cards

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  • Wax Heater

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  • Waxing Kit

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Why Choose Posh Look?

beginner waxing course

Posh Look trainers are fully qualified teachers and professional waxers. Therefore with a Posh Look course, you receive the highest quality education to make your services professional and safe. 


All Posh Look training courses are ABT Accredited, which is a nationally recognised training body used by thousands of industry experts. When you complete an ABT Accredited course, you not only get the best standard of education, but you are also viable for insurance so you can start your own business.


The beginner waxing course teaches you how to make the experience as comfortable as possible for your client by using the correct waxing techniques with hot and hard wax. You’ll leave with the ability to remove large and small areas of hair quickly and efficiently, so you have happy clients.


Every student also receives a Posh Look training manual that advises on how to market your business and build client relationships. On our beginner waxing course, you won’t just learn the practical aspects, but you’ll leave with a rounded education on how to be successful in the beauty industry.

Why a Waxing Course?

Popular – The beauty industry is expanding every day, so you can be sure that investing in this business is worth it, and you’ll never be out of a job. Soft, smooth skin is heavily sought after by all genders, so your target market is vast, making it easier to gain custom.  


All Year Round – As a result of your new skills and high-quality service, clients will return for their treatment every 4-6 weeks, making it a recurring source of income. Your clientele will be strong all year round. It will soar during Summer and remain popular during the Winter months as people want smooth legs for the party season. 


Social – Being a beauty therapist is a rewarding job as you get to transform your client’s confidence and build lasting relationships. You’ll slowly build up a loyal client base over time, which will give you a real sense of achievement and community. 


Flexible – You can work from home, mobile or in a salon, making it a flexible and versatile job where you get to meet lots of people.

Additional Courses 

beginner waxing course

In addition to the beginner waxing course, we offer two further courses: Intimate and Facial Waxing.


Intimate Waxing Course

£140 – morning – 3 hours – 9:30 am – 12:30 pm 


As a student, you must already have completed the initial beginner waxing course and be competent in regular waxing before moving onto this one. 


At the cost of £140, you can become an intimate waxing expert in a one to one session that lasts just 3 hours. 


The intimate waxing course is quick and easy to complete as there are no case studies required, and you gain your certification on completion of the training. As a result, you can start intimate, professional waxing after just one morning of learning! 


The course will cover everything you need to know about waxing in the pubic region. Including the bikini, Brazilian and other styles that your clients could request. The intimate area is susceptible to irritation and sensitivity. Therefore, we teach you how to create a less painful experience and make the client comfortable. 


The intimate waxing course includes a full kit to help you get started: 


-200ml pre/post-wax oil 

-200ml soothing wax cleanse 

-500g bag of hot wax 

-20x spatulas 

-1 pair of tweezers 

-Small scissors 

-Cotton pads 

-5x record cards

Facial Waxing Course

£160 – morning – 3 hours – 9:30 am – 12:30 pm 

beginner waxing course

There are no prerequisites to start this course, and you can enrol regardless of your experience level. 


The course costs £160 and lasts 3 hours, so it’s super quick and easy to start adding this skill to your waxing services.


Facial waxing of the brows and the upper lip has become very popular as people want perfected eyebrows and a smooth face. Qualifying will give your clients more confidence to put their face in your hands and help you improve your technique and safety.


On completion of the course, 2 case studies must be competently carried out and submitted for certification. 


The full kit for this course includes: 


-Wax heater

-200ml pre/post-wax oil 

-200ml soothing wax cleanse 

-1x 425g of posh warm wax 

-50 paper wax strips

-50 spatulas 


-Cotton pads

-Eyebrow spatulas 

-5 record cards

  • 100 x Eyebrow Spatulas

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  • Eyebrow Tweezers

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  • Hot Wax

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  • Paper Waxing Strips

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How to Book 

Head to the course page you’d like to enrol onto and email the relevant tutor to enquire.


You can also ring us on 01706 551 810 or email with your enquiry or further questions. 


Should you need further information, we also have a FAQs page which covers everything you need to know about our courses. 


Waxing is a popular area of beauty to get involved in and with a Posh Look private course, you can get qualified and offer a professional service easily. Head to our Private Training page now for a list of other classes and more info.

Want to become a professional waxer?

Learn quickly with one of our expert private training courses!


A guide: your beauty career

Everything you need to know to start your career in the beauty industry.

spray tanning course, one day spray tanning course

Our Spray Tanning Course: A Guide

Spray tanning is the new sunbed as people want to achieve a golden glow without the risk of UV damage. So hop on the fake bake train with a professional spray tanning course by Posh Look!

Course Overview

spray tanning course, one day spray tanning course

Posh Look’s private tanning course combines theory and practical, so you get a well-rounded education. By the end of the course, you’ll know all the ins and outs of spray tanning.  


We have two types of spray tanning course: Introduction to Tanning and Complete Tanning. If you haven’t performed a spray tan before, then the introductory course is an excellent way to get to grips with the basics and costs £125. On the other hand, the complete tanning course builds on the basics and allows you to get more hands-on, costing £300. 


We start with the basics such as skincare and preparation, so you can advise your future clients about how to prepare for the tan and get the best results. Practicals will include learning how to operate, apply and control the tanning solution. We take a hands-on approach so you can get to grips with the machine and application techniques.


Our spray tanning course is suitable for all levels of ability with no previous experience required, so nothing is holding you back! 


On completion of the course, you’ll receive a certificate that you can hang with pride in your workplace and use to reassure customers that you’re fully qualified. 


Each tanning course is 3 hours long, making it quick and easy to become qualified and start attracting the clients. If you’ve always wanted to become qualified but haven’t been able to find the time, with our private course you can become an expert in a single morning. 


All of our courses are ABT accredited, meaning a community of expert beauty therapists nationally recognises them. That’ll give you a professional edge against other tanners who may not be qualified so that you can gain more custom. 

What’s Included In The Spray Tanning Course?

spray tanning course, one day spray tanning course

All students who sign up to a course receive a free Posh Look kit that includes everything to help you get started. 


Industry professionals use Posh Look products, so you can be sure that you’re learning with the best quality materials and equipment. 


The Introduction to Tanning Kit includes:

500ml Posh tan

-5x record cards

5x aftercare leaflets 


The Complete Tanning Course Kit includes:


-HV gun 

1x litre of Posh tan

Paper knickers 

Sticky feet 

Mop caps 


-Record cards

10x aftercare leaflets


If you want any additional products, these will have to be purchased at your expense.

Why Should You Do a Spray Tanning Course?

There are many benefits of completing a one-day spray tanning course, from enhanced awareness of legalities to better knowledge of the industry.

spray tanning course, one day spray tanning course


Not only is a tanning course useful for learning how to deliver a high-quality service, but it also helps with legalities that come with starting your own business. 


Once certified, you can get insurance that’ll cover you and your equipment at work. So without a qualification, you’re at risk of having to pay out to replace broken or faulty equipment.


The course content also covers the health and safety procedures that are involved with a spray tan. For example, the importance of performing a client consultation before the process to outweigh any risks that could be involved. Risks can range from the client not being happy with the result, to more serious outcomes like an allergic reaction, so it’s important that you learn what to do in these situations.


As a result, gaining a private qualification increases your chances of being covered in different situations and gives you the knowledge to perform a safe spray tan. 



An industry accredited qualification can be the difference between winning and losing a client. It justifies why people should use your services over someone else’s. 


Tanning is a skill that requires practice and precision, so our private course will provide you with all the techniques you need to know. You’ll learn how to handle the equipment and tanning solution while knowing how to tailor the experience to different clients. For example, you must know what level of darkness to use on each skin tone and type. 


You’ll also learn how to appropriately engage with clients. Having excellent social skills and the ability to make people feel comfortable is at the heart of every good spray tanner. It’s an intimate process, and your client may dread getting undressed in front of a stranger. Therefore, you must be able to build a friendly rapport with them.


Completing a course will increase your confidence so you can deliver a professional spray tan without worrying about gaps in your knowledge. 



All students on the spray tanning course receive a training manual. It outlines how you can market your services and attract a wide range of clients. From tanning parties to flyering, we have lots of tips that’ll help you kickstart your business.

What Are The Benefits of a Spray Tan?

spray tanning course, one day spray tanning course

There’s no doubt that spray tanning is popular, but how can you sell that to clients? Here are a few pointers you can use to encourage potential clients to get a spray tan. 


A spray tan will give the client an instant glow in a matter of minutes, making it perfect for special occasions. It also saves time in comparison to spending endless amounts of hours in the sun to try and achieve the same colour. 


The client doesn’t have to mess around with home tanning mousses which can be messy and difficult to apply evenly in hard to reach areas. 


If cared for properly, a spray tan can last up to a week. Some people like to get them for holidays so they look bronzed as soon as they step off the plane. 


One of the big positives about spray tanning is that it prevents UV damage which can cause skin cancer and premature ageing. Sunbeds have been directly linked to skin cancer. This can cause significant health problems for frequent users, so spray tanning is the perfect solution.  


For those who are pale and burn in the sun instead of being blessed with a gorgeous bronzed glow, spray tanning is a godsend and can be a real confidence booster. 


By offering a spray tan, you’re giving your clients more confidence while also protecting their health. Many beauty therapists find it to be a very fulfiling job. 


If you’re still considering a spray tanning course or want to top up the knowledge you already have, then Posh Look’s private courses are the ideal and simple way to become qualified!