Whether your passion lies in nail technology, beauty therapy or makeup artistry, it’s always a good idea to get some qualifications before you start pursuing your career. 


Qualifications are a gateway to experience, boosting your skill set and increasing your confidence. They not only give you a sense of accomplishment but also give your potential clients the reassurance to invest their time and money into your services. 


So in short, the answer to the title of this blog is – yes. We’re going to delve into why beauty qualifications are so important if you want to make it far in this industry and how you can find a course that’s suitable for you. We cover:


  • The Benefits of Beauty Qualifications
  • How to Choose a Suitable Training Course
  • Posh Look Training Courses


The Benefits of Beauty Qualifications

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As we mentioned, beauty qualifications come with a long list of advantages to help you advance in your career. If you’re just starting out with little or no experience, completing an official qualification is a great way to get your foot in the door. 


Although it won’t give you on the job experience, a training course will help you learn all of the skills and techniques that you can transfer into real-life situations. A good training course will begin with the basics and help you build up your skills and confidence to become a professional in your desired area. 


As a result, when you start looking for employment in a salon or try building your clientele, a qualification will show that you possess the skills to carry out safe and professional treatments. No one wants to invest in a course that won’t help them get anywhere in their career, do they? So choosing one that will boost your employability is a must!


Not only will a qualification help to build trust with your clients, but it’ll give you confidence within yourself. No imposter syndrome here! You’ll be safe in the knowledge that you’re a boss babe who knows what you’re doing and can create beautiful looks.


So, how do you choose a suitable training course?


How to Choose a Suitable Training Course

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Trying to find the perfect beauty qualification can feel like a headache. In a saturated industry, there’s lots of (not so good) courses out there and you don’t want to end up learning with an unprofessional training body and waste your time. So when you start looking for a training course, it’s important to consider these five things:



Consider your schedule – does it work around the course times and dates? If you’re busy with other employment or have a busy family life, a training course that expects you to be available 24/7 won’t be a good idea. 


Choose a course that takes your freedom into consideration and allows you to get the work done around your busy schedule. In this case, an online training course would be an excellent option, as you can complete the work from home at your own pace. 



Cost can be a major deciding factor in which course you opt for. Private courses can see you shelling out thousands of pounds to complete your certification, so you need to be sure that it’s the right qualification for you. 


If you don’t have the funds to pay for a training course in full, Posh Look offers government funded courses that you can pay back in easy installments. It’s super easy to apply for a loan with the help of our enrollment officers and that way you won’t have any money worries. 


Course Content 

This may seem like an obvious one, but you need to check that the course content matches the career you want to pursue. There’s no point completing a massage beauty therapy course if you want to specialise in lash extensions!


Plus, you don’t want to choose a course that covers absolutely everything in a short space of time. As this will dilute your learning and you’ll end up learning a little about a lot instead of getting an enriched education. 


Our advice would be to choose a course that covers most of the areas you’re interested in, in a suitable time frame. 


Training Body 

We can’t stress how important it is to do your research on the training body you’re considering. Have they won awards? Do they have good reviews? Are their qualification industry accredited? These are all questions you should be asking before applying. 


There’s nothing worse than choosing an unprofessional training body and doing all that hard work just to receive a qualification that isn’t industry recognised.



In all the excitement of choosing a training course, don’t forget to look up how far the training centre is from you. If you don’t drive, consider public transport routes and make sure it’s realistic for you to get to classes every week. 


We know transport can be a struggle for many people and commuting life is a pain. So to make things easier, we’ve introduced online learning! Posh Look students can now learn from home and complete 80% of the course online – you only need to travel to your enrolled centre to complete assessments at the end of the course. Much better than waiting an hour for the bus or sitting in traffic every week.

Posh Look Training Courses

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We hope that after considering those key points you’ve come to the conclusion that a Posh Look training course is the best option for you! We have Level 3 Makeup Artistry, Beauty Therapy and Nail Technology qualifications available to people of all experience levels. Plus, there’s an NVQ Nail Services course for those who are more advanced. 


Our Online Learning platform makes it so much easier for students of all ages and abilities to complete a beauty qualification with us. When you enrol to your chosen training centre (we have seven to choose from), you’ll gain access to the platform on your course start date. All of our courses include:


  • Access to expert video tutorials and in-depth guides. These teach you the practical and theoretical skills of the course so you can gain a well-rounded knowledge of your industry. Tutorials are set out in modules so you can track your progress and hit targets. 


  • Full tutor guidance from our professional and experienced experts. Every course has a tutor who you’ll catch up with on a weekly basis through web calls to discuss the week’s work and solve any queries you may have. We’re here to guide you through every step of the course!


  • Free starter kits to help you complete your modules. The kits contain the basic equipment you need for the course, but if you’d like extras these will come at an additional cost. 


Our training courses are held on a weekly basis, so you only need to dedicate one day or evening per week to learning. Perfect if you have a busy schedule! 


Once you’ve completed the online element of the course, we’ll invite you to your training centre to complete assessments and receive your certification. 


So, now you know how to choose between all of the beauty qualifications out there, it’s time to get started! Head to our training page and find the perfect course and training centre for you.