The world of beauty therapy is full of variety! One minute you could be shaping brows and the next you could be giving a relaxing massage.

But how do you build a career as a beauty therapist? There are many things you need to consider, such as qualifications and the kind of work you want to do. So, read our complete guide if you want to find out how to get started in the world of beauty therapy.

The Average Day of a Beauty Therapist

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As a beauty therapist, your typical day will depend on the roles you specialise in and the qualifications you have. Most beauty therapists are qualified in a few different treatments so you have more to offer and can make extra income. 


No matter what, your day will be full of variety with different clients coming in for all kinds of treatments. As your career progresses, you can build up your qualifications and specialisms until you have a long list of beauty treatments to offer. 


Roles of a Beauty Therapist

Eyebrow/Eyelash Technician

If you love all things lashes and brows, then this is the perfect role for you. An eyebrow specialist knows how to shape and tint brows and may even be able to provide advanced services such as HD brows and microblading. 


Eyelash technicians tint lashes, apply extensions and perform lash lifts, which are all very popular treatments. These services require technique and practice, but they can be very lucrative and attract lots of clients!


Massage Therapy

Massage therapists offer a wide range of treatments from facials to hot stones to full-body massages! If you have a calming presence and want to give your clients a peaceful escape from reality, then you should definitely consider this role.


Skin Treatments

Skin treatments are the perfect way to give your clients a natural glow. There are various skin treatments you can offer, including dermaplaning, chemical peeling and needling. You must be clued up on dermatology and perform thorough consultations before any skin treatment, so it’s definitely for the more experienced! 



Waxing is a popular service used frequently by both men and women. It’s a useful treatment to have in your skillset as people will come back for it, again and again, making it a recurring source of income. It’s also not too tricky to master once you have the correct techniques and products nailed down. 



Give your clients a beautiful, bronzed glow all year round with a spray tanning service. Deep tans are very fashionable, so lots of people will turn to you for a safe solution to pale skin. It’s an easy service to offer whether you’re mobile or work in a salon, so get spraying!



You may think that manicures and pedicures are just for nail technicians, but a beauty therapist can offer them alongside their main work too. You could even choose to provide beauty packages for clients who want a full makeover during peak seasons, like summer and Christmas.

Typical Salary

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Your salary depends on your experience and how much work you choose to take on. The more hours you work and treatments you offer, the more you’ll be able to earn. 


Profit margins are high for most beauty treatments. For example, a beauty therapist can charge upwards of £50 for eyelash extensions, with product cost being as little as £4. 


The highest-earning beauty therapists average at around 20k, after factors such as rent, holidays and extra costs are deducted. There is plenty of scope for career progression in the beauty industry which can make a big impact on your salary. For example, you could decide to open a beauty salon or you may even consider being a beauty educator.

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Working in beauty therapy has a range of benefits that’ll make you fall in love with the job:


Job Security – The beauty industry is bigger than ever, thanks to the rise of social media which has created a bustling beauty community. In a world where beauty and image are of utmost importance, a beauty therapist will never be out of a job!


TOP TIP: You can use social media business pages to attract clients, show off your work and reach your target audience.


Flexibility – Have you got a busy schedule? Beauty therapy is the perfect job for creating flexibility. You could work full or part time and choose only specific days, making it much easier to work around your schedule than a 9-5 job. 


Variety – A beauty therapist never stops learning as there are new treatments and trends constantly cropping up! For example, brow lamination is the latest trend that many beauty therapists are adding to their arsenal. You can choose which areas to specialise in and continue to gain new qualifications as your career progresses.


Progress – It’s a common misconception that beauty therapists have little opportunity to progress. In fact, there are many routes a beauty therapist can go down once they’re qualified. You can choose to work freelance, for a salon or you could even start your own business. You may also go down the educator route and learn how to teach beauty therapy!


Social – Beauty therapy is a client-facing role, so you’re always engaging and building relationships with lots of people. Many of your clients will become loyal customers, making it a fulfilling and fun job!

Personal Traits of a Beauty Therapist

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KnowledgeA beauty therapist must know the ins and outs of treatments and provide a professional service. Some treatments have higher risk factors, so you must be reassuring and offer advice throughout and after the treatment. Clients will respect a knowledgeable beauty therapist and return for more treatments if they regard you as an expert. 


FriendlyA beauty therapist must make every client feel welcome. You can ensure this by being friendly and approachable, especially if the treatment is something they could be nervous for, like an intimate wax or spray tan. No one wants to strip off in front of a judgy stranger!


Business SkillsWhether you choose to go it alone as a freelancer or open a salon, you’ll need to have excellent business skills. A beauty therapist must keep track of their hours, outgoings, prices and time management, so there’s lots to think about besides the actual treatments!

How to Get Started as a Beauty Therapist 

To get started as a beauty therapist, you’ll first of all need to get some qualifications under your belt! 


Posh Look offer lots of different courses to help you get started and become a qualified beauty therapist. You can choose from our government-funded or private courses.

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Level 3 Beauty Therapy


Posh Look’s government-funded Level 3 Beauty Therapy course is perfect for those who have no experience in the beauty industry. It’s a comprehensive course that covers massage, semi-permanent lashes and spray tanning, as well as client care and health and safety. 


The Level 3 course is an excellent all-in-one starter to help you boost your career. 


Private Courses


Posh Look’s private courses allow you to become a specialist in a much shorter time frame. A lot of the courses can be completed in just one morning or day! Some of the private classes require previous experience and qualifications, so they’re better for beauty therapists who want to build on existing knowledge. 


We offer private courses in a range of treatments, such as six-step brow, intimate waxing, Russian lashes, hot stone massage, chemical peel and much more! Take a look at our training page for a full list of courses or read our blog that outlines each private course in detail. 


All of our courses include a free kit to help you get started straight away. The kit contains all the products you need to practice and complete your training. 


Building experience is an essential aspect of becoming a beauty therapist. Posh Look courses allow you to do this as you’re given time to practice on models, build a portfolio and complete assessments. Once you’ve completed a qualification, you can build your experience by working as a salon assistant or offering beauty treatments for free. 


Learn to Teach


As your career progresses, you may want to add some variety to your job role. Learning to teach is the perfect way to do just that! 


With Posh Look’s online ‘Learn to Teach’ Academy you can become a qualified Posh Look educator from the comfort of your own home. It’s easier than ever to add variety to your job role while also earning extra income alongside your usual work. If you have a prior teaching qualification, you can register your interest by heading to our information page now! 


If beauty therapy sounds like the perfect career for you, then a Posh Look course is the perfect way to get started. For more information, head to our training page or contact with any enquiries. 

Want to build a career in beauty therapy?

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