The world of makeup is full of fresh talent and creativity. If you want to help the next generation of makeup artists build successful careers, why not get back into teaching? 


Not only is teaching a great way to earn money alongside your main career, but you get the fulfilment of seeing your students progress too! Luckily for you, Posh Look has got an exciting new opportunity for experienced and qualified makeup assessors to teach on our Online Learning Platform. 


Think you’ve got what it takes to work for a leading training academy? We’re going to run through all of the skills and characteristics you need, plus how to apply. We’ll cover: 


  • Passion for Makeup 
  • Get Qualified
  • Experience is Everything 
  • Be Your Own Boss
  • Apply Today


Passion for Makeup

Makeup is an art form – hence the term Makeup Artistry. If you’re not passionate about painting client’s faces and creating beautiful looks, it’s going to reflect poorly on your work. We want makeup assessors who can prove their passion for the art and showcase why they want to build a career in this industry. 


Without passion, how are you going to bring enthusiasm to the role? Students need to be engaged in order to learn to their full potential. Switched off students equals poor results, and we want our learners to complete their courses with the confidence to head straight into a job role. 


An excellent assessor will not only love all things makeup, but they’ll be genuinely interested in the progression of their students. If this sounds like you, then you’re one step closer to being the perfect candidate!


Get Qualified 

Qualifications are the basis of your knowledge. After all, qualifications are what you’ll be teaching, so you should already understand their value. All makeup educators should start off by having a Level 3 in Makeup Artistry under their belt. This kind of qualification will teach you the main makeup artistry skills every MUA should know. It can include everything from Special FX to client care. 


You need to be a pro at the basic skills of makeup in order to teach them. So if you don’t have this qualification, you’re not quite ready to become a makeup assessor. But don’t worry – you can start your journey as a Posh Look student instead!


On top of this, you’ll also need to have teaching qualifications to ensure you know all of the roles and responsibilities of a teacher. At a minimum, all Posh Look assessors must hold a Level 3 Award in Education and Training, plus a Level 3 Assessor qualification.


The Level 3 Award in Education and Training helps you understand the teaching and assessment methods of makeup educators and their importance for creating successful students. If you don’t hold this award you can get started with Posh Look’s online version and begin your journey towards becoming an assessor from home.

The Level 3 Assessor Qualification helps you build on the skills mentioned above for the makeup industry in particular. Completing these teaching qualifications will give you the confidence and skills to teach students to a high standard.


Turn your passion into a career and teach your own set of students on our Online Learning Platform!

Experience is Everything

True learning happens on the job, so we’re looking for makeup teachers with at least 2 years of vocational experience. Evidence that you can teach confidently and pass students with flying colours will stand you in good stead for the role. 

Teaching isn’t for everyone – it can be demanding and stressful as you have to hit deadlines. So we’re looking for individuals who thrive under pressure and love a challenge. 


Plenty of experience in the general makeup industry is also desirable, as you can pass on your real-life skills to learners. A successful MUA is reliant on building a loyal client base, so evidence of previous work will reflect your talent for makeup and ability to form working relationships. 


Be Your Own Boss


Independence is a key characteristic of the ideal candidate for this role. As this is a remote teaching role, assessors will be expected to organise their days and track students’ progress from home. 


The Online Learning platform is a portal full of tutorials, guides and assessments which students have access to. If learners have any questions, you will be their first port of call so you need to get a firm understanding of how everything works. Not to worry though, successful candidates will have 4 weeks of training so you can get to grips with the whole process. 


If you have trouble with organisation and self-motivation, then unfortunately this isn’t the role for you. We need makeup assessors with a get up and go attitude who are ready to tackle any challenge! So if this sounds like your ideal job, find out how to apply below. 


Apply Today

makeup artistry courses

If you want to get back into teaching and have the qualifications, characteristics and experience listed, it would be great to hear from you. Here’s how to apply in 4 simple steps: 


  1. Read the job description and criteria, then fill out the application form if you meet the listed requirements.


  1. If we want to move forward with your application, a member of our recruitment team will contact you by email. At this stage, we’ll invite you to a casual Zoom interview so you can meet the team while keeping within social distancing guidelines. 


  1. We’ll then ask you to record a ten minute micro-teach demonstration to show us how you teach and put your skills to the test. It’s your choice what you want to showcase – it could be anything from special FX to photoshoot makeup. 


  1. Successful applicants will be contacted within 7 days and receive a 4 week training course so you’re ready to start teaching in August!


Don’t miss out on this exciting opportunity to turn your passion for teaching into a career. Apply now and begin your journey with Posh Look today.