It’s been four weeks since your last nail appointment and your extensions are hanging on for dear life. Removal is the part that everyone dreads, but we’re going to show you how to remove nail extensions easily and safely. 


Ready for your next set of sharp stilettos or cute coffin nails? Put that floss away and don’t even think about biting your nails, because our step by step guide is here to tell you how to remove nail extensions with our affordable Gel and Acrylic Removal Kits. 


If you can’t get to the salon because of lockdown or you’re just too busy to make an appointment, our Removal Kits are the next best way to remove your old nails from the comfort of your home. We’re going to run through:


  • The Importance of Nail Health
  • Acrylic Extension Removal
  • Gel Extension Removal 


The Importance of Nail Health

Keeping your nails in good health may seem like a cosmetic concern, but it’s actually far more important than you may think. Having a stringent nail care routine can prevent nasty infections such as ingrown nails, fungal and skin infections. Which if left untreated, can lead to far more serious health problems and a hefty podiatrist bill. 


Leaving old nail extensions on for a long time will increase the risk of bacteria getting trapped under the nail, which can then lead to such infections. You’ll also have more chance of getting your nails caught on surfaces, resulting in painful breakages and permanent nail damage. 


Plus, removing nail extensions will give you the chance to practice good nail hygiene on your natural nails. This will allow you to trim, clean and moisturise your nails so they’re in good condition before your next treatment. 


The natural nails are also great at giving signs of other systemic conditions, like lung disease. Healthy fingernails may turn blue or dull – a warning sign which can ultimately save your life. So, they’re very helpful and clever parts of the body! 


When the time comes to remove your nail extensions, be kind to your natural beauties and remove them in a safe way, as it’ll be far more beneficial to your overall health in the long run. 


Acrylic Extension Removal

how to remove nail extensions

You may have seen a few methods to remove acrylic nails, but we’re going to show you how to remove nail extensions the professional Posh Look way. Our Acrylic Removal Kit contains all of the key ingredients for the perfect removal, including: 


  • Acetone, 75ml
  • Cuticle Oil, 4ml
  • 150 Grit File
  • Cuticle Pusher
  • 4 Way Buffer 
  • 5 Lint Free Wipes 


1.First things first, you need to cut down your nails. This will reduce the amount of extension left over, therefore making the removal easier. Use nail clippers to cut down as far as you want to go. If you have long natural nails underneath, then it’s your decision how much you’d like to cut off. 


TOP TIP: Apply cuticle oil on the skin around the nail to protect it from the Acetone, which can be very drying. 


2. Now it’s filing time. Use the 150 Grit File to file down the acrylic as much as possible. The thinner you get the acrylic, the easier it will be to dissolve in the Acetone. Work in a horizontal direction, being careful not to catch the skin around your nails. Don’t overfile as this can cause a burning sensation and thinning of the natural nail. 


3. Get your Acetone at the ready! Now it’s time to soak the acrylic off. Saturate a lint free wipe in the Acetone for each nail and wrap it around the whole extension as tightly as possible. Fix the lint free wipes in place with pieces of foil. Acetone can lift oils from the nail bed but won’t actually cause any damage, unlike peeling and lifting!


4. Leave the nails to soak in the Acetone for at least 30 minutes. Then pull the cotton balls off along with the acrylic nails. If the acrylic is still hard, repeat the process again for another 20 minutes.


5. Remove any acrylic remnants with the 4 Way Buffer. They should file off easily as they’ll be soft from the Acetone soak. 


6. Finally buff your natural nails until they’re gorgeous and shiny. Push down your cuticles to neaten the nails and finish with a few drops of moisturising cuticle oil. 


And you’re all done! It’s that easy and inexpensive to restore your nails to their natural state. 


Gel Extension Removal

how to remove nail extensions

You’ll be glad to know that removing gel extensions is just as easy, if not easier, than removing acrylics. Our Gel Removal Kit contains everything you need for a pain and stress-free removal:


  • Magic Remover, 16ml
  • Cuticle Oil 4ml
  • 150 Grit File
  • Cuticle Pusher
  • 4 Way Buffer
  • 5 Lint Free Wipes


1.Using the 150 Grit File, file the top layer of the gel nails to remove the shine. This will make it easier for the Magic Remover to penetrate into the extension and break it down. 


2. Apply the Gel Polish Magic Remover Soak Off to each nail, just as you would apply nail polish. 


TOP TIP: Remove nail extensions in a well-ventilated room so you’re not breathing in all of the chemicals.


3. Leave for 5 minutes and watch the magic happen! The gel polish will begin to lift or bubble.


4. Use a lint free wipe to remove any excess Magic Remover and scrape away the remaining gel polish with the cuticle pusher. Repeat the Soak Off process if necessary.


5. Buff the nails to restore a natural, healthy shine. Apply cuticle oil to moisturise the nails and fingers. 


No trips to the salon, no more old extensions and no mess – just beautiful, natural nails! Both of our kits can be ordered straight to your door from our online shop, from only £4.95. The Acrylic Removal Kit is available in small and large sizes, so you can order plenty for your next removal too. 

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