If you want to work for a leading training academy and watch your students grow into successful nail technologists, you’ve come to the right place! Any experienced assessor knows that teaching is an extremely fulfilling vocation – not just a lucrative career. 


As a Nail Technology assessor, you get to teach all of the things you’re passionate about – acrylics, gel, nail art… the list goes on. Although it’s a great career option for people who’ve been in the industry for years, it can be tricky to find a good training provider. That’s where Posh Look comes in. 


We’re currently looking for experienced and passionate nail professionals to teach students on our new Online Learning Platform, designed to help learners become qualified from home. Sound like the perfect opportunity? We’re going to tell you exactly what you need to apply and how to get started, covering: 


  1. Get Qualified
  2. Experience, Experience, Experience
  3. Make it your Passion 
  4. Be Tech Savvy
  5. Apply Now!


1. Get Qualified

Every Nail Technology assessor starts off just like their students. So first things first, you need your basic qualifications to make sure you’re a pro at the skills you’re teaching. A great place to start is with a Level 3 Qualification in Nail Technology which teaches you everything from acrylics to gel polish. Following this, you can build on your qualifications with an NVQ in Nail Services to learn more advanced techniques. Plus you can develop your personal skills, such as learning how to run promotional activities and events. 


If you don’t already hold these qualifications, you’re not quite ready to become a Posh Look teacher yet, but you can definitely start your journey as a student instead! Find out more about our training courses here. 


Of course, when you decide to become a Nail Technology assessor you’re going to need some teaching qualifications under your belt. At a minimum, all Posh Look assessors must hold a Level 3 Award in Education and Training, plus a Level 3 Assessor qualification.


The Level 3 Award in Education and Training helps you understand the teaching methods, roles and responsibilities of Nail Tech assessors and why they’re important for creating successful students. If you don’t hold this award you can get started with Posh Look’s online version and begin your journey towards becoming an assessor for only £345.


The Level 3 Assessor Qualification helps you build on the skills mentioned above for the nail industry specifically. These qualifications in combination will build your confidence and give you all of the skills necessary to produce professional and qualified students.

Want to Work for a Leading Training Academy?

We’re looking for experienced and qualified nail tech assessors to teach students on our Online Learning Platform!

2. Experience, Experience, Experience  


Once qualified, you need to get experience! Experience is priceless, as it’s the best way you can really get to grips with the processes and daily life of a Nail Technology assessor. 


In order to become a Posh Look assessor, you must have at least 2 years of experience teaching at a vocational level, preferably a college. This is so you have a deep understanding of the rules, passion and organisation that it takes to be a successful assessor. 


As well as experience in the teaching field, good evidence of salon work will also support your application. A loyal client base will reflect your ability to build professional relationships and deliver treatments to a high quality. Our assessors must have the skills but also the confidence to deliver lessons with passion and enthusiasm. 

3. Make it your Passion

nail technology courses

Which leads us on to our next point – passion. Nobody wants to pay for a course that’s taught by someone who doesn’t want to be there, right? At Posh Look, we don’t run half-hearted courses. We ensure that our students are receiving the best standard of education they possibly can. After all, that’s why we’re renowned as a leading training academy. 


So, if you want to join the best of the best, we need to see passion and enthusiasm for helping students progress through the course and ultimately kick start their careers. We want to see your personality shine through – tell us about your own journey and why you want to help others start theirs. 


Posh Look is a team of professionals who understand the ins and outs of making it in the nail industry, so we want to see that vigour from you! 


4. Be Tech Savvy 

While passion is clearly important, there are also some basic technical skills you need to be a success. Do you know your way around a computer? We don’t need the next Steve Jobs, but basic tech-savviness is definitely a must-have. 


The Online Learning courses are taught on a remote basis. Students are given access to an online learning portal where they can watch video tutorials, upload assessments and contact you. On top of this, students can also request zoom meetings where you will be expected to answer any queries. 


As Posh Look is a professional training body we need to reflect this in our processes. Therefore, all assessors must be competent with the Online Learning software, emails and Zoom web calls. Once accepted, all assessors will receive a 4 week training programme so you can get to grips with the processes, but basic technical skills are a must. 


If you think you’re organised enough to track students, host web calls and mark assessments on a remote basis, it’s time to move onto the next step. Applying!


5. Apply Now!


If you want to get back into teaching and have all the necessary qualifications and experience, we would LOVE to hear from you. Here’s how to apply today in 4 simple steps: 


1. Read the job description and criteria, then fill out the application form if you meet the listed requirements.


2. If we want to move forward with your application, a member of our recruitment team will contact you by email. At this stage, we’ll invite you to a casual Zoom interview so you can meet the team while keeping within social distancing guidelines. 


3. We’ll then ask you to record a ten minute micro-teach demonstration to show us how you teach and put your skills to the test. It’s your choice what you want to showcase – it could be anything from a sculpted acrylic tutorial to nail art. 


4. Successful applicants will be contacted within 7 days and receive a 4 week training course so you’re ready to start teaching in August!


It’s never been easier to pursue your passion for teaching with Posh Look. So what are you waiting for? Fill out the application form and start your journey today.