So, you’ve decided beauty therapy is the ideal career for you. But how do you get started? No one can become a pro at lashes or a spray tan expert overnight! First off, you need to get the relevant beauty qualifications under your belt. 


When it comes to beauty therapy, there are many treatments which deal with sensitive areas of the body and can increase risk to your client. Therefore, it’s essential to find beauty qualifications that teach you all of the correct techniques, client care, plus health and safety.


We’re going to run through the importance of beauty therapy courses, how you can find the perfect course for you and why Posh Look training is a great option for aspiring beauty therapists. 

Why Do You Need Qualifications? 

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Each year, the beauty industry becomes more and more popular, and with that, client expectations increase too. Everyone wants to be treated by the best of the best and they expect the perfect results they see on social media. 


So, with that being said, you don’t want to give amateur treatments. Completing a training course will teach you how to become one of the experts and excel in your career. A good course should cover all of the techniques you need to deliver professional treatments in a friendly manner. 


Plus, having beauty qualifications will make it easier to attract clients. Knowing that you’re certified to give treatments, will give both you and the client a boost of confidence. Think about it, would you want lash extensions applied by someone who wasn’t qualified? We don’t think so. 


Why Choose a Posh Look Course?

When it comes to choosing between beauty therapy courses, it can be hard to decide which one is the best for you. We’re here to make that decision simple! 


Posh Look is a leading training academy, with accessible courses for everyone. When you enrol onto a Posh Look course, you gain access to an education from the top experts in beauty therapy. 


Every Posh Look assessor has full beauty therapy and teaching qualifications, so you can be sure you’re receiving the highest standard of education possible. We pride ourselves on seeing students progress into successful beauty therapists with our accredited Level 3 Beauty Therapy certification. 


Our passion is to help you develop your passion. So if you want to learn all of the skills of a professional beauty therapist, there’s no better course out there.


Sign up today and kickstart your career with a professional beauty therapy certification!

Our Beauty Therapy Course

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At Posh Look, we offer a Level 3 Beauty Therapy Course which is suitable for all abilities – no experience required. It’s as easy as 1,2,3 – Enrol, Train and Get Certified!




Use our quick and easy online enrolment form to make sure you’re suitable for the course and reserve your place. The full enrolment process only takes 20 minutes, so it’s super easy to start your journey with Posh Look.


Once you’re enrolled, it’s time to apply for your learner loan. The cost of the course is £2583. Funding sources are available so you don’t need to worry about paying for your training! (If you want to pay for the course in full this is also an option). Our enrolment officer will be on hand to help you with any questions about the loan application process. 


Online Training 


We are currently teaching the Level 3 Beauty Therapy course on our NEW Online Learning Platform. This is an innovative learning portal that allows students to get qualified from home. That means no commuting and no social distancing worries – just a first class education and professional certification!


The course comprises of 22 learning hours per week across 16 weeks. All students gain access to:


  • In-depth video tutorials which explain and demonstrate the techniques and skills of a beauty therapist. We cover each area of beauty therapy in modules so you can track your progress and practice your skills at home. 


  • Detailed guides that cover each area of beauty therapy, including health and safety and client care information. You can refer to these guides as often as you like to help you with your learning. 


  • Full guidance from your assigned tutor. Weekly Zoom calls are held to cover any queries you may have and recap what you have learned throughout the week.


Work, assessments, practice and revision must be completed at home each week. Evidence of work has to be submitted by the stipulated deadlines to a Level 3 standard in order to gain your qualification. 


To help you with your training, we also provide starter kits throughout the course. These contain the products you need to complete the mandatory units. Any additional products will have to be added at your own expense. You receive massage oils, a lash kit and tan solution. 


Course Content

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The Level 3 Beauty Therapy course covers a variety of techniques and treatments that beauty therapists use on a daily basis. This includes:


  • Semi-Permanent Lashes – learn how to expertly apply semi-permanent lashes safely for a beautiful finish. 


  • Full-Body Massage – learn the anatomy of the body to understand how massage works and the different types of oils you can use. 


  • Indian Head Massage – learn the history and benefits of this technique and carry out practical assessments on the upper back, shoulders, neck, upper arms, scalp and face. 


  • Tanning –  learn how to deliver a professional spray tan from start to finish and how to make your client comfortable throughout the process.


  • Client Care – learn how to interact with clients in a professional and friendly manner to build good client relationships.


  • Promote Products and Services – learn how to promote the products you use during treatments to boost your profits and increase custom. 


  • Health and Safety – learn what to do if accidents occur, how to log accidents correctly and how to minimise potential risks. 


Get Certified!


At the end of the online course, students must travel to their assigned training centre to complete final assessments. Once all assessments are complete, you’ll be awarded your official certificate and can begin to deliver treatments. Congrats!


Now that you know how to get qualified, it’s time to turn your passion into a lucrative career. Enrol today and start your training journey with Posh Look.