Lots of people brave the wax in hopes of achieving silky smooth skin. Why not take advantage of this popular service and become a professional waxer with a Posh Look beginner waxing course? 


If you want to be able to tell your bikini from your Brazilian, read on to find out all about our private waxing courses…


Beginner Waxing Course

£235 – one day – 8.5 hours – 9 am – 5:30 pm

Our beginner waxing course is a great way to learn the basics of waxing, such as the different types, applications, client handling and health and safety.


The course is open to all abilities and students are taught on a one to one basis, ensuring the best quality of education. 


The beginner waxing course is 8.5 hours long and is carried out over a full working day. The course cost is £235, after which you can promote yourself as a professional waxer making it an affordable investment. 


Learners are required to competently carry out and submit three assessments within four weeks of completion to gain their certification.


As with all of our courses, students receive a full kit of Posh Look products to help them get started.

beginner waxing course

Posh Look products are of industry-level quality, so our students can provide their clients with the best service. 


The kit includes:


-Wax heater

-200ml pre/post-wax oil 

-200ml soothing wax cleanse 

-1 x 425g of posh warm wax 

-50 paper wax strips 

-50 spatulas 

-5 record cards

  • Treatment Record Cards

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  • Wax Heater

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  • Pre/Post Wax Oil

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Why Choose Posh Look?

beginner waxing course

Posh Look trainers are fully qualified teachers and professional waxers. Therefore with a Posh Look course, you receive the highest quality education to make your services professional and safe. 


All Posh Look training courses are ABT Accredited, which is a nationally recognised training body used by thousands of industry experts. When you complete an ABT Accredited course, you not only get the best standard of education, but you are also viable for insurance so you can start your own business.


The beginner waxing course teaches you how to make the experience as comfortable as possible for your client by using the correct waxing techniques with hot and hard wax. You’ll leave with the ability to remove large and small areas of hair quickly and efficiently, so you have happy clients.


Every student also receives a Posh Look training manual that advises on how to market your business and build client relationships. On our beginner waxing course, you won’t just learn the practical aspects, but you’ll leave with a rounded education on how to be successful in the beauty industry.

Why a Waxing Course?

Popular – The beauty industry is expanding every day, so you can be sure that investing in this business is worth it, and you’ll never be out of a job. Soft, smooth skin is heavily sought after by all genders, so your target market is vast, making it easier to gain custom.  


All Year Round – As a result of your new skills and high-quality service, clients will return for their treatment every 4-6 weeks, making it a recurring source of income. Your clientele will be strong all year round. It will soar during Summer and remain popular during the Winter months as people want smooth legs for the party season. 


Social – Being a beauty therapist is a rewarding job as you get to transform your client’s confidence and build lasting relationships. You’ll slowly build up a loyal client base over time, which will give you a real sense of achievement and community. 


Flexible – You can work from home, mobile or in a salon, making it a flexible and versatile job where you get to meet lots of people.

Additional Courses 

beginner waxing course

In addition to the beginner waxing course, we offer two further courses: Intimate and Facial Waxing.


Intimate Waxing Course

£140 – morning – 3 hours – 9:30 am – 12:30 pm 


As a student, you must already have completed the initial beginner waxing course and be competent in regular waxing before moving onto this one. 


At the cost of £140, you can become an intimate waxing expert in a one to one session that lasts just 3 hours. 


The intimate waxing course is quick and easy to complete as there are no case studies required, and you gain your certification on completion of the training. As a result, you can start intimate, professional waxing after just one morning of learning! 


The course will cover everything you need to know about waxing in the pubic region. Including the bikini, Brazilian and other styles that your clients could request. The intimate area is susceptible to irritation and sensitivity. Therefore, we teach you how to create a less painful experience and make the client comfortable. 


The intimate waxing course includes a full kit to help you get started: 


-200ml pre/post-wax oil 

-200ml soothing wax cleanse 

-500g bag of hot wax 

-20x spatulas 

-1 pair of tweezers 

-Small scissors 

-Cotton pads 

-5x record cards

Facial Waxing Course

£160 – morning – 3 hours – 9:30 am – 12:30 pm 

beginner waxing course

There are no prerequisites to start this course, and you can enrol regardless of your experience level. 


The course costs £160 and lasts 3 hours, so it’s super quick and easy to start adding this skill to your waxing services.


Facial waxing of the brows and the upper lip has become very popular as people want perfected eyebrows and a smooth face. Qualifying will give your clients more confidence to put their face in your hands and help you improve your technique and safety.


On completion of the course, 2 case studies must be competently carried out and submitted for certification. 


The full kit for this course includes: 


-Wax heater

-200ml pre/post-wax oil 

-200ml soothing wax cleanse 

-1x 425g of posh warm wax 

-50 paper wax strips

-50 spatulas 


-Cotton pads

-Eyebrow spatulas 

-5 record cards

  • Eyebrow Tweezers

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  • Paper Waxing Strips

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  • Hot Wax

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  • 100 x Eyebrow Spatulas

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How to Book 

Head to the course page you’d like to enrol onto and email the relevant tutor to enquire.


You can also ring us on 01706 551 810 or email training@poshnailz.co.uk with your enquiry or further questions. 


Should you need further information, we also have a FAQs page which covers everything you need to know about our courses. 


Waxing is a popular area of beauty to get involved in and with a Posh Look private course, you can get qualified and offer a professional service easily. Head to our Private Training page now for a list of other classes and more info.

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