It’s official – the world of makeup is booming. If you’re looking to get the most out of this lucrative industry and create gorgeous works of art on your clients, you’re first of all going to need some qualifications. 


Trying to pick between the hundreds of makeup artistry courses out there can be a headache. You need to consider everything, from what kind of makeup you’d like to specialise in to how long you want the course to last.  


We understand that it’s important to weigh up all of your options carefully, so we’re here to tell you all about our Level 3 Makeup Artistry course and how it can help you boost your career. We cover:


  • Why Are Qualifications Important?
  • Why Choose Posh Look?
  • Our Level 3 Makeup Artistry Course


Why Are Qualifications Important?

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If you want to be a professional MUA, your application, blending and overall finished looks have to be on point. MUAs rely on social media to promote their business by posting perfect pictures of their work. So, if your makeup skills aren’t up to scratch you’re going to struggle to stand out from the crowd. 


Completing a makeup artistry course is also a great way to build your portfolio. Every MUA has a portfolio of work that they can demonstrate to potential clients, whether you’re trying to win a wedding booking or corporate event. A portfolio is a quick way for people to assess your skills and decide whether to use your services.


Good makeup artistry courses will cover techniques in different industries, such as media, photoshoots and special FX. So you can gain a wide range of skills to add to your portfolio and broaden your career prospects. 


Holding an official certification also justifies why people should choose you over an unqualified MUA, as it shows that you’ve been professionally trained in makeup artistry. 


Why Choose Posh Look?


Choosing between makeup artistry courses may seem harder than trying to pick the best cocktail on a 6 page menu. But just like a Pornstar Martini, we like to think that Posh Look is the most reliable and valuable option. 


Our Level 3 Makeup Artistry course is the perfect start to any MUA’s career. Our dedicated assessors are experienced makeup artists and educators who have a genuine passion for helping our students progress in their careers. And you could be one of them!


At Posh Look, we don’t just leave you to your own devices. Every student gets an assigned tutor who will guide you along the course and you can go to for help whenever you’re unsure. 


Our standards are high. We don’t hand out certificates until work is completed to a Level 3 standard. But we never have problems with this as our students receive the best education to help them reach that level! That way you can be sure you’re getting the most out of your makeup artistry course. 


Our Level 3 Makeup Artistry Course

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It’s never been easier to apply to our Level 3 Makeup Artistry course. You can now enrol online in as little as 20 minutes to begin your training journey with Posh Look. It takes just 3 steps – enrol, train and get certified!




First off, you need to choose your preferred training centre and start your enrolment for that course. To begin enrolment, answer our pre-qualification questions to ensure that you’re suitable for the course. If you answer yes to all of the questions, we’ll send an enrollment form to your email and you can start filling it in. Please note, you’ll need some form of identification to complete enrollment. 


Once enrollment is complete, it’s time to apply for funding. The cost of the course is £3345 and runs over 22 weeks, with 21 hours of guided learning per week. 


If you want to pay for the course in full, you can skip this step. If not, JTM (our training body) offers funding through Advanced Learner Loans which you pay back in installments after your course. Our enrollment officer will be on hand to explain all of the details and help you with your loan application so there’s nothing to worry about!


We’ll keep you informed about the next steps and what you can do in the weeks running up to your course with weekly emails. Plus, we’re only ever a phone call away.


Online Training


Our Level 3 Makeup Artistry courses are currently being run on a remote basis. This means you can complete the course from home with the help of our innovative Online Learning Platform. 


Every student gains access to: 


  • Expert video tutorials demonstrating key techniques and skills that a makeup artist uses on a daily basis. Video tutorials are arranged into modules covering media makeup, face and body art, mehndi design and more. You can watch the videos at any time to help you understand each technique at your own pace. 


  • Live demonstrations will be carried out in class prior to starting a new unit and videos are accessible online to recap and watch at home.


  • Detailed guides are available on the online portal, which cover each module of the course in further detail. You can read these guides to digest information and revise other areas of the course, such as health and safety. Again, you can access these guides as often as you like to assist you with your learning. 


  • All students have an assigned tutor to help you throughout the course. Each week your class will have a video catch up over Zoom to discuss any questions and recap the week’s work. Even though the course is online, you still get to have that classroom communication!


Aspiring students do NOT need any previous qualifications or experience to apply for the course. Once the course begins, you must complete all assignments, revision and practise treatments at home and submit them each week. Summative practical assessments will be completed at your training centre throughout the course. 


Starter kits are provided by Posh Look throughout the course to help you pass your mandatory units. However, any additional products you may wish to add or replenish will be at your own expense. You will receive a henna and camouflage kit, special effects kit and media makeup kit.


Course Content

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Our Level 3 Makeup Artistry course covers a wide range of techniques that MUAs within different industries need to know. We take you through:


  • Camouflage Makeup – learn how to use makeup to conceal irregularities, blemishes and tattoos on the face and body discreetly.  


  • Mehndi Design – we teach you about the origin of this ancient indian body art and how to create your own decorative designs. 


  • Face & Body Art – explore your creative side and learn how to apply striking and interesting designs onto the face and body.


  • Media Makeup – learn the techniques of applying makeup for the film and television industry.


  • Instruct & Apply Makeup – we teach you the fundamentals of makeup application so you’re equipped with the basic techniques and principles. 


  • Fashion Photographic Makeup – develop your creative makeup skills and learn how to apply makeup so it stands out in photography. 


  • Health & Safety – understand how to keep your clients safe with hygiene rules, accident prevention and what to do if an accident occurs. 


  • Client Care & Communication – we teach you how to communicate effectively with clients to make them feel comfortable and win new customers. 


  • Promote Products & Services – boost your revenue by learning how to promote the products you use during makeover sessions. 


Get Certified!


Once you’ve completed all of your assessments at the training centre you’ll receive your official certification. At this point, you’re ready to go out into the real world and start giving professional treatments to your clients – congrats!


So, now that you know everything about our Level 3 Makeup Artistry course it’s time to start your enrollment and begin your training journey with Posh Look. We can’t wait to welcome you on board!