An intensive Posh Look private beauty course is a great place to start whether you already have a few qualifications, or you’re just starting out.


We offer a whole range of one to one nail and beauty courses, including:


-Acrylic and Gel Polish






-Chemical Peel 



Whichever area of beauty or nails you’d like to specialise in, our private courses give you a professional edge and teach you how to deliver a high class and safe service.

Why Should You Sign Up to a Private Beauty Course?

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Posh Look private courses offer many benefits, as they’re not only practical but very informative. Each student receives a training manual covering the content of the course which they can refer to throughout. You’ll also have the opportunity to practice the techniques you learn and build a portfolio. Practice makes perfect! 



You can complete some of our beauty courses in a matter of hours! The longest course we offer is four days, so even the busiest of people can squeeze one into their schedule. Some courses require case studies or a portfolio to be submitted afterwards; however, you can complete this in your free time. 


Professional Level

When you successfully finish a Posh Look private course, you’ll gain a certification that qualifies you as a professional in that specialised area. As a result, you can offer a high-quality service and create stunning results for your clients. You’ll also have the freedom to market yourself as a qualified beauty therapist, which will pull more clients in and set you apart from the competition. 


Industry Accredited Course

All of our courses are ABT accredited – a training body recognised by thousands of professional beauty therapists. With an accredited course, you receive a high-quality education that is reviewed regularly and meets industry standards. Choosing an accredited course is essential as it allows you to get insurance for your equipment and workplace, once you become certified. 


Kit Included

All private beauty courses come with a free kit that contains everything you need to complete the course and get started.  Posh Look products are of industry quality and used by professionals, so you can deliver an exceptional service and create happy clients. Please note, additional products will have to be purchased at your expense.

Kickstart your career in the beauty industry with a Posh Look private course!

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What Beauty Courses Do We Offer?


beauty course, massage course, nail course, lashes course

Our nail courses are a great way to start your career as you have to practice and complete case studies or a portfolio. Therefore, by the time you move onto real clients, you’ll be well practised and confident enough to offer a high-quality service. 


We offer four kinds of nail course:


Acrylic 4 Day Foundation – £595 

Hard Gel 4 Day Foundation – £595


Students of all experience levels can complete the four day foundation courses, so they’re a great way to lay down the basics. Both classes cost just under £600 and require the students to complete a portfolio. The final day is an assessment day where students must competently demonstrate their new skills on a model. 


Manicure and Pedicure – £220, 1 day 


If you want to learn or brush up on your polishing skills, then our manicure and pedicure training is perfect. Each student must submit a portfolio of French and polish finish after the course to gain their certification. 


Gel Polish – £140, 3 hours 


If you struggle for time, you can complete our quick and easy Gel Polish course in one morning! Students must present five case studies to receive their certification. The course kit doesn’t include a UV lamp, but we’ll honour a 10% discount on the purchase of one.


beauty course

Want to create a relaxing and ambient experience for your clients? Our massage courses are a great way to get an instant qualification as you receive your certificate upon completion. To take part in the Hot Stone Massage course, you must have evidence of prior massage experience.


Full Body Massage – £285, 2 days

Hot Stone Massage – £235, 3 hours 

Facial – £210, 6 hours


Lashes and Brows 

beauty course, nail course, massage course, lashes course

Let’s face it, lashes and brows are a big deal these days. So, adding these popular treatments to your beauty services is a great way to boost your clientele and popularity. And with a beauty course you can advertise yourself as the best in the business!


Lash Lift – £185, 1 day


Lash lifts are the more natural method of giving your lucky clients stunning lashes. In just one day, you can learn how to provide this popular treatment, and once you’ve completed five case studies, you’ll receive your certification! 


Lash and Brow Tint – £150, 3 hours


Lash, and brow tinting is one of the easier techniques to get to grips with, making it easy to learn in just one morning! When you’ve submitted two case studies, you’ll leave with the confidence to deliver a safe and professional service. 


Weekend Lashes – 2 case studies, £115, 2 hours 

Russian Lashes – 5 case studies, £225, 6 hours

Semi-Permanent Lashes – £245, 1 day 


Our lash extension courses cover a range of styles from inexpensive weekend lashes to dramatic Russian and semi-permanent lashes. Therefore, you have the opportunity to learn a variety of techniques and offer different styles to your clients. 


You can complete the weekend and Russian lash courses in less than a day without the need to present case studies! To become certified in semi-permanent lashes, you must submit four case studies.


Six Step Brow – £347, 1 day


Become the queen of brows with our six-step brow course. We take you through every stage of the process, from waxing to tinting so that you can give your clients 10/10 eyebrows. To receive the certification, students must complete five case studies.



beauty course

Having the ability to offer professional dermatological treatments will make you stand out from other beauticians who advertise the usual brow and lash services. Our chemical peel and needling courses will leave your clients with fresh and glowing skin!


Chemical Peel – £345, 4 hours

Needling – £295, 3 hours


Importantly, students who wish to book these courses must already have a Level 3 beauty course qualification. However, these are some of our quickest courses as you can complete them in one morning, and you receive your certification straight away! 



beauty course,

The fake bake is perfect for those wanting to avoid the sunbeds or those who simply can’t tan! So meet the demand for an instant bronze by qualifying as a professional spray tanner. 


Introduction to Tanning – £125, 3 hours

Complete Tanning – £300, 3 hours


Our introduction and complete tanning courses are quick and easy to complete, with no need for assessments. They can both be completed in just one morning, making them perfect for busy tanners! Every student receives their certificate on completion of training, so you can start offering a professional service right away.



beauty course

Waxing is a treatment that you can offer all year round. If you’ve been getting requests to wax from your clients, then maybe it’s time to get qualified! 


Beginner Waxing Course – £235, 8.5 hours


The beginner waxing course is perfect for those who have no prior experience and want to get into this area. Over just one day, you’ll become competent in waxing and receive your certification after three assessments.


Facial waxing – £160, 3 hours 


Facial waxing is an excellent service to get under your belt as plenty of people want to be rid of the peach fuzz! Students must complete two courses to receive their certificate, after which you can start offering the service professionally.


Intimate waxing – £140, 3 hours


To sign up to the intimate waxing course, students must already be competent in regular waxing. Upon completion of the course, you’ll receive a certificate straight away, meaning you can offer professional intimate waxing after just one morning of training. 


How to Book Onto a Course

The easiest way to book onto a Posh Look private beauty course is to head to the training page and email the relevant tutor for your area. The individual classes run across all eight of our training centres so you can choose the most convenient!

Want to gain a professional qualification quickly?

Sign up to one of our intensive private courses!

If you want to become an expert in your specialised area, then book onto a Posh Look private beauty course today! Our courses allow students to progress in their career and have the confidence to offer high-quality services that keep their clients happy. We’d be delighted to hear from you.


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