Spray tanning is the new sunbed as people want to achieve a golden glow without the risk of UV damage. So hop on the fake bake train with a professional spray tanning course by Posh Look!

Course Overview

spray tanning course, one day spray tanning course

Posh Look’s private tanning course combines theory and practical, so you get a well-rounded education. By the end of the course, you’ll know all the ins and outs of spray tanning.  


We have two types of spray tanning course: Introduction to Tanning and Complete Tanning. If you haven’t performed a spray tan before, then the introductory course is an excellent way to get to grips with the basics and costs £125. On the other hand, the complete tanning course builds on the basics and allows you to get more hands-on, costing £300. 


We start with the basics such as skincare and preparation, so you can advise your future clients about how to prepare for the tan and get the best results. Practicals will include learning how to operate, apply and control the tanning solution. We take a hands-on approach so you can get to grips with the machine and application techniques.


Our spray tanning course is suitable for all levels of ability with no previous experience required, so nothing is holding you back! 


On completion of the course, you’ll receive a certificate that you can hang with pride in your workplace and use to reassure customers that you’re fully qualified. 


Each tanning course is 3 hours long, making it quick and easy to become qualified and start attracting the clients. If you’ve always wanted to become qualified but haven’t been able to find the time, with our private course you can become an expert in a single morning. 


All of our courses are ABT accredited, meaning a community of expert beauty therapists nationally recognises them. That’ll give you a professional edge against other tanners who may not be qualified so that you can gain more custom. 

What’s Included In The Spray Tanning Course?

spray tanning course, one day spray tanning course

All students who sign up to a course receive a free Posh Look kit that includes everything to help you get started. 


Industry professionals use Posh Look products, so you can be sure that you’re learning with the best quality materials and equipment. 


The Introduction to Tanning Kit includes:

500ml Posh tan

-5x record cards

5x aftercare leaflets 


The Complete Tanning Course Kit includes:


-HV gun 

1x litre of Posh tan

Paper knickers 

Sticky feet 

Mop caps 


-Record cards

10x aftercare leaflets


If you want any additional products, these will have to be purchased at your expense.

Why Should You Do a Spray Tanning Course?

There are many benefits of completing a one-day spray tanning course, from enhanced awareness of legalities to better knowledge of the industry.

spray tanning course, one day spray tanning course


Not only is a tanning course useful for learning how to deliver a high-quality service, but it also helps with legalities that come with starting your own business. 


Once certified, you can get insurance that’ll cover you and your equipment at work. So without a qualification, you’re at risk of having to pay out to replace broken or faulty equipment.


The course content also covers the health and safety procedures that are involved with a spray tan. For example, the importance of performing a client consultation before the process to outweigh any risks that could be involved. Risks can range from the client not being happy with the result, to more serious outcomes like an allergic reaction, so it’s important that you learn what to do in these situations.


As a result, gaining a private qualification increases your chances of being covered in different situations and gives you the knowledge to perform a safe spray tan. 



An industry accredited qualification can be the difference between winning and losing a client. It justifies why people should use your services over someone else’s. 


Tanning is a skill that requires practice and precision, so our private course will provide you with all the techniques you need to know. You’ll learn how to handle the equipment and tanning solution while knowing how to tailor the experience to different clients. For example, you must know what level of darkness to use on each skin tone and type. 


You’ll also learn how to appropriately engage with clients. Having excellent social skills and the ability to make people feel comfortable is at the heart of every good spray tanner. It’s an intimate process, and your client may dread getting undressed in front of a stranger. Therefore, you must be able to build a friendly rapport with them.


Completing a course will increase your confidence so you can deliver a professional spray tan without worrying about gaps in your knowledge. 



All students on the spray tanning course receive a training manual. It outlines how you can market your services and attract a wide range of clients. From tanning parties to flyering, we have lots of tips that’ll help you kickstart your business.

What Are The Benefits of a Spray Tan?

spray tanning course, one day spray tanning course

There’s no doubt that spray tanning is popular, but how can you sell that to clients? Here are a few pointers you can use to encourage potential clients to get a spray tan. 


A spray tan will give the client an instant glow in a matter of minutes, making it perfect for special occasions. It also saves time in comparison to spending endless amounts of hours in the sun to try and achieve the same colour. 


The client doesn’t have to mess around with home tanning mousses which can be messy and difficult to apply evenly in hard to reach areas. 


If cared for properly, a spray tan can last up to a week. Some people like to get them for holidays so they look bronzed as soon as they step off the plane. 


One of the big positives about spray tanning is that it prevents UV damage which can cause skin cancer and premature ageing. Sunbeds have been directly linked to skin cancer. This can cause significant health problems for frequent users, so spray tanning is the perfect solution.  


For those who are pale and burn in the sun instead of being blessed with a gorgeous bronzed glow, spray tanning is a godsend and can be a real confidence booster. 


By offering a spray tan, you’re giving your clients more confidence while also protecting their health. Many beauty therapists find it to be a very fulfiling job. 


If you’re still considering a spray tanning course or want to top up the knowledge you already have, then Posh Look’s private courses are the ideal and simple way to become qualified!