Gel Polish Removal Kit


Need to get your gel polish off but don’t know how? The temptation to pick/rip/bite off the polish is strong (and weirdly satisfying), but resist the urge and remove the polish safely with PoshNailz Gel Removal Kit! Containing all the essential products for gel removal:

  • Magic remover 16ml
  • Cuticle Oil 4ml
  • 150 Grit File
  • Cuticle pusher
  • 4-way buffer
  • 5 lint free wipes

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How to use:

File top layer of the gel polish to remove shine

Apply magic remover gel polish soak off on each nail

Leave for approximately 5 minutes until the gel polish lifts or bubbles

Use a lint free pad to remove the excess gel polish remover, use cuticle stick to scrape away the gel polish gently and buff the natural nail. (Repeat process with the remover gel if necessary)

Finish off with poshnailz cuticle oil