Beauty treatments are more popular than ever – FACT. The UK beauty industry is worth a whopping £28.4 billion! Isn’t that a market you want to tap into with online beauty training courses?


The best way to kickstart your career as a beauty therapist is with an accredited training course. But gone are the days of having to commute to the classroom, wasting time and money on travel. Now you can gain a professional qualification from the comfort of your home with an online course. 


We know what you’re thinking. How can you learn all of the practical skills that a beauty therapist requires behind a laptop screen? Well, we’re here to tell you why online beauty training courses are the best way to learn – especially in a post pandemic world. In this blog we’ll cover:


  • The Importance of Beauty Training
  • Online vs Classroom
  • The 5 Benefits of Online Training


The Importance of Beauty Training

lash technician training course from Posh Look

First things first, it’s essential to understand the importance of gaining a beauty therapy qualification before giving treatments. If you’re looking to boost your career, there’s no better option than gaining a professional certification. 


Beauty therapists use a wide range of techniques on a daily basis, usually on sensitive or intimate areas of the body. A good beauty therapy course will teach you how to deliver treatments such as lash extensions, massage and tanning in a safe and professional manner. Possessing such skills will keep you up to date on the latest industry trends so you can ensure that you’re offering the most popular treatments. 


As well as practical skills, you’ll also learn how to interact with clients, promote goods and services and understand essential health and safety precautions. This will stand you in good stead for building a loyal client base and creating a recurring income.


Once you gain your certification, you can advertise your services as a professional beauty therapist. This will give potential clients more confidence in your ability to give a safe treatment to a high standard.

Online vs Classroom

online beauty training courses

Now that you understand the benefits of beauty qualifications, let’s delve into the differences between classroom and online learning. 


Although the classroom offers all the benefits of practical interaction, it can be harder to concentrate in a room full of people. It’s clear that as technology advances, the online world is taking more prominence in our daily lives and the way we learn is following suit. 


Posh Look online courses are delivered on an 80% online and 20% classroom basis, so if you’re not fully convinced by total online courses – this is the perfect option for you! 


All students gain access to our NEW online learning platform which contains in-depth tutorials, expert guides and assessments so you can track your progress throughout each module. Plus, you get the opportunity to catch up with your assigned tutor with weekly web calls.


At the end of the course, students are then invited to their enrolled training centre to complete final practical assessments and receive their official certification.

The 5 Benefits of Online Training

online beauty training courses

No Commuting 

One of the main benefits of online beauty training courses is that they save you time and money on travelling. If you’ve always wanted to enrol onto a Posh Look training course, but you didn’t live close enough to our training centres or didn’t have the means of transport –  that’s no longer a barrier to your learning!


With an online training course, the classroom is right at your fingertips and you barely have to leave the house to gain an official qualification. That beats waiting at the bus stop…



Struggling to balance home life, work life and social life? Now you can boost your career around your busy schedule. Whether you’re a full time parent struggling to find time for self development or you’re balancing a few jobs, online training means you can pick up your learning when it’s convenient for you.


Most of our courses only require you to commit one day or evening a week to learning, so you can switch on the computer and dedicate that time to personal development. 

24 Hour Access 

With online learning, you can access a whole plethora of tutorials and guides from anywhere in the world. Our online learning portal is compatible with phone, tablet and computer so you can fit in learning whether you’re on the train or a relaxing weekend away. The power’s in your hands! 


Plus, having 24-hour access means you can go back and recap anything you may need to practice or didn’t understand straight away. Everything you need to know is recorded for your access, so now you don’t need to remember what you’ve learnt in the classroom.


Develop Key Skills 

Have you struggled with core skills such as self organisation and self motivation in the past? With an online course, you can develop your sense of independence – a key skill of any successful beauty therapist. 


You’ll be able to track your own progress, upload assessments and make sure you’re on target. But don’t worry – you’re never alone on a Posh Look course. Our dedicated and friendly tutors will always ensure that you’re comfortable with the course and on track to complete your qualification. Helping you develop your passion is our passion after all.


Social Distancing 

If you’ve been wanting to develop your career post lockdown, but social distancing worries have been holding you back, then online learning is the perfect solution. It’s a common misconception that home learning will hinder your practical skills, but you can practice all of the essential techniques either on yourself or people who live in your household. 


Now that you’re learning from home, there’s no need for uncomfortable PPE, scary rules and restrictions and no worries about infection.


With independent learning also comes fewer distractions, so you can really concentrate on passing your modules and completing the course. 


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