Hygiene is a top indicator of your professionalism and can be the difference between winning and losing clients. Therefore, it’s important to keep on top of a regular nail tech cleaning schedule to ensure that your treatments are safe. 


Are your nail tools sparkling, is your appearance always neat and do you know how to deliver a 100% hygienic nail treatment? If the answer to any of these questions is no, this blog is for you.


We’ve created the ultimate nail tech cleaning routine, so you can give your clients confidence in your services. We’ll cover:  


  • Personal Hygiene
  • Equipment Cleaning
  • Safe Treatments


Personal Hygiene

nail tech cleaning

Appearance is everything in the beauty industry. Nail techs are trusted to create stunning nails and beautiful art, so if your appearance is poor then clients are going to be instantly put off. There are small things you can do everyday to not only improve your appearance, but also increase personal and client safety. 


  • Regularly Wash Your Hands – this should go without saying, but you must always wash your hands at the start and end of every treatment. As a nail tech, you’re constantly using your hands, so you must wash them thoroughly with soap and warm water to avoid cross-contamination. 


  • Appearance – this includes everything from your hair and makeup, to your nails and uniform. No client wants to put their nails in the hands of someone who has a chipped, overgrown manicure. Let your own nails be an advertisement for your services! Your hair and uniform should always be neat and groomed, and a little makeup will show that you put effort into your appearance. The beauty industry is all about glamour, so your appearance should be a reflection of that. 


  • Oral Hygiene – the last thing your client wants is to be greeted with stale breath. In a client facing role, fresh breath is essential as you could be talking to your client for hours at a close proximity. Always have mints on hand or even keep some mouthwash in the bathroom for a quick refresh. 


Equipment Cleaning

Nail tech’s use two types of equipment – multi-use and disposable: 


  • Disposable Items – otherwise known as single use, as a nail tech you’ll have many disposable items in your kit. These can include wipes, files, nail art accessories and sponges. Once used, store any soiled items in a secure plastic bag ready for a safe disposal. 
  • Multi-use Items – these are pieces of equipment that can be used on multiple clients. Multi-use items can be hard e.g. metal cuticle pusher, or porous e.g. hand towels. The great thing about multi-use items is that you don’t have to keep buying them. However, you must know how to clean them thoroughly. 


A good rule of thumb when sanitising multi-use equipment is to treat all surfaces as though they are contaminated. Clean, disinfect and sterilise all equipment – in that order.  


1. Cleaning expels the visible debris and dirt on your equipment. Before doing anything else, you need to wash your equipment thoroughly with soap and water. If you skip the cleaning stage, the disinfection process will be less effective due to the dirt and debris build up. Soft equipment, such as towels, should be washed at a minimum of 160°F and you can add bleach for a deeper clean.


2. Disinfecting removes the thousands of invisible and potentially harmful microorganisms on your equipment. Submerge your equipment in a cleaning solution for at least 10 minutes then remove with clean hands. Posh Look Spray Clean is also the perfect spray for disinfecting on the go, that can be used on your hands, equipment and surfaces.


3. Sterilisation is the removal of any remaining microorganisms through moist, pressurised heat. Cleaning and disinfecting will remove any nasty bacteria from your equipment, so nail techs don’t always need to perform this step. Sterilisation is more for aestheticians who use equipment that penetrates into the skin. 


4. Store clean items in a clean and organised drawer. Don’t use airtight bags as these can promote the growth of bacteria. 


For further information on how to clean and disinfect larger surfaces in your salon, read our blog ‘Top Tips to Improve Salon Hygiene’. 


Safe Treatments 

nail tech cleaning

Sanitising equipment and keeping up with personal hygiene is only one half of your nail tech cleaning routine. You must also know how to deliver a safe treatment to protect you and your client from nasty infections. 


Here’s a checklist of everything you need to prepare and look out for when delivering professional treatments:


  • Check For Contra-Indications – this is anything that will stop you from performing the treatment. Examples include bacterial or viral infections, severe skin conditions e.g. psoriasis and open wounds. If you perform a treatment on an infected area, you put yourself and your current/future clients at risk of contracting the infection. Refer your client to a GP if you think it’s necessary but never diagnose them yourself. 


  • Wash Your Hands – as mentioned, washing your hands is of utmost importance. You should wash them thoroughly for at least 10 seconds with antibacterial soap and warm water between treatments. For convenience, have a no rinse soap available to disinfect your client’s hands before their treatment. 


  • Bandage Any Accidental Cuts – we all know accidents happen, but do you know what to do if they occur? If you become exposed to blood, put on gloves, disinfect the wound and apply a bandage to cover the area. You may carry on the treatment if possible. If your nail file comes into contact with blood you should dispose of it immediately. 


  • Cleanse – keep your treatments neat and tidy by cleaning up as you go. Use Posh Cleanse to wipe away any file debris and hidden germs from your client’s nails through each step of the process. This will not only clean their nails, but will result in a neater finish too. 


So, now you know all the steps of the ultimate nail tech cleaning routine it’s time to start giving your clients safe and professional treatments. At Posh Look we stock disinfecting products as well as everything you need to create fabulous manicures – shop now!