Your Journey to becoming
A Qualified Nail Technician


Phase 1 - Enrolment

Once you’ve decided this is the right course for you, it’s time to enrol! Click the ‘Enrol’ button below to begin your journey and start the application process. During enrolment you can gain a deeper insight into the course, understand student and teacher expectations and explore your funding options.


Phase 2 - Start Training

All students who enrol onto the course will have to travel to Burnley College on a weekly basis for classes. PPE and social distancing will be followed in accordance with government guidelines so you can enjoy a safe educational experience. Your tutor will be on hand to help you through each module and assess your work throughout the course.

Students also gain access to our Online Learning Platform where you can watch in-depth tutorials, recap the work you’ve learnt in College and track your progress.


Phase 3 - Get Certified

All students who successfully complete the course receive an official certificate which they can hang with pride. Now you’re ready to start giving professional treatments to your awaiting clients!

Your Overview

Burnley College
22 Weeks
Kit Included
6-9pm one evening a week (Thursday)
Access to our online training platform
Start Date: January 28, 2021

This course is for all experience levels….. No previous experience required.

Any extra work, home assessments, practice and revision is required to be completed at home each week.  In order to gain this qualification all necessary work has to be submitted by the deadlines given by our educators at a Level 3 standard. Please take into consideration that this course is also fast track and classroom based.

You will also need to complete a British values and safeguarding workbook throughout the course to show knowledge and understanding of these topics. There is a paper-based exam at the end of the course related to the theory they have learnt throughout. 70% pass rate and oral questioning top-up is required.

Starter kits are provided by POSHnailz throughout the course; however any additional products you may wish to add will be at your own expense. You are required to buy 2x Face cloths, 2x Hand towels, 1x A4 Folder, 1x Pack of dividers, 1x Pen and 1 roll of bedroll/kitchen roll. Also a student acrylic brush and liquid (monomer) if you want to learn acrylic bead pick up. Lamps are provided in class for assessments to use.

(*only POSHnailz products can be used in our Training centres for insurance purposes).

Funding sources are available that will cover the cost of the course which is £3345 (Advanced Learner loan) Or you can also pay for this course privately – please contact Burnley College for further information.


Please complete the form below with the following details, once we have this information, We will contact you to arrange an appointment for you to enrol.

Course Content

  • Manicure & Pedicure
  • Introduction fibreglass & silk enhancements
  • Acrylic enhancements on Tips (Dipping System)
  • Gel Polish & Nail Art
  • Display & Promote stock
  • Health & Wellbeing
  • Salon Manager
  • E-file

Additional Information

You will need the following to complete your enrolment

3.£24.00 to pay for your uniform online

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