So, you’ve made the first step toward your dream of becoming a professional MUA. But now you’ve completed your makeup artist course, what’s out there for you? We’ve created a full list of all the opportunities available to you, from setting up a beauty school to teacher training. 

If you want to get the most out of your new qualification, read on…

1. Network

makeup artist course, being a makeup artist

Congrats, you’ve completed your makeup artist course, and now you’re certified! But before you do anything else, you’ll want to get your network on! Whether it be through social media or networking events, it’s essential that you get to know people in the makeup community as this can open doors into many new routes.


For example, if you’re interested in building a career in special effects, try and gain some contacts from the film/television industry. Or if you’re thinking of renting a spot in your local beauty salon, ask people in your community to promo your work, so you become the MUA of choice.


It’s easier than ever to put your work out for everyone to see with the help of social media, particularly Instagram! Hop on popular makeup hashtags and tag famous MUAs who may have inspired your looks to boost your chances of getting noticed and making connections. The beauty community can feel a little overcrowded, but let that encourage rather than threaten you!

2. Work at a Beauty Counter

makeup artist course, being a makeup artist

Working at a beauty counter is a great way to practice your new-found skills and is one of the most popular options for MUAs after completing a makeup artist course.


Being a beauty advisor will not only improve your business prowess, but you’ll also get to makeover people and talk about makeup 24/7! Beauty counters sometimes get a bad rep for being cliquey and all about sales, but they’re an excellent opportunity to improve your makeup skills on real-life customers. 


It’s also an easier way to build up your kit as most beauty counter workers get discounted/free products or a starter kit included. On top of this, the likelihood of getting your work promoted on socials increases as the brand you work for will probably see and repost it. 


As a beauty advisor, you have to meet specific targets for product sales, so it’s an excellent way to develop your business and branding skills. If setting up your own business is something you’re considering in the future, then working at a beauty counter is the perfect way to refine your entrepreneurial and people skills. 


You may also have the opportunity to teach, as many beauty counters hold masterclasses where they demonstrate how to create different looks. Teaching would be a great way to build up your portfolio and practice working on different face shapes, skin tones and ages. The more versatility you can prove, the better.

3. Become an Assistant

One of the best ways to work your way up the makeup industry ladder is to become an MUA’s assistant. If you manage to land yourself a position working for a top makeup artist, then you’ll have the opportunity to gain excellent skills and a professional reputation. 


Working as an assistant is an exciting and fast-paced opportunity where you can learn how to create looks under pressure and work with other professionals. In the beauty industry, it can often be a case of not what you know but who you know, so getting your foot in the door will be great for your career development. 


Assisting an MUA will also allow you to learn new skills and industry secrets that you can apply to your freelance work.

Becoming an assistant is more about taking the initiative rather than waiting for opportunities to arise, so get phoning and emailing to see what’s available.

4. Learn to Teach  

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Maybe you’ve been an MUA for a few years and fancy a new perspective on the job. In that case, training to become a Makeup Artistry Teacher would be the perfect route for you. 


Becoming a qualified teacher would boost your professional reputation as students would look up to you as an industry expert. And you can then use this accolade to promote your services to clients. 


Learning to teach is easier than you may think as you can become qualified through an online video course. Posh Look is launching an online ‘Learn to Teach’ Academy, so it’s now easier than ever to gain an extra qualification after completing an initial teaching course. 


Seeing your students grow from novices to professional MUAs is what makes being a teacher so fulfilling and you could still do freelance work alongside it, so you get the best of both worlds! 


If you want to add variety to your daily job role and another certification to your skillset, then you should definitely consider a Posh Look teacher training course. What’s more, you don’t even need to leave your home to become qualified!

5. Personal Makeup Artist 


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Once you’ve worked your way up the beauty industry ranks, one option is to become a personal MUA for a high-profile client. This is not only a great way to build a strong relationship and possibly a contract with your client, but you can also promote yourself as a celebrity MUA on socials. 


Think @makeupbymario, whose name is constantly associated with Kim Kardashian. The celebrity link has allowed him to gain other high-profile clientele and he’s now a respected member of the beauty community. 


Although you may not be getting into the Kardashian household any time soon, you could try and reach out to local celebs and offer free makeovers that you can put on your socials. 

6. Work on a Set

makeup artist course, being a makeup artist

Working in the film/television industry is a great way to get your name out there. You can start building your portfolio by working on small or student films, so you have examples of work to present. 


This kind of work also comes with lots of perks such as getting to create lots of different looks, meeting famous actors/actresses and getting your name in the credits list. Whether you like special effects or beauty makeup, there are lots of looks you can create on a film/television set. 


However, such a great job is very competitive to get your hands on and you may find yourself working for free in order to get into the right places, so you’ll have to consider whether you can afford to do this. 


You need to be full of creativity and have basic knowledge, such as the colour wheel so that you can adapt to different faces quickly. These are skills you should’ve learnt on your makeup artist course, so it’s a great way to put them into practice! 


Similarly, if you enjoy creating editorial looks, working on photoshoots and fashion shows will allow you to be creative. 

7. Create your own Brand/Freelance

As we previously mentioned, social media is a great way to gain recognition. Many of today’s most popular and loved makeup brands originated on social media and continue to grow with the help of it.


You can start an Instagram Business page to act as an advertising platform for your work. Artists such as @plouisemakeup have turned their Instagram pages into multi-million-pound businesses, so it’s a very powerful platform to use. 


A few tips to help you get started on IG:

-Create a logo or buy one (they’re pretty inexpensive)

-Watermark your photos to avoid people stealing your work and passing it off as their own

-Tag the inspirations behind your looks as they may repost your work 

-Network and engage with other MUAs 


Other platforms which encourage creativity are Pinterest and YouTube, where MUAs post makeup tutorials and recommendations. Some of the most popular online beauty gurus have millions of followers and have turned it into a career. 

8. Beauty Editor

makeup artist course, being a makeup artist

If you’re a keen writer and love makeup, why not combine your expertise in these two fields?!

Lots of beauty writers started as MUAs as this is how they gained the knowledge for their content. So once you have a makeup artist course under your belt, you can consider a career as a beauty writer. 

You could start a blog or work for a publication. Either way, it’s a fun job that’ll allow you to write about the thing you love! It also has the potential to come with perks such as meeting industry experts and getting free products, depending on who you work for. 


Whichever route you choose to go down, there are lots of opportunities for MUAs to create stunning looks and harness their creativity. Remember, if you love makeup but want to switch up your career slightly, then teaching is a viable and realistic option! If you want to be notified about when the posh look training goes live then sign up to our mailing list. It starts from £35.95 a month and can be done in the comfort of your home.

Do you have a teaching qualification? Become a Posh Look Educator with Learn to Teach!