In this blog, we share everything you need to know about white label cosmetics.

What Are White Label Cosmetics?

White labelling is the process of a company using a manufacturer’s product or service and rebranding it to sell as their own. So, the manufacturing of a product is carried out by one company and the marketing and selling of the product are carried out by another.

For white label cosmetics, a brand will source a manufacturer that already produces quality products that have been tried and tested on the market. The brand will then label the products with their own branding and logos, before marketing and selling the products to their audience as their own products.

For example, if you own a hairdressing salon and you would like to use and sell your own brand of shampoo and conditioner, you can use a white label cosmetic manufacturer to create your own brand of hair products.

White labelling should not be confused with private labelling – these two processes are different. With private labelling, the cosmetic product is still produced by a manufacturer. The difference is, the brand can ask for the formula of the product to be altered, meaning the manufacturer is then creating a unique product exclusively for that specific brand.

Find out more about the difference between white label cosmetics and private label cosmetics here.

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Who Uses White Label Cosmetics?

White label cosmetics are suitable for beauty brands who are looking for an affordable way to introduce their own range of cosmetics to the market. This might include start-ups, small to medium businesses and self-employed individuals, including:

  • Beauty Salons
  • Hairdressing Salons
  • Nail Salons
  • Spa’s
  • Tanning/Sunbed Salons
  • Beauticians
  • Nail Technicians
  • Make-up Artists
  • Eyebrow Technicians
  • Chiropodists

Alternatively, white label cosmetics are ideal for business owners who would like to introduce a new item to their shelves. It is also perfect for beauty suppliers and stockists who are looking to release their very own range of cosmetics.

White labelling is also used by beauty professionals to build up a customer base before moving onto private labelling or creating and releasing a brand new product.

Advantages Of White Label Cosmetics

White labelling a cosmetic range is beneficial for many beauty professionals. Here are the key advantages:

  • Risk-Free – When choosing a white label product, you know that it has been professionally manufactured and meets all industry guidelines and regulations. It has already been tried and tested and has a place in the market. Plus, considering the manufacturer will supply the same product to other businesses, you can be confident that the product is loved by customers.
  • Affordable – White labelling is affordable and cost-effective. The product has already been manufactured and you can increase your order as and when you need to, meaning there will be no waste. Plus, this allows you to expand your line of cosmetic products as interest grows and sales increase.
  • Time Effective – Because you don’t have to wait for the product to be formulated or tested, white labelling cosmetics is a fast and seamless process.
  • Sets You Apart – Having your own range of cosmetics is sure to set your brand apart from the competition. It will increase brand awareness, boost your reputation and demonstrate professionalism and leadership in your field. This can also increase customer loyalty.
  • Take Advantage Of Quality – With white labelling, you are effectively putting your name on a product that is formulated by a manufacturer renowned for quality. Plus, you usually have the luxury of choice.
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Disadvantages Of White Label Cosmetics

Thankfully, there are not many downsides to white label cosmetics:

  • Product Cannot Be Altered – When you choose to white label a cosmetic product, the formula of the product cannot be changed. This means it will be similar, if not identical to others on the market. However, as mentioned, the branding and packaging will be in line with your business.
  • Tied To A Manufacturer – Once you have chosen a manufacturer and begun to sell your line of cosmetic products, it can be difficult to change the manufacturer without changing the product itself. If for whatever reason you could no longer work with a specific manufacturer, you may struggle to find a similar product elsewhere. This is why it is so important to choose a manufacturer that you trust.
  • Limited Choice – Depending on the manufacturer and the product you choose, there may be a limited choice as the products cannot be formulated.

Get In Touch With Posh Look

Posh Look is a professional UK-based Nail Brand and Training School that offers a white label service for cosmetic products.

We turn your dream of having your cosmetic range into a reality…and we do all the hard work for you! With our help, you can create, brand and sell your own range of fully licenced and insured cosmetics products in just four simple steps.

At Posh Look, we want to ensure that our white label clients have 100% trust in us. This is why our White Labelling Cosmetics Service includes full licensing and insurance, so you are completely covered by our extensive insurance to resell your products.

We can also provide MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) for each product, giving yourself and your customers peace of mind. This will cover your back if something unfortunate was to happen i.e. if a customer had an allergic reaction. Although it is unlikely, it is always better to be safe than sorry!

The Posh Look White Labelling service includes the production of branded packaging and the labelling of cosmetic products. Our team will even deliver your new cosmetic range to your salon and your customers. We also provide full website packages including an e-commerce shop and online marketing support to put your cosmetic range in front of the right audience.

There are several Posh Look white labelling packages to choose from and we’re confident we will have something to suit your budget. If you would like to find out more about our white label cosmetics services, please get in touch via email or call us on 01706 551 810.